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Being a Neopian Throughout the Years

by sassyteen2005


I remember when I first saw a Neopet. I was about twelve years old and very into making the online Dolls. At the bottom of one of those pages there were link-picture of these cute little creatures called Neopets. Naturally I clicked on the picture and was transported to the wonderful land of Neopia. Thinking back on it, the website has grown so much from its simpler form.

I created my first Neopet with much excitement to start my new journey as a Neopian! A blue Uni whose name was outlandishly silly and made no sense but I didn't care. I had started! I remember playing the game nonstop without the thought of gaining Neopoints. Back then life being a Neopian was all about the games Like Toon Town and Destruct-O-Match and making sure my pet was properly fed. The days in the past were simply yet satisfying.

As time grew on I started to explore the other activities I could do on Neopets. I started going around to other worlds just to see the graphics. . I noticed how pretty some peoples Neopets were with the Baby Paint Brush and the Faerie Colors. I remember pricing them as well and thinking, "No way will I ever be able to get my hands on those!"

When I got my first Faerie Quest I was so overcome with excitement I just sat there. To this day I still have yet to receive a Faerie Queen quest but I can wait. It came to a point I played so often that I dream of Neopets. Which is a sure sign of having a problem. One day I even printed out a picture of my cute pet which at the time was a Cybunny and took it to school and bragged to my friends about this great site and all the fun things you can do on it. I believe I got three friends to join after that day.

When I made my first couple hundred measly Neopoints all I could think of was "What can I buy?!" I can miss the days when five-thousand neopoints was a lot to me. Splurging on cosmetics at the Beauty Store even though I couldn't actually apply it to my pet still made me happy to play with my pets with the item. Nowadays I have the ability to dress them up and make them gorgeous with wigs, shoes, and even fake Jhudora Nails.

I don't know if any of you remember that Neopets had a "special offer" that if you signed up for a Promotion Website you received a Rainbow Fountain Ticket! You could just exchange this little ticket at the Rainbow Fountain and choose any color you wanted if it was available to that pet and paint them for free! So kind of them! I signed up for as many as I could and got my dream pet at the time. A cute Faerie Aisha.

The thought of Avatars, painting my pet a really super neat color was still beyond my fathom. Though now all I can think of is acquiring my next Avatar. Which the BGC is still alluding me. Buying stamps has also become a thing I catch myself doing every day. I'm still trying to complete my Faerieland Collection which cost millions! A girl can dream though.

I learned how to haggle in Neopia. I learned about Stocks. I learned I was horrible at Stocks. I found out I had a betting problem with the new Food Club Game. I also discovered I had a plushie obsession I couldn't quite understand.

As time wore on and I got older, I seemed to drift away from Neopets, though always coming and going for drift moments in time. I could never truly shake the obsession I had to still come check and make sure my pets were not dying.

I've seen a lot of changes happen within the game. To images being altered, new exciting stuff to do being added and to even getting new owners of the site. Remember when the Neoboards were flooded with the users asking for the original owners to stay and not sell out to Viacom. I was a little hesitant in continuing my play of Neopets with the new owners dead set in believing it could never be the same.

Neopets has always stayed truly fun and only seems to get better with age: Thank you NC Mall!

Now I am an adult of twenty-seven years and I still play this wonderful Game. I love the people who play it and I love seeing the site progress to something more. I spend my time collecting stamps. I recently joined a really great Guild filled with Adult players who also adore this site and spend time helping us members improve our accounts. I may have lost my past friends I had when I started, but I found new ones who are just as good if not better! I still enjoy lurking the Neo Boards and helping those who seem to struggle with finding things to even simpler questions like where to find the Snowager.

I just want to say thank you Neopets for being a part of my life. Thank you for growing up with me and teaching me many things about myself. Though you have changed over the years you are still amusing to play and I love that you are still around improving. I see myself playing this game years from now even still whether I take another Hiatus or not I plan on staying. I most likely will have my daughter who is ten months old right now play as well. I'm positive I can get her hooked into playing it. It only takes one game or one sparkly item. If not sign up at least playing the games for me and getting me some more Neopoints. You can never have enough you know! Thank you for giving me some pretty awesome times.

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