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The Best of the NC Mall Collectible Series Pt 2

by honeybee54321


Also by darkobsession

This is the second part to Honeybee54321 and DarkObession's favorite NC Collectible Items articles. Over the past few years many exciting collectible items have been released. It was tough, but we have narrowed it down and chosen our favorites to share with you!

Questing Faeries Finest Series (March 2012 – July 2012)

Taelias Collectors Coat (released: July 2012) –

Everyone is a fan of Taelia's teal coat, especially those who do her quests. Its simple design with white fur lining will give you elegance , warmth, as well as the freedom to move and climb, as it's not very heavy, considering it's been made by the Snow Faerie herself. Just don't try to give frozen foods to your friends in exchange for items. That's her thing only.

Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus (Bonus released: July 2012) –

Sarah and Daisy are two of few Petpets who are allowed to hang out in Jhudora's Keep. It is said that Jhudora herself takes care of these two, so who knows what type of mischief they will get into. The leash comes with the pair but make sure you use it! Although these two look cute, the glowing red eyes add a menacing energy to their atmosphere.

Daring Duos Series (Aug 2012 – Dec 2012)

Nabiles Collectors Veil (released: November 2012) –

Queen Nabile wasn't always of a high status; she wandered the streets of Qasala in the poorest neighborhoods as a child. Though she has become royalty she is still loyal in helping those less fortunate. Nabile use to wear this veil when she was part of the Desert Scarabs. Her veil gives off a mysterious vibe, and is useful when she wants to remain unidentified. For those Neopians that want to add some mystery to their closets this veil is a must.

Hanso Collectors Wig (released: August 2012) –

Screams of fangirls spread through Brightvale and echoed all the way to the Haunted Woods when this stylish Hanso wig was released. Hanso is, undoubtedly, one of Neopia's most charming characters, mostly due to his hair-do (and partly his wit and humour.) With its long bangs and a small pony-tail, this is wearable by both male and female Neopets. Be careful, though; you might get TOO popular.

Defenders of Neopia Series (Jan 2013 – May 2013)

Qasalan Mummy Collectors Shirt (released: May 2013) –

Can't afford a Halloween Paint Brush? No problem, you can still look like a Qasalan soldier brought back from the dead. This Collectors shirt looks so authentic, it probably is. The neck collar and belt are brightly colored and give a nice contrast against the mummy wraps. Just notice that putting it and taking it off takes some time, and be careful not to leave any loose ends or you'll trip on them.

Lady Frostbites Collectors Wig (released: January 2013) –

Lady Frostbite knows all about style, her look is always icy cold just like her attitude! No one can rock a mohawk like this Krawk. With this wig your Neopet can feel as powerful as this Battledome villain, and who knows maybe the Darblats will start following you around too! Please note that this awesome hair style will not give you magical powers.

Defenders of Neopia II Series (June 2013 - Oct 2013)

Masked Intruder Collectors Mask (released: September 2013) –

No one will recognize your Neopet with this sneaky collectors mask. There have been claims that this mask will also boost your pets' agility but these reports are false. This mask is a perfect addition to any super hero outfit or a great accessory for those pets who just like to dress up.

Aisheenas Collectors Wig (released: October 2013) –

Aisheena is one of the most famous Defenders of Neopia, not only because of her super powers and unmistakable charms, but also her radiant, flowing golden locks. This wig lets you have the same look, complete with Aisheena's headband and logo. However, legend says that each of these wigs contains one strand of Aisheena's real hair. Unfortunately, the hair is not the source of her powers, hence the wig has none.

Wearable Wheels Series (Nov 2013 – March 2014)

Wheel of Excitement Collectors Wand (released: December 2013) –

This is one of the prettiest looking Collectors' items. It's the wand held by the Light Faerie who's in charge of running the Wheel of Excitement. It's golden with a twisting vine and a purple finish, and the tip is shaped like faerie wings. The faerie got fed up with the multitudes of Neopets begging to hold the wand "for just a second ... promise I won't break it," and decided to make replicas for everyone to enjoy. It won't improve your luck at the Wheel though.

Wheel of Mediocrity Collectors Dress (released: March 2014) –

Do the leaves that make up this dress look familiar? Well they should, these leaves can be found near the Wheel of Mediocrity. Many Neopians have spent hours letting that wheel spin and spin until it finally decides to stop. Maybe the creators of this dress had this material subconsciously stuck in their head from the countless hours spent there. One thing is for sure, this dress will mesmerize anyone looking for that "jungle" feel.

Merchants Best Series (April 2014 – Aug 2014)

Faerieland Library Collectors Background (released: May 2014) –

No one knows the name of the mysterious "Library Faerie" but she sure helps us out a lot. Her beautiful library is filled with books that she keeps nearly organized. Does your pet love to read, or are you going to a book trophy? This beautiful background would compliment any bookworm's wardrobe.

Sakhmet Battle Supplies Collectors Dress Wrap (released: April 2014) –

This wrap will protect you from the desert sand. Only if you're an Aisha like Mr. Battle Supplies Salesman, for their eyes are naturally heavy lidded. However, since it covers the entire face it's very handy for sneaking around undetected, especially if you're a member of the Thieves Guild. It also makes for a cheaper alternative to the Stealthy Paint Brush.

Miss Neopia Series (Sept 2014 – Jan 2015) (April 2014 – Aug 2014)

Light Faeries Collectors Orb (released: Nov 2014)

The majority of those who love the Battledome also have a special fancy towards the Light Faerie. She is always helping our Neopets level up and will often stop by to ask for help with a quest. Her noble and kind ways never go unnoticed and with this item you can customize your Pet with beautiful glowing orbs which represent the Light Faeries positive influence.

Rasalas Collectors Robe (released: Jan 2015)

Rasala the Bright is one of the characters found in the Mysterious Obelisk Plot and is the leader of the Order of the Red Erisim. It is said that magic is contained in every stitch of this elegant red robe and is a gorgeous addition to any Neopets closet.

This concludes our top NC Collectible Items; we're excited to see what will be released in the future. We hope you enjoyed our article and perhaps found a few new NC items to add to your NC closet!

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