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How To Be an All-Star

by wokitana


To some, gaining the All-Star rank may seem impossible as repetition is very tedious to tolerate. Let's face it, playing continuously to rank up is pretty time consuming and not everyone can manage that much playing without getting thoroughly sick of doing the same things over and over again. Here are 7 simple steps to help you become a successful All-Star. It's so easy even those with limited time can be successful. Since the tournament for this year is already well underway, it may be more difficult to do, but you can still try, especially if you happen to have some extra time at hand to catch up, or else you can get back to these helpful tips next year and other future Altador Cup Tournaments!

Step 1: This is probably the most important step, as it is the best way to fight boredom and make time seem to move a little faster. Music! Make a nice long playlist of your favourite music and sing along if you like. It might help distract you when you really feel like cursing those Darigan Yooyuballs. Don't forget to turn off your in game sound so it doesn't mess up with your music! Another option is to watch TV or a movie especially if it's a classic favourite though it might be hard to do both at the same time especially if you have to concentrate hard to understand the movie! Shootout Showdown is probably the easiest game if you are choosing to watch TV with your game playing as the game is repetitive and lasts only a few seconds. With practice you may even be able to play without looking at the screen much!

Step 2: You need to understand some basic information before getting down to play and rank up all the way to level 20. One Yooyuball game win is equal to 12 points, one Yooyuball draw is equal to 4 points, one Slushie Slinger game is equal to 6 points, one Make Some Noise game is equal to 1 point and one Shootout Showdown game is equal to 1 point as well. To get to All-Star rank you need to play quite a lot of games to build up a total of 16000 points. It can be 1334 Yooyuball wins OR 4000 Yooyuball draws OR 2667 Slushie Slinger games OR 16000 Make Some Noise games OR 16000 Shootout Showdown games or any combination of these games that add up to the right amount of points. It's honestly very boring and tedious to play the same game over and over and over again for 29+ days. There are 29 normal play days plus practice days and maybe even a few extra days if a tie breaker round is needed. Those practice days and the tiebreaker round can come in very handy if you fall behind. Our break down of play is based on 29 days of play. If you were to break your games down evenly you would need to build up 552 points every day; that is you need to play 46 Yooyuball games per day, or a combination of all the games that add up to the same amount of points. Four Yooyuball draws are equivalent to one win of a Yooyuball game, two games of Slushie Slinger are equivalent to a Yooyuball game win and twelve games of either Shootout Showdown or Make Some Noise are equivalent to a Yooyuball game win. Don't forget to send only qualifying scores for all your games otherwise they do not count! A Yooyuball game has no minimum score but the other three games do. Make Some Noise has a minimal score of 3000 and Slushie Slinger's lowest is 300. Shootout Showdown's qualifying score in previous years was 650+ but it seems to be glitched this year and scores with only one goal are allowing people to rank up. It is probably wise to avoid taking advantage of this until TNT either fixes the bug or confirms to us the change in the minimal score for this game.

Step 3: Let's face it, not everyone has all the time at hand to play enough and get to All-Star in less than a month, though some can make it in a single week, which is absolutely amazing. Most of us have jobs, school or other things that keeps us busy. If you have limited time available, the best way to make use of your time is to get down and play as quickly as possible. A Shootout Showdown game takes only about ten seconds to play from clicking the start button to sending your score, if you can play a perfectly accurate game. A Yooyuball game can be the fastest game if you can play an impeccable game. Each goal takes eight seconds off the clock, so a smooth game with as many goals as possible (maximum every heard of is 17 – 0) will take under one minute! Don't forget to hit the spacebar or any other key on your keyboard or click the left button of the mouse on the screen between goals to skip video clips as this will save more valuable time. Make some Noise and Slushie Slinger are much slower games and purposely intended to give more challenge to the whole event. Even if you quit the game when the qualifying score is reached, it results in a longer space than any of the other games would take, thus are not as quick for building points as are Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown. Even so, these games should not be ignored as playing just a few of them can break up the monotony of playing a little bit.

Step 4: Another important thing to note while playing, is that you can only play a certain number of each game every day. These limits were likely put in place to encourage players to play more than one kind of game each day and to discourage playing the same game over and over again. The limits are 68 games for Yooyuball, 139 games for Slushie Slinger, 762 games for Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Playing any more than this in a single day will not count towards your rank.

Step 5: Between the two of us we have several ideas to help eliminate monotony while playing. It can become quite boring to play the same game all day long! One great way is to play for just under seven minutes at a time and refresh in the Almost Abandoned Attic or anywhere else in Neopia shops. This is multitasking at its best as it gives you something to do while waiting for the Attic or other shops to refresh and also gives you short breaks between game play. You may even make some Neopoints while you're at it! The Altador Cup tends to bring everyone together focusing on the same thing and chatting is the most common thing to do, discussing points, ranks and other related topics. Challenge a friend or even yourself to try and finish the game a few seconds earlier than you usually do. You can also take a break and do your dailies, play the featured game or any other game you might prefer, go get a snack or go for a short walk if you just need to stop completely for the sake of sanity. Joining up in marathons and posting your scores on the chat board so that it will trigger competition and consequently accumulate your score. It is also a good idea to mix up the games you are playing. This way you aren't playing the same game all day long. Do watch out for the much precious time and take only short breaks, otherwise you will fall behind and ruin your schedule.

Step 6: It is also very important to refresh games periodically to avoid glitches and lagging. For Yooyuball you will probably want to go to the home page and restart the game (or switch to a different one) after about 10 games. For Shootout Showdown you will want to refresh the game after about 40 or 50 games otherwise the arrow leading the ball will be free on its own will and sometimes the ball also disappears. The other two games also start to act funny after sometime of playing but it is unknown at which point you need to refresh the page as it is very difficult for most people to play those games continuously. It is therefore advised to refresh frequently in the latter games.

Step 7: As we all know, sometimes our life needs to come before Neopets and this may cause you to fall behind in your game scores. Don't worry yet! There is still much hope for you as there are a few ways for you to catch up. If, out of the blue, you happen to get lots of extra time, you can try to seize it and do all the games you have missed at once. Forget about everything else, settle down, focus on the games and their points and time yourself to achieve the best from every hour. Do keep in mind there are limits to how much you can play each game per day, and do not go over the daily limit! Another way to work on your catch up is to use the rank calculator on the Altador Cup home page. The best way to use it is to recalculate the number you need to play per day by dividing the number of games you have remaining to gain All-Star by the number of days you have left to play. This will give you the new minimum number of games you need to play per day to still gain All-Star. It is recommended to attempt to play a few extra games every day when you can, just to make up for those days when you get stuck, so as to avoid falling even farther behind.

Overall everything is pretty simple and determination is the key to success. Play hard for your team and also for your own satisfaction and accomplishment, remembering that after all this hard work you will be rewarded with points which will allow you to buy special prizes when all games finish and the winner is announced. You will also be rewarded with a remembrance shield on your lookup and if you still do not already possess it, the Altador Cup site theme, the Altador Cup avatar and the Altador Cup Player avatar (if you qualify for it). So good luck playing and enjoy it while it lasts.

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