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by krispykritter6

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The Model
They will never fall for this...

by hikariyugi_yamiatemu


The Beginning of the Shadow: Part Five
“It’s not about yesterday. Zee, best friends are supposed to tell each other everything right?” Zee nodded. She still hadn’t told Kamia hers. Maybe this was the right time? Was fate finally giving her a chance?

Kamia took a few deep breaths, but was unsure of how to continue. Finally, she decided to just be blunt.

by sha2196


The Traveling Neopian: Neolodge Reviews: Stop #8
You're much more interested in hearing about Faerie Castle, my very first five star hotel!

by cadetbush


The Sorceress and the Prisoner: Part Two
The warm, sweet calling voice of his younger sister woke Jeran from his dreams. He couldn't remember exactly what his dream had been, only that he had felt alone, then shook the thought from his mind. To his surprise he had woken up in the courtyard, with Lisha's face hovering above him, a huge grin on her face.

by dudeiloled

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