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The Definitive Snowglobe Guide

by azienskieth


Are you tired of wondering about snowglobes? Tired of everyone laughing at you at parties because you don’t know anything about snowglobes? Well, I can fix that! You already bought this book, so you must want to know more…

There are many snowglobes that exist. Some are cheap, some cost millions upon millions… After finishing this book, you’ll know about all of them. Are you ready? Good!

Basic Snowglobes

You can tell that these snowglobes are pretty old by their... names. Yeah, that’s it, their names. (By the way, you can hover over each image to find the snowglobe’s name. Fancy, huh?) I’m not sure when they were released, but I know it was before Y4. They are both Gift items, and they are both retired now. That's a shame.

Faerie Snowglobes

Obviously, these snowglobes are dedicated to the different faeries you'll find around Neopia. A few of them are based on one certain faerie, while others are based on a type of faerie. All of them except for the last four are fairly cheap, costing less - sometimes much less - than 200,000 NP each; the exceptions, on the other hand, cost millions apiece. One particular snowglobe, the Space Faerie Snowglobe, is retired; it also costs more than the others. Coincidence? I think not.

Advent Calendar Snowglobes

No points for guessing where these snowglobes came from: the Advent Calendar. Just like almost everything else from the Advent Calendar, these snowglobes are very, very cheap. Oh, and no, you're not seeing double. That Grey Faerie Snowglobe is both a faerie snowglobe and an Advent Calendar snowglobe.

Altador Cup Snowglobes

Surprise, surprise... All eighteen of these snowglobes came from an Altador Cup prize shop. Altador Cup V, to be exact. They're all very cheap - you could buy a full set for a little over 100,000 NP.

Luxury Snowglobes

I thought these four deserved their own category. Maybe I was wrong. But all the same, it happened - these are basically more faerie snowglobes, but they're luxurious. Oh, and did I mention they're expensive? Especially that last one, the Luxury Faerie Festival Snowglobe. From what I hear, it's worth at least 20 million. The others cost at least 2 million each, maybe more depending on the supply.

Miscellaneous Snowglobes

These are snowglobes that don't fit with any of the above categories, nor with the category after this one. Hence, miscellaneous. Most of them are very cheap; the others are pretty cheap. Only four cost more than 100,000; the most expensive costs about 700,000. Much cheaper than the ones in the next category...

Expensive Snowglobes

In case this heading didn't tip you off, the following snowglobes are *gasp* expensive. To do them all justice, I'll be separating them all. Luckily, there aren't many, otherwise we'd be here for a while... and I'd like to get some sleep.

1. Maraquan Snowglobe with Autumn Scene

This seasonal snowglobe featuring Isca was released back in Y11, by redeeming a certain NC card. Since a lot of people buy NC, we can probably safely assume that a couple hundred copies of the snowglobe were released. Its price seems to be somewhere around 2 million NP. Not great, but it's not extremely expensive.

2. Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe

This snowglobe was released in Y9 as a Smuggler's Cove item. As such, only 100 copies of this item were ever released. As of the time of this writing, there is only one on the market; I've asked around, and it seems to be agreed that 10 million would be a fair price for this snowglobe nowadays.

3. Aisha Lost Desert Snowglobe

In Y5, a line of real-life merchandise was released. They were called Pocket Neopets, and they were a sort of handheld game. If you had a Pocket Neopet, you could get a code from it and redeem it on-site for an item. Since I wouldn't be telling you this without a reason, you can probably guess that this snowglobe came from those codes. Nowadays, they're fairly rare - only one on the market, about twenty in galleries. It seems to be worth 25-30 million NP.

And now, the most expensive snowglobe of them all...

4. Usukicon Y8 Snowglobe

This snowglobe is a possible prize from an Usukicon Y8 Gift Bag... a bag that is very, very expensive. Not many have ever existed, and even fewer have been opened, so there are very few copies of this snowglobe in existence. After a bit of investigating, I have found the estimated price of this snowglobe to be around 90 million. Snowglobes sure can be expensive, can't they?

Well, that concludes The Definitive Snowglobe Guide. Aren't you glad you bought this book and educated yourself on snowglobes? You'll live a much happier life now, knowing that a Space Faerie Snowglobe costs 6 million. I guarantee it.*

    *Guarantee not actually a guarantee. Results may vary. Thanks for reading.

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