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One Summer's Day

by orisasda


     "Hey look, it's Mystery Island! We're almost at Mystery Island!" Daizm, plushie Kacheek shouted excitedly from the front of the ferry she, her brother and her adopted cousins were on. She blinked as sea spray from the ferry powering through the waves, splashed her in face. She has halfway over the railing at the front of the ferry when someone grabbed her wrist.

     "Yes. We all see it, Daizm. Now get away from there, little sister. You're going to go overboard." Her brother, a pink alien Aisha named Lindetis said, pulling her away from the railing. One of her cousins, a royal Wocky named Arianoli sat tiredly in one of ferry seats.

     "Why did we get up at the crack of dawn to make this trip again?" Arianoli asked with a yawn.

     "Well, we wanted to at least spend one summer's day at the beach and Mystery Island has the best beaches." Jaidenenk, a fire Kougra replied. He picked up the picnic basket they brought with them as the ferry pulled into the harbour. Arianoli stood up and stretched.

     "Well, I don't remember voting on this but I suppose this is a good time to work on my tan." She purred.

     "What are we waiting for then?" Daizm said. "Let our fun day at the beach commence!"

     The most popular beach on Mystery Island was packed of course but they soon found a nice secluded beach of their own past some rock pools that wasn't too far from the main beach and still had a lot of sunshine.

     "Need any help?" Daizm asked Jaidenenk as he set up their picnic stuff.

     "Nah, I'm fine! You go have fun." Jaidenenk said with a smile. Daizm nodded and turned around just in time to see Lindetis dump a bucket of sea water all over Arianoli as she has setting up her blanket and sun tan lotion.

     "Lindetis Tate, you jerk!" She yelled at him as Lindetis quickly retreated into the sea. Daizm couldn't help laughing as Arianoli now looked like a drowned Doglefox, being completely drenched.

     "I'm going to get you for that!" Arianoli yelled again. She picked up the bucket Lindetis had abandoned and charged into the sea. She filled up the bucket with sea water and threw the water at Lindetis which hit him smack in the face.

     "This means war!" He yelled at her and soon they were having a full-blown water fight. Daizm sat down and simply watched them battle it out. This day looked like it was going to be a good one.

     "HEY!" Jaidenenk thundered and Daizm turned back around towards him to see a spotted Tasu getting way with their picnic basket.

     "Oh no!" Daizm said running over. Arianoli and Lindetis stopped their water warfare and made their way over too.

     "What happened?" Lindetis asked.

     "A rotten petpet made off with our lunch." Jaidenenk grumbled.

     "It probably went through that tunnel there. It might lead to the jungle." Arianoli said, pointing at a tunnel just big enough for them to go through.

     One by one they hand squeezed themselves into the tunnel and came out near the abandoned Lost City of Geraptiku.

     "The petpet must be hiding in one of the houses here." Lindetis said.

     "Ooh, let's find it quickly. This place is giving the creeps." Daizm said, wrapping her arms around herself. Arianoli shivered.

     "Same here." She said.

     "Aw, don't worry girls. I'm here!" Jaidenenk said, putting his arms around them.

     "Knock it off, cat-anova!" Arianoli growled, smacking the back of his head.

     "Hey! Stay focused back there!" Lindetis scolded. Then they heard rustling in one of the huts. The crept over to the hut where the noise was coming from and Jaidenenk pointed inside.

     "In here." He whispered. The other three nodded and they all entered the hut and the very spotted Tasu who stole the picnic basket was there hissing at them.

     "Oh, give it a rest. It was ours to begin with!" Lindetis moaned. Jaidenenk let out a little roar and the Tasu escaped through a small hole in the hut, leaving the picnic basket. Jaidenenk looked at its contents and smiled.

     "Looks like the little bugger didn't get to get anything." He said happily.

     "Alright!" Daizm said as they walked out of the hut.

     "Um, guys. Don't look now, but I think that petpet has friends..." Arianoli said worriedly. Right in front of them was that same Tasu hissing at them with many other island petpets behind it, looking rather angry.

     "Oh man! Run for it!" Lindetis yelled. They all ran from the city with a giant group of angry petpets hot on their heels.



     They eventually managed to lose the group of petpets in the winding jungle and managed to end up at the mouth of the tunnel they had entered the jungle through.

     "Looks like we managed to ditch them." Jaidenenk said with a smile on his smile.

     "Yeah..." Daizm said. Suddenly Lindetis burst out laughing. The laughter was contagious and soon everyone was laughing. "Well, this trip isn't going as planned, huh?" Daizm said.

     "No, but at least we can't say it was boring, right?" Arianoli replied.

     "Yeah. Let's look on bright side." Lindetis said.

     "And we got our lunch back regardless." Jaidenenk said. Suddenly, stomach rumbles were heard. Arianoli covered her stomach with her hands, embarrassed.

     "Hehe. Excuse me." She said with an embarrassed giggle. Then everyone else's stomachs rumbled and the laughing started up again.

     "Well, let's go back to the beach. We've got a picnic to have." Jaidenenk said.

     "And stomachs to fill!" Daizm added with a giggle.

     Upon their return to the beach they sat on their picnic blanket and took the food out of the picnic basket. There were ham sandwiches, crackers with cheese on them, fruit salad, chips, cookies and one chocolate fish for each of them. They ravenously ate the feast before them and after they were done, they began to build a sand castle. Jaidenenk planned the sand castle while Lindetis sculpted the sand, Arianoli dug a moat for it and Daizm went along the shore, picking up sea shells and other pretty things to decorate their sand castle with. It looked like their day was finally going their way. Arianoli sun bathed for a while as Jaidenenk combed the beach for shells to take home and Lindetis and Daizm played in the sea together as brother and sister. Then the sun began to set. They packed up all of their stuff and sat down in front of the sand castle they built and watched the sunset.

     "Wow! It's beautiful, isn't it?" Daizm said in wonder.

     "Yeah. Today was a good day. Despite the earlier mishap." Lindetis said.

     "Well, you know what they say right? All's well that ends well!" Arianoli said cheerfully, leaning against Jaidenenk.

     "Yeah. I say coming here was worth it in the end. What do you think, guys?" Jaidenenk said. His words were met with a chorus of agreement.

     "Let's do this again next summer!" Daizm said.

     "Hopefully without the petpet stealing our lunch and being chased by an army of them through the jungle." Jaidenenk added jokingly and they all laughed. Then the four got up and headed for the harbour to catch the ferry back home as the one summer's day ended and the sun sunk below the horizon.

     The End.

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