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10 Best Summer Drinks from the Coffee Cave

by yashasvika


The sun is out. The birds are chirping. Your Kacheek, Talia, is enjoying its tiki tour. Just a few more weeks before she goes back to school. You and she have both had a great summer. You pause for a moment in front of the ocean and reminisce the summer. You spent hours playing hide and seek and other games. You tried to kiss some Mortogs in the hopes of saving your prince charming. You made lots of neopoints, you even have enough to buy the awfully expensive asparagus. It’s been such a good summer this year in Neopia. You feel a little tug on your legs. Talia exclaims, “I’m a little thirsty. Do you think you can treat me to something from The Coffee Cave?” You take a moment to think, Roo Island is pretty far away but it’s the last days of summer and Talia really deserves something special for being such a great friend this summer. “Alright, let me put my basic black lace up shoes back on and let’s get going!”

As you enter in the Coffee Cave your eyes grow wide. There are so many different items to choose from. Some of which you never even knew existed. As you and Talia browse through the selection you grow confused as to what you should get. You want something that screams summer! So maybe you should get an iced tea. You know what? You could also get a sweet bubble tea that would really hit the spot. Or even better, maybe you should get a coffee so you can stay up all night to read the Big Blue Blumaroo book. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. If you stay up late enough you may even read enough books to win the Neopia book award!

But wait! What’s that nestled in the shelves. It looks like an old, folded piece of paper. The page is starting to yellow a little but it’s exactly what you need! It’s an old advertisement for the Coffee Cave! It reads:

Top 10 Drinks to Have Before the Summer Is Over!

1. Rainbow Bubble Tea

Approximate Cost: 750 NPs

Rainbow bubble tea is a refreshing drink you can enjoy after spending a long day out in the sun. The rainbow bubbles are made to mimic the scenic view of Roo Island. Each bubble is actually hand-picked to reflect each of Roo Island’s famous attraction. The colors symbolize the different Dice-A-Roo dice! If you’re lucky you might even find a silver bubble which could mean you have a shot at winning the Jackpot!

2. Frosty Pomegranate Latte

Approximate Cost: 460 NPs

Can’t decide on whether you want a slushie or a coffee? Well the Frosty Pomegranate Latte is just for you. This delicious blend of coffee and fruit is took years to perfect. It’s the perfect combination of coffee tartness and pomegranate sweetness. The best pomegranates were chosen from Meridell (sorry for making King Skarl a little grumpier!) to make this the best drink any pet could ever want.

3. Chai Iced Tea

Approximate cost: 540 NPs

For all you Chai lovers out there this drink is amazing! The blend of tea and milk makes for sugary goodness. Secret spices are added from Shenkuu. Legend has it that the wise old Gnorbu himself made the first chai tea. The chai iced tea is served in a tall cup garnished with some herbal leaves. This is a must have for anyone who needs some relaxation.

4. Chokato Bubble Tea

Approximate cost: 495 NPs

Yum! Another one of the Coffee Cave’s classic herbal teas. The Chokato bubble tea creates an intense fruity sweetness mixed with an overpowering chocolate aroma. The smooth flavor will make anyone crave more! To add to the chocolaty experience, chokato bubble tea is now served with a chocolate straw that emphasizes the chocolate flavor. It’s a surprise this isn’t sold at the chocolate factory!

5. Ice Blended Coffee

Approximate cost: 800 NPs

The ice blended coffee is a bright, medium coffee with hints of caramel and hazelnut. The drink is specially made to energize even the sleepiest of people. It’s even rumored that Neopians use our ice blended coffee to try and wake up Turmaculus. Served with whipped cream to soften the bitter coffee flavor. For only 800 NPs you’ll have enough coffee in one drink to last you a month.

6. Ice Milk Green Tea

Approximate cost: 588 NPs

Ice Milk Green Tea is a combination of green tea and warmed milk. The mixture creates an herbal drink that will soothe anyone’s stress. As a bonus the aromatic green tea also freshens up the air around you. If you’re planning on going to the Rubbish Dump drink this tea so everything smells wonderful.

7. Iced Papaya Tea

Approximate cost: 740 NPs

This tropical blend is a must have for anyone visiting Mystery Island! The addition of green tea and papaya creates a healthy tea rich with antioxidants that are great for any pet. The Neopian Health Foods vouches for this iced tea, as it’s been proven that this blend rejuvenates any pet. Unfortunately we don’t have water faerie magic so this drink won’t help your pet regain hit points, but it will make them feel more relaxed. And relaxation leads to happier pets which leads to a happier you!

8. Lemon Iced Tea

Approximate cost: 1100

The pricier of our teas, the lemon iced tea is a blend of tea and lemonade. This refreshing drink is a must for any adventurers. After a day of Mynci beach volleyball this Lemon Iced Tea will soothe any parched throat.

9. Iced Caramel Coffee

Approximate cost: 10500

This is definitely one of the more expensive coffees that the Coffee Cave has to offer. But it’s only because it uses the finest ingredients in all of Neopia. It takes specialists 8 weeks to brew one cup but the result is a heavy coffee with a silky texture. The toasted caramel adds a sweet and aromatic taste to the coffee making it one of Neopia’s favorite iced drinks.

10. Iced Illusen Tea

Approximate cost: 9000

This refreshing drink is perfect for any woodland pet! Brewed by Illusen herself, this green tea will relax any pet. When you’re drinking this you can’t help but feel as though you’re walking through the forest and earth faeries are flying around you. But if you want this tea you better act fast! It’s one of the best-selling drinks making it hard to find when the Coffee Cave restocks!

You and Talia read through the list. Whoever made this list must have been a genius. You both decide to get iced blended coffees. You’ll need all the energy you can get to make the most of the last few weeks of summer.

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