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Don't Call Me A Nimmo...

by tee_twi918

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Good Luck Charm
It's all relative.

by globetrekker


The Ever Stocked General Store...
Breaks are for the weak.

by alloways


JCW: The Beginning
Yep. Just a normal day for the JCW.

by chasing_stars44


The Thief
They say it only happens once every eighty years. The Prism. The sky is so much larger, so much more vast, than I can even comprehend. It glows in hues of purple and pink, silver and navy; it's like tender veins, reflections in the ocean, or millions of lost stars waiting to die. I’ve sat in this exact spot every night for weeks, doing just what I’m doing now, but never before has it been like this.

by the_pie_love

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