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What Wintery Petpet Should You Get For Your Neopet?

by milestrong


The month of Celebrating is finally here and with it comes the season of merrymaking, gift-giving, hot chocolate-drinking, and most importantly, winter! This is the time of the year where not only Happy Valley and Terror Mountain but the whole of Neopia is blanketed with snow, so make sure you don’t forget your jackets and scarves!

There are plenty of fun things to do all month such as shopping or having snowball fights with your friends. This is also the perfect opportunity to go and buy your pets a wintery petpet, so that they have someone to have fun with during the holidays.

“But wait! There are so many wintery petpets to choose from. How will I ever pick the right one?”

Well, below is a list of different winter-themed petpets and which sort of pet they are compatible with. Whether your Neopet is lazy and prefers to stay at home or is energetic and loves daily adventures, there’s sure to be the perfect wintery petpet for you!

1.) The Abominable Snowball

Does your pet love playing outside in the snow, making snow angels and whatnot? If so, then the Abominable Snowball may be the best fit for you. Thriving in the really cold wintery weathers, this petpet will keep your pet company for hours and will be up for anything you want to do. Want to build a snowcastle? Sure. Wanna have a snowball fight? Why not. Wanna go skiing? Of course! This petpet will never say no to a fun time. Just make sure you don’t go somewhere hot!

The Abominable Snowball also comes in the fun colors of Faerie and Fire, if any of you want a little something with more flare.

2.) The Polarchuck

Does your pet love snacking, especially on ice creams, snow cones and other wintery treats? Why not buy him a Polarchuck petpet then! A Polarchuck loves to eat as much as the next guy, and knows where to get all of the good icy food. Your pet could even challenge them to an eating contest and see who wins! Just be careful not to let them get too bloated though.

There is a wide variety of Polarchuck colors to choose from, so just pick whatever makes you or your pet happy! I personally prefer the Island and Spotted ones.

3.) The Felf

Is your pet feeling a little mischievous? Does it like to pelt unsuspecting passersby with snowballs or play pranks on his/her friends? If the answer is yes, then the Felf would be the perfect fit for them. Whether it’s replacing all of the blue marshmallows with pink ones or wrapping gifts twice to annoy present-openers, the Felf knows just the perfect harmless prank for a few good laughs. Try not to cause too much chaos though, as it is the month of Celebrating :)

The Felf can also come in the magnificent color of White, if you think that green doesn’t suit you much.

4.) The Dofrey

Does your pet like challenges? Particularly racing? If yes, why not go and buy them a Dofrey! Dofrey’s are extremely fast, whether on the ground or in the air. If your pet wants to test its speed, what better opponent to face than the athletic Dofrey? Just be careful, as Dofreys aren’t particularly bright, and will more often than not get lost. Otherwise, they’re the perfect pets for those with the need for speed.

The Dofrey also comes in the adorable colors of Black, Chocolate, Faerie and Halloween.

5.) The Snowbunny

If your pet is type that prefers to stay at home and sit by the fireplace while reading a book and drinking hot coffee, then the Snowbunny is the perfect companion for them! Snowbunnies are soft, little balls of fluff that will be more than happy to keep your pet company through the snowy holidays. It’s also quiet, so it won’t disturb your peace and it helps make the room look a little more cuter.

There are so many wonderful Snowbunny colors to choose from, but my personal picks are the Maraquan and Strawberry ones. Be careful not to eat it though!

6.) The Fir

In the mood to go out and give some gifts to everyone you know? The Fir will be more than happy to help you out in your merry adventures. Just don’t forget to wrap your presents first!

The Fir also comes in Blue, Brown, Grey, and the scary-looking Mutant color.

7.) The Wherfy

The Wherfy is a shy petpet that only comes out from their burrows when it’s winter time. They are slow to get used to their new owners but if you shower them with love, respect, and food, they are sure to be the perfect petpets for any occasion! They are also extremely cute, donning those snowflake prints on their fur. Who wouldn’t want a petpet like that?

Wherfy colors include Eventide, Faerie, Grey and Plushie. (Here’s a tip: The Plushie one is more huggable!)

8.) The Jinjah

Does your pet like running around all day? Does it like Christmas snacks like cookies and chocolates? If the answer is yes to both, then the Jinjah is the perfect petpet for them! The Jinjah is an athletic petpet who enjoys running more than anything, which makes them the perfect opponents for a game of tag. They also like to bake, and can make some of the most delicious cookies you’ll ever taste. Just make sure your pet doesn’t accidentally eat the Jinjah though.

This cute little guy also comes in Blue, Fire, Halloween and Pirate colors.

9.) The Candychan

This cute little guy is one of the rarer petpets around, but that doesn’t make him less adorable. With its white and pink stripes and its green leafy wings, what’s there not to love? Be careful to always look after him though, as Candychans often tend to wander about and get lost. Maybe this is the reason they’re so uncommon!

There are a few colors for a Candychan to choose from, however I recommend keeping it in its original colors. To each his own though. PS, the Darigan Candychan kind of creeps me out a little bit.

10.) The Snowickle

Have you ever wanted the Snowager as a petpet? Well, the Snowager is too big to keep in a house and it would probably eat up all of your food without you looking. However, the Snowickle is the next best thing! It shares some of the traits the actual Snowager has, such as a want (or a need!) to hoard items, particularly golden, shiny ones. However, the Snowickle will not blast you with ice if you make it mad which is probably a good thing.

There are so many Snowickle colors to choose from, I don’t know where to start!

These are some of the petpets that will definitely make your month of Celebrating even more exciting. If you ever decide to buy one though, remember that every pet or petpet needs to be shown constant care and affection. It is a big responsibility for a pet to own a petpet, so make sure to train them first so that they know what they’re doing. Otherwise, go out and buy one already! And happy holidays to you all!

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