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A Guild — A Place You Can Call Home

by jiaoemy


One of the factors that continue to draw me back to Neopets are the guilds. There are many ways to interact in Neopia whether it is restocking, avatar hunting, kadoatie feeding, earning trophies, and much more. There has always been one feature I have found to be the most enjoyable experience. That experience would be the guilds of Neopia. Guilds enable this freedom to create an environment we are in control of. As long as rules of TNT are not broken the ideas and possibilities of guilds are endless. Let us find that guild, that unique one that you belong in — A comfy little corner in Neopia that we call home.

1. Why join a guild?

Finished your dailies? Did all of your quests? Played all of your favorite games? A little bored? It can be lonely wandering the many worlds and boards of neopia. Joining a guild is one of the best ways to find the right group of people who are on the same or similar journey as yourself. Many guilds are themed from real life favorites like harry potter and anime to neopets related and role-playing. With the many guilds of neopia there is a guild for pretty much every category you can imagine. Let us find the category that suits you and your interests or goals.

2. What category suits you?

Are you interested in a specific genre or theme? Looking to improve your account? Looking to have some fun and role-play? Or just simply looking for a place to chat and hangout? Rest assured there is a guild for all.

A lot of times as solo neopians we are often stuck on who knows what it is we are working on. Stuck on an avatar and need tips? There are guilds that specialize in secret avatar help and guides. So close to getting that high score for the trophy? Maybe fellow guild mates who have that trophy can give you personalized tips. Looking to trade special items? Ask around in your guild if you’re not comfortable asking on the main neoboards. If someone does not know maybe they know someone who does. You would be best searching for an account improvement guild. The perks of having a guild chat board are allowing everyone to interact and help one another out. Guilds are there for people to come together and create their own neofamily. Maybe you’re looking to strive towards improving your writing? There are guilds for that, guilds for specific interests, and guilds for role playing. Take a stroll into the guilds section of the neoboards and seek for the guild that bests suits you.

3. What can a guild do for you?

You can gain insight on secret avatars you may be struggling with. There are opportunities to participate in guild events that many guilds host. For instance, avatar or game challenges, guess that members, mystery photos, customization challenges and more. There are guilds that can assist in enhancing your skills in the battledome by battling guild mates, tips and hints on specific games or quests, and most commonly chat about the many adventures and difficulties off neopets.

4. One step closer to your neopet dreams?

With the new trade option on neopets it enables all neopians over a certain age for the account to trade neopets. You might have the secret laboratory ray and have zapped and obtained an incredibly rare neopet that someone else is searching for. Now that the option of trading neopets, you are able to let go of neopets you are no longer interested in keeping and obtain a new neopet. Chat with your fellow guild mates and see who had neopets up for trade. Or adoption. This was one of my favorite features because honestly it can be frightening to chat on the neoboards about trading neopets. I would feel so small and ignored, where as in my guild occasionally people will talk about neopets they want and neopets they are willing to trade. This is a fun way to connect with a smaller group of people rather than chatting in a full on public neoboards thread.

5. Make neofriends.

You are not entitles to becoming best friends with everyone in your guild. One of the outcomes to being regularly active in a guild is meeting new neopians and helping one another out. This by far is my favorite outcome of guilds. Sometimes we spend hours online and chatting with guild members that interests and personalities clash. And before you know it, in that top left hand corner is a new neofriend request. Even if you do not regularly check up on your neofriends and chat, it is always nice to know you have friendly people in your friend list. Maybe you come across an obstacle with faerie quests and need to call out for help? Shoot your neofriends a neomail. You got yourself a friend for life!

6. Are you ready to find a guild?

You might be a private person like myself and that is absolutely fine. Taking the first step to joining can be a stride for many. But rest assured you are never forced to do anything you are not entirely comfortable with. You can chat in the guild message boards as much or as little as you please, share or keep to yourself, listen in on tips, browse through the guilds’ websites and portals, and make yourself at home. The best thing about guilds is that you can either make a home out of it or leave if you are not happy with the environment and what it may offer.

Having the ability to create guilds in neopets has been one of the greatest experiences for me. I enjoy that it varies from heavily populated interactive guilds to smaller close-knit family like guilds. There are many guild options which enables neopians to further interact with one another in order to unite interests or goals.

Are you ready to find a guild you can call home?

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