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Top 10 Avatars For the 750th Issue

by sky_lady


Hello fellow Neopian readers! The great time has come and everyone is starting to show off their shiny new avatar: Neopian Times Writer (yes, that is the one with the cute, little Weewoo). If you have it, you rule Neopets for a week or two. Everyone will be like "OMG you are so lucky! My 21231354 entries got all rejected *sad face*" and your ego keeps growing and growing as the week goes by. Have you ever thought about how people whose entries were rejected feel? Probably yes, because there is a huge probability that you have been there too in the past issues.

Thus, we decided to write this article for all the players who still don't have the Neopian Times Writer avatar. You don't have to feel miserable for not having it. If you have one of the following avatars, go ahead and show it off on the Neoboards! You can show them how awesome you really are.

1. Neopian Times Star

Obviously, this is the best avatar you can use during the week of the 750th Neopian Times issue. Why? Well, because you might not be lucky enough to grab a spot on this very special issue, but at least you were already published 10 times in the Neopian Times! Hoorah! It is quite an accomplishment and the avatar is very pretty. Also, it is not that easy to have 10 entries published in the Neopian Times, you need a lot of creativity and free time to draw or to write your entries. There are a lot of users who are lucky enough to have the Neopian Times Writer avatar, but they still don't have this avatar! So if they taunt you with their shiny new avatar, why don't you taunt them back and show your elusive Neopian Times Star avatar and all your Neopian Times trophies?

2. Caption Contest - Funny

This avatar looks funny and was obtained in a very funny way! Did you get it? The funny joke? No? Nevermind... This is probably one of the hardest avatars awarded in the competitions from the entire site and sadly it is not currently working. When compared to the Neopian Times, it was way more limited because only 25 players could get the avatar. Another limitation was the fact that the avatar was only available every hundredth contest, while the Neopian Times awards the Neopian Times Writer avatar every fiftieth issues. Also, your caption had to be really funny to be chosen by the judges and only 25 captions were chosen each time... It was really hard to achieve this avatar. This means that if you by any chance have Funny, you should totally show it off! Pretty sure everyone will be jealous!

3. Random Contest Winner

Sadly, this cute avatar is now retired, but that doesn't mean that you can't use it. Go ahead and rub it in their faces! If you were creative enough to make something very random out of raw materials, you can proudly show off your avatar. Since the avatar is retired, the avatar collectors consider it a lot more valuable, so no one will laugh at your avatar. Obviously, you will not be showing a cute Weewoo like everyone else, but it is also a lovely random... thing, which is also great. Go make the difference!

4. Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!

Were you lucky enough to get this avatar? You better make it your active avatar and never remove it... ever again! This is one of the most luck based avatars of all time and it is also one of the rarest (because not everyone can be lucky enough to achieve it). And now that Bilge Dice is temporarily down, it makes it even more special and rare. If you have it, consider yourself one of the luckiest players in the whole Neopia! This is one of the avatars that even makes the stamp collectors jealous of. Don't ever hesitate in showing it off, you will shut those Weewoos' mouths.

5. Neopian Lottery

Well, talking about luck... Not sure which requires more luck: the lottery avatar or the Bilge Dice lucky streak. To achieve this avatar, you not only have to win the lottery but you also have to be the first person listed on the winning list! This means you have to buy your lottery tickets as soon as possible after the draw of the day. This can be a pain for some users because of the different time zones. For some, the draw might happen at 4 am or at other ridiculous time. So, if you have the Neopian Lottery avatar, don't hide it, come to the Neoboards and show everyone how lucky (and possibly rich) you are! Don't let all of those "Weewoos avatars" scare you, you stayed awake to buy your tickets and won the lottery, you also deserve a spotlight.

6. Stamp Collector - Lost Desert

*avoids eye contact with Coltzan* This avatar surely is majestic and imposing. It is also very shiny and rare due to its price (it is like very, very, very expensive). People might be lucky to be published on a Special Neopian Times Issue but never be able to afford the most expensive stamp from the Lost Desert album. Of course we can't compare stamps to Neopian Times entries, but we are pretty sure a lot of players would give their arms and fingers (well, not literally, ok? It is not even Halloween yet, so lets keep the creepy stuff away) to own Lost Desert stamp avatar. This incredible avatar will keep all the Weewoos' provoking away from you.

7. Beauty Contest

Show them how pretty your neopets are and how talented you are! You don't need trophies when you can be just beautiful! You also don't need avatars to make everyone jealous because your drawing skills are out of this world. Beauty Contest is not very competitive, it is more about advertising, but if you have the avatar, you surely worked a lot for it. First you have to pick one of your pets to draw, then you have to draw it and then you have to advertise it. *phew* Exhausting... The Beauty Contest avatar is lovely and after all that work, you can make some Neopian Times writer jealous of it! On the Neopian Times you have the possibility to do some writing or drawing, but when it comes to the Beauty Contest, you can only draw, so that is not a contest for everyone. Go show off your amazing art skills, shamelessly!

8. High Roller

The wheel of rich and famous. If you can't beat them... show them how rich you are! Another great option that you can also use is HT - Richest avatar. Who doesn't want to be Neorich? Everyone does. Even the writers will be jealous of your avatar. No one will be talking about Weewoos on your board when you tell them how much you already spend on the Wheel of Extravagance. They just want to know "how do you make so many neopoints?" and "why do you keep gambling?". Why do you keep gambling? Because you can. And since you can, you can also show off your rich avatar, you earned it, you deserve it.

9. Avatar Collector

Do you have Avatar Collector? Well, then you have the top avatar of all the avatars! If you have this avatar, that means you have A LOT of avatars. A newbie will have an hard time trying to get Avatar Collector because of all the retired avatars that are unavailable. But a newbie can always try to get the Neopian Times Writer avatar, so which one do you think it is rarer? That is right, the Avatar Collector for sure! And did you notice how we don't have to add the word "avatar" after the name of the Avatar Collector? Its name says it all, it is THE avatar collector. No Weewoo can compare to that greatness (or maybe they can and we are just lying to ourselves...).

10. Neomail Addict

Neomail Addict is our very last choice for the Neopian Times 750th Issue theme. Why you should use it? There are obviously a lot of reasons, otherwise it wouldn't be listed here, right? First reason: the avatar is very pretty and cute; Second reason: it is random, so that means it takes some effort (and luck) to get it. You have to refresh or send a lot of neomails in order to get this avatar, and by sending neomails, we mean writing. That is what the Neopian Times is all about, isn't it? Ok... Maybe not every Neopian Times writer will be jealous of your avatar, but at least you do have a lot of neofriends to chat with! And you still practice your writing skills, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

And this is the very end of our suggestions of avatars you could use during all the fuss about the 750th Neopian Times issue. We know, we know... everyone and their mothers are showing off their new avatar and you were rejected once again. We know how much it hurts, we are here writing this article in hope we can get the avatar ourselves. Maybe we will even have to read this words to comfort ourselves later today... But, keep in mind that if you have all of the avatars listed above, you are one of the greatest avatar collectors! And the fact that you still need the Neopian Times Writer is just another reason that makes you keep coming back to the game hunting for more avatars. Never give up. Avatars are beautiful and so is the whole game, Neopets! Cheers!

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