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Overlooked Neopians: Kauvara

by trixietrotter


NEOPIA CENTRAL- In the heart of the Neopian shopping district is Kauvara’s Magic Shop. The owner and shopkeeper of Neopia’s most popular Magic Shop is the titular Kauvara. Kauvara works tirelessly to open the doors of her shop each morning and provide Neopian consumers with top quality magical items and potions. She provides Neopia with highly sought after items. But one has to wonder who is the kau behind this shop? Who is she? What is she like? How’d she get here.

The Magic Shop that resides in Neopia Central has been in Kauvara’s family for generations. Since she was a child it was expected of her to take over the shop from her father, but Kauvara had other plans. The starry kau longed to study magic and become a magician following in the footsteps of her Uncle Klum.

Kauvara packed her bags and journeyed to Faerieland to achieve her dreams albeit against the wishes of her father. She studied magic at the Faerieland Academy. Kauvara finally had a bright outlook on her future as she passionately threw herself into her studies.

Kauvara was on her way to becoming a fully trained magician when she received a letter from her father back in Neopia Central. The letter related to Kauvara how the Wocky he hired to run the Magic Shop in her absence had been selling magical items that weren’t magic at all. The letter also related to Kauvara that she should give up on her dreams of becoming a famous magician and return home as quickly as possible. Thus Kauvara’s fate was sealed, she packed her things up again and returned home to Neopia Central. Kauvara would take over all operations at her family’s magic shop.

Kauvara herself has garnered quite the reputation throughout Neopia. She has some wearable items themed after her as well as two TGC cards and her own Usuki doll. It seems that even though she didn’t achieve her dreams of being a world famous magician she has managed to achieve a good amount of fame. She has more items named after her than the Fountain Faerie!

Kauvara has achieved her own fame but not as a magician but because of her talent for brewing potions. Her creation, Kauvara’s Potion, goes for an impressive 1,000,000 NP at the Auction House and Trading Post. The kau also has a talent for brewing morphing potions that are traded and auctioned off for millions of NP. Eager customers await her at the Magic Shop every day so they can try to snag a morphing potion that would be worth millions anywhere else. When you use a morphing potion on a pet for the first time you’ll be given the Magical Kauvara avatar to use on the Neoboards. The avatar features an image of Kauvara herself smiling happily.

Though she’s achieved success you have to wonder if Kauvara still longs to go after her dreams and become a magician. Is she happy with the amount of success she’s achieved running the Magic Shop? Why not ask her?


The lighting in Kauvara’s Magic Shop is low and one step inside feels like stepping into another world. The walls are lined with shelves filled to the brim with spell books and potion bottles. In the back of the shop you’ll find Kauvara hard at work brewing new potions to put up for sale. She picks up bottles of swirling liquids and contemplates each before slowly pouring one into a larger bottle of shimmering silver liquid. The colors swirl together beautifully before the entire bottle vanishes completely. Kauvara lets out a sigh and offers me a shy smile.

Kauvara: Sometimes potion brewing just doesn’t agree with you.

Interviewer: I imagine it takes a lot of trial and error.

Kauvara: That’s not even the half of it!

Interviewer: Thank you so much for sitting down with me Kauvara.

Kauvara: I should be thanking you! It’s so exciting to be interviewed!

Interviewer: So what was the Magic Shop like before you took over?

Kauvara: Oh it was nothing like it is now! You should have seen this place when I came to work here. It was plain, boring, drab.

Interviewer: How’d you feel about leaving Faerieland to come take over the shop?

Kauvara: Well anyone would have been disappointed ya know? Faerieland is such a wonderful place I was sad to leave.

Interviewer: Have you been back to Faerieland since?

Kauvara: No, no I haven’t been back. I hope I can go back and visit one day I really do miss it.

Interviewer: Have you continued your magician’s studies since leaving Faerieland?

Kauvara: I’ve done my best to keep up but with managing the shop every day I don’t have too much free time.

Interviewer: So, since you took over the Magic Shop there’s been a huge boom in the sale of magical items all over Neopia.

Kauvara: What? Because of me? [Laughs] I can’t take credit for that.

Interviewer: Don’t be so modest, the shop is fantastic and you’ve introduced entire lines of morphing potions, you do work and you’re incredibly talented.

Kauvara: Oh thank you, I do work hard to keep the shop running in tip top shape. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good you do when you’re being berated by customers for selling the last Faerie Poogle Morphing. It feels nice to be appreciated now and then.

Interviewer: You sacrificed your dreams to run this shop you deserve all the praise you get.

Kauvara: You’re too kind, my father needed my help with the shop. I couldn’t turn him down a second time.

Interviewer: For all you’ve done you deserve to be at least an honorary magician.

Kauvara: [Laughs] I tend to think of myself as an amateur magician these days.

Interviewer: You’re too hard on yourself, Kauvara.

Kauvara: [Laughs] That may be true but it’s how I motivate myself to get back into my studies.

Interviewer: It’s been such a pleasure talking with you Kauvara.

Kauvara: Thanks for coming and stop by anytime!

If you’re ever in Neopia Central be sure to pop into the Magic Shop and have a chat with Kauvara. Maybe browse the wares, buy a potion or encourage her to continue her studies. Show her a little appreciation and leave with a bottled faerie or a nova. Show those who normally get overlooked a little love.

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