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The Definitive Guide To Hissi

by alli_draggy


Hello! This is alli_draggy. You may have heard of me, or you may not have heard of me. Either way, it doesn’t matter because I’m going to tell you about Hissies, Hissi, or whatever plural you want. This article is an easy guide which can be read and enjoyed by anybody.

What are Hissies?

Hissies are a species of Neopet, first revealed to the world on May 4 of Y7 or 2005. Hissies are long, serpentine creatures with a pair of scaly wings that double as arms. Some variations have fangs, which contain a potent venom that can turn small Petpets into ghosts if they are bitten. Hissies live in just about every land of Neopia, except for Terror Mountain. Hissies are cold-blooded, and prefer to live in hot, humid areas like Tyrannia or the oasi in the Lost Desert. Hissies come in many colors, like all Neopets, including typical shades like Brown, Red, and Spotted and more exotic variations like Mutant, Darigan, and Faerie.


Hissies are generally shy, intelligent, and a bit mischevous. In stories, Hissies are usually evil, but this isn’t true in real life. Although some Hissies such as Kastraliss and the Ghost Hissi monster in the Deserted Tomb are evil, most Hissies would rather curl up in a warm place with a good book or a loving Petpet rather than play tricks on others or practice dark magic. As Hissies are fairly recently discovered Neopets, some of them aren’t quite used to people yet and may be somewhat shy towards their owners. Hissies usually don’t react very well to being traded and prefer constant love from a single owner, rather than shuffling through multiple owners. Hissies do very well with fairly young, female owners between the ages of 18 and 25 years and prefer reptilian Petpets, like Cobralls, Wadjets, and Reptilliors. An interesting tidbit is that, due to being very closely related to Reptilliors, Hissies are completely immune to Reptillioritis.

Hissies generally form strong bonds with small groups of like-minded friends, who are usually either Hissies or other reptilian Neopets, like Draiks, Scorchios, and Krawks, but sometimes Hissies may form friendships with other species of Neopets, like Usuls, Bruces, and Ogrins. A typical Hissi will probably have 5-10 friends who are usually either the same age they are or up to 3 years older or younger. Hissies don’t like very large parties and crowds and prefer small events, like birthday parties and exclusive balls. Obviously, there are exceptions, as some Hissies are very outgoing.

How to get a Hissi

I know you. After reading about Hissies, you want one now. There are several ways to get a Hissi, including pet trading or adopting one from another user, a lucky zap at the Lab Ray, or a morphing or transmogrification potion. If you want an easier method, Hissies can be created via the normal pet creation system every year on May 4. However, Hissies are only creatable at certain times, so make sure to check every couple of hours to make sure you can create a Hissi. Sometimes, basic Hissies that are considered badly named may end up in the Pound. Do check what Neopets are in the Pound before creating, morphing, or trading a Hissi. Your love and support could mean the world to a homeless Hissi.

Hissi Items

If you can’t get a Hissi right now and you want the closest thing, here are some of my suggestions for Hissi items. This will be divided into subsections based on the kind of item and will be rated based on how much they resemble actual Hissies and how much my Hissies liked them.

Hissi Toys

Hissi Finger Trap

Price: 16 NP

Rating: 1/10

This cheap toy does vaguely resemble a Hissi, but it paints an aggressive image of Hissies and isn’t really useful if you have an actual Hissi or other Neopets without fingers like Chias or Chombies. This also can actually be painful if your fingers get stuck in it. My Hissies just looked at it with disgusted expressions and slithered away from it. If you’re on a serious budget, this is one of the cheapest Hissi toys out there, but it’s not the highest-quality toy out there.

Hissi Glider

Price: 35 NP

Rating: 7/10

This is one of the better Hissi toys I’ve seen. It’s great for young Hissies who haven’t learned how to fly yet or anybody who’s fantasized about soaring through the clouds on majestic wings. As long as it doesn’t get stuck in a tree, this fairly well-made toy is great for Neopets and owners of all ages. My young Hissies Hisstress, Hissfunctional, and Hisstante and I had a ton of fun flying this daring Hissi through the clouds. This is a great low-budget Hissi toy. Kudos to this!

Hissi Plushies (any variety)

Price: Varies depending on color

Rating: 10/10

These adorable, soft representations of almost every Hissi color there is have captured my heart for as long as I can remember. They’re very well-made and just about perfect for withstanding a young Hissi’s aggressive play. Some of my Hissies were silghtly unsure about there being another version of them in the house, but most of mine loved these adorable Hissies! I’ve spied Hisstante, my young one going to bed with his coiled around him, how cute! Five gold stars to these.

Dancing Hissi Toy

Price:50 NP

Rating: 2/10

This Shenkuuvian toy is based off of the costumed dancing Hissies in the Shenkuu Lunar Festival and has a beautiful appearance. I actually bought two of them, one for my Hissies to play with and the other to display on my wall. Unfortunately, the paper construction of the toy was destroyed as soon as my Hissies started playing with it. Not to mention, this toy isn’t really good for very young Neopets because it has several sharp edges that could cause cuts. It’s beautiful, but not really good as a toy.

Darigan Hissi Figure

Price:3,175 NP


I’m going to state one of the big problems with this toy first: It has two heads and is grossly inaccurate in its showing of Darigan Hissies. Anyway, this shouldn’t be sold in a toy store! It’s made of metal that’s unsuitable for any Hissi to actually play with and has several very sharp edges. I took this away from my young Hissies as soon as I saw it because it just looks like bandages and tears waiting to happen. This is great for collectors, but not a suitable toy.

Blue Hissi Puppet

Price:45 NP


This soft, handmade puppet is great for pretend play and my young Hissies really loved it. It’s also very endearing and nonthreatening, so it’s good for educating Neopets who are scared of Hissies. It’s also very inexpensive so it’s great for families on a budget. The toy is well-stitched and stood up to more than 2 years of play before finally ripping. My older Hissies didn’t like it quite as much, but this is great for the little ones!

Blue Vinyl Hissi

Price:890 NP


This fairly realistic toy is a Hissi figure made out of soft vinyl, great for young Neopets. My young Hissies really loved it and put it through all sorts of adventures as an avatar for themselves. I really like this toy because it’s great for leaving baby Neopets with even unattended because there’s absolutely nothing dangerous about this whatsoever! My only critique is that it should come in more colors. But other than that, great!

Blue Origami Hissi Toy

Price:25 NP


This is a great piece of art. I really like origami although I can’t do it, and I like seeing art of Hissies. However, its name is deceiving. This is not a toy. Its fragile construction got destroyed before I even took it out of the bag. I’m very disappointed in this.

Hissi Furniture

Robo Hissi

Price:9,300 NP


This adorable robotic Hissi slithers around your Classic Neohome (it’s not compatible with New Neohomes) making hissing sounds. It’s no substitute for a real Hissi, but my Hissies really loved it. It’s also fairly large and sturdy, so they could even ride on it as a toy. Although, if you have young Neopets, instruct them that this is not a toy because it has some sharp edges in its metal construction. Overall, it’s great! However, there is a very large risk that in particularly hot Neohomes, it may explode.

Red Hissi Chair

Price:3,900 NP


This is one of the few Hissi funiture items that’s usable in New Neohomes and it is great. Not only does it look a lot like a real Hissi, it’s really comfortable and great for relaxing in while reading tales of the epics in a copy of Heroic Hissi. And don’t worry, it just looks like a Hissi, it’s not made of Hissies.

Blue Hissi Toybox

Price:5,250 NP


This is what we used to store all of the Hissi toys we reviewed in this article. It’s a well-built wooden toybox that has a fun appearance that’s great for encouraging young Neopets to put away their toys. It also is coated in soft fabric to make sure that a Neopet running into it won’t cause any harm. However, please explain to your Neopets that this is not a chair. Zorroe sat on this and it broke, making us have to buy a new one.

Green Hissi Rug

Price:3,550 NP


This soft, fuzzy rug is designed to look like a Hissi, peacefully sleeping while coiled. It’s also water-resistant and makes a great welcome mat for the home of any Hissi fan. My Hissies didn’t like this quite as much and felt kind of nervous about stepping on something that, in my Neohome, could very well have been a sleeping sibling!

Green Hissi Dresser

Price:3,800 NP


This nifty dresser is good for storage of not just clothes, but just about anything! I own many of them in which I store my Hissi T-shirts, Hissi books, and Hissi toys. I’ve also filled one’s drawers with ice and I use it as a fridge for all my Hissinamon rolls and Hissi Cakes. This is just about essential for the home of any Hissi fan.

There are lots of other Hissi items, including Hissi books, food, clothes, and more. But for now, I’m just going to deal with toys and furniture. Maybe I’ll review Hissi books, food, and clothes in another article! Anyway, bye! May the Hissi be with you!

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