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Jelly Processing Plant Guide

by lil_snoopy_girl64


GAMES ROOM - Just recently, as you probably already know, a nifty new Jelly Processing Plant avatar has been released. While it may not be the most desirable avatar to collectors, it’s still another avatar to add to their collection. The only thing is, many people have been saying the game is extremely hard, and it’s near impossible to get the avatar. Being a big avatar collector myself, I played the game for my first time ever, and got a score of 900+, just points away from the avatar. On my second try, to my astonishment, I got the avatar. So, now, after seeing so many people complain how difficult this avatar is to receive, I’ve decided to write this handy guide.

Story Line - Before I begin giving tips and hints for the game, I will first explain the story line to the game. You play the Buzz Foreman, and your aiming to put the approaching jellies into their colored chutes to be processed while also letting the Skeith enjoy his ice creams. Sound easy enough? Good, now, let’s get on to the guide!

General Rules -

Put the oncoming jellies into the appropriate chutes. Example : Pink jellies in the pink chute, blue jellies in the blue chute, etc.

When you see an ice creaming coming, don’t pick it up, let it go down the conveyor belt. Once the Skeith eats four ice creams, you’ll get a bonus.

Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to pick up and drop jellies.

Now, onto the tips! -

Play the first few levels without stopping, then when you reach the fourth or fifth level, take a break. Remember, as your levels get higher, you need to process more jellies, and the jellies keep getting faster and faster. So, after each level from the sixth and on, take breaks, and rest your hands.

Watch the conveyor in the back of the factory! Not only will you see what jellies are coming, you can see what ice creams are coming. Getting ice cream combos can really boost your score in the later levels, so try to get as many combos as you can. For example, if your Skeith has eaten two green ice creams, and one yellow, and you see a peach colored one, followed by a yellow coming, pick up the peach and throw it on the conveyor belt in the back of the factory and let the Skeith eat the yellow, giving you a bigger bonus.

Ice Cream Bonuses -

All ice cream colors, and one ice cream color repeats = 0 bonus points. Always try avoiding this, because it’s four wasted ice creams.

Two pairs of ice cream colors = 15 bonus points. A nice bonus, an average bonus.

Three ice creams of one color, and one of another color = 20 bonus points. Harder to get, but nonetheless valuable.

Four ice creams of all the same color = 25 bonus points. Quite rare to get, but always a great bonus to boost your score!

So far, the Skeith may seem like your friend, eating excess ice cream and giving you bonuses, but his rude and obnoxious habits can also mess with your game. After he has his ice cream, and does his revolting habits, be sure to stay away from him, otherwise if you get caught in it, it not only is a very uncomfortable situation, it can also stun you for a few seconds, wasting valuable time.

Strikes - You can get them by :

a) Putting a jelly in the wrong color chute.

b) Putting an ice cream in any jelly chute.

c) Letting the Skeith eat a jelly.

You’ve only got three strikes, use them wisely! If you lose a life before 350 points, restart! It may seem frustrating, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Believe me, if I had known this, I would’ve gotten the avatar on my first time ever playing. Also, isn’t it easier to have to restart from 375 points, then from a big number like 800 or 900?

If getting the jellies and putting them in the chutes is getting hard, and your starting to slip, send some jellies back to the conveyor. It may only give you an extra second or two, but in this game, every second counts!

Here are some tips on how to keep your hands on your keyboard, to make quick and accurate moves during the later levels, when there is little time to make moves. Keep your left hand on the space bar, ready to pick up and drop jellies. As for your right hand, have your index finger on the left arrow, your middle finger on the up arrow, and your ring finger on the right finger. Always put the Buzz Foreman as left as he can go, and press space to pick up the yellow, then press your middle finger down to bring you up, press your ring finger and move yourself right to the appropriate chute, click space to drop the jelly, then quickly move your left finger to the down arrow, and then back to the left to get you back in position to start again.

Last but not least, be patient! I cannot stress this enough! This isn’t one of those games you can just race through, it’s a game that takes time and patience. I recommend having a cup of coffee (or cold water, as I prefer!) near you, to always rejuvenate you after a long level. Whatever you do, just remember to take your time!

Well, you’ve reached the end of this guide. I hope it helped, and will increase your score, to get you the avatar, and maybe a shiny new trophy. :) If you have any questions, or still need some tips, drop me a Neomail, and I’ll be sure to help as best as I can. If my guide helped you, even a little, I’d love a Neomail telling me about it, I always enjoy knowing my guide helped, even if only one person. :)

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