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The Best and Worst Dressed Faeries in Neopia

by spukl1


Hello Neopia, it is Miss Prickles, the Fashionable Uni here for my weekly report. I have spent this week travelling high and low seeking out some of Neopia’s most beautiful creatures: Faeries. I can certainly say, I was impressed with their styles. While all of them are unique and fashionable in their own sense, I have for you what you always wanted to know…Which ones are really the absolute best dressed in Neopia? Which ones are the WORST dressed? Here is the report:

Neopia’s Top 5 Best Dressed Faeries:

1. Queen Fyora . She is Queen of Faerieland and the Queen of High-Fashion. With a custom dress and elegant tiara her outfit is always flawless. She can do absolutely no wrong, and there is no explanation needed as to why she tops this list. Overall, Best Dressed.

2. Vanity . It is no surprise that this Dark Faerie makes it onto the list (I think she would be very offended if she did not). With fiercely dark makeup and a shapely blue and black dress, it is no doubt that she sets trends for all of those around her (including her less stylish sisters). I am a fan of her overall style, but most importantly she oozes confidence. Vanity certainly commands a room when she walks in. She could be wearing a Potato Sack and would probably still look like the most fashionable creature around.

3. Taelia the ever-popular Snow Faerie. Taelia is so avant-garde. Her signature ice-blue floor length coat is unique among the faeries and makes her eyes pop. It helps that her translucent skin and her fashionable black bob are great natural accessories. She’s always been a little bit different than her other faerie friends, but different is what we like to see in the fashion world. Taelia this look is WORKING *snap* for you girllll.

4. Siyana the absolutely stunning Light Faerie. When she enters your vicinity she absolutely shines, I could not keep my eyes off of her. With head to toe golden sparkles, how could she not be on the best dressed list?! Is her gown perfect? Yes. Is her hair perfect? Yes. Her accessories? Absolutely. What really makes her stand out is her not-so-subtle makeup. Her unique markings below her eyes are like the sunrays shining out and her face jewels are perfectly on trend. This is a fashion risk that is working for her and I love it from head to toe.

5. Nuria . This Faerie is on fire! Literally and figuratively. Many people think her most prominent feature are her wings, but really her wing just bring out her fierce fiery eyes. That being celebrated, her dress is what lands her on this list. Perfectly suited for the Lost Desert and an exceptionally flattering shade of red, it is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. The gold accents are stunning and elevate this outfit to a whole new level. The high slit of the dress is at a perfect height to show off her wrap up sandals that are notably coordinated with her wrist wraps and belt. 10/10.


Ilere . This dark and mysterious Earth Faerie is impossibly reclusive, but her outfit is on point. Her outfit blends wonderfully with the dark woods and the cloak allows her to have the air of mystery that she so enjoys. The color is appropriately earthy, and the braided accents give it an organic vibe that Neopians love to see from Earth Faeries. I adore the way she has styled her hair in tendrils to frame her face and the dark green lipstick could not be more flattering.

Neopia’s Top 5 Worst Dressed Faeries:

1. The Tooth Faerie . It breaks my little heart to say this, but while she is one of the sweetest faeries around, her fashion does not meet my sweet tooth. Though, I think her hair is effortless and chic, her outfit is not. The dress with the puffy sleeves, the leggings and THOSE BOOTS. It just does not go together nicely. The boots are really what put her on the list, they are too much, too fuzzy, I’d love to see her in a simple slipper. Perhaps like the Tower Princess Shoes. I would also say, lose the leggings! They aren’t necessary and also neither are the puffy sleeves, rip those off replace them with a simple tank-top style and it would be an outfit I can approve of. Sorry! Don’t forget to leave the Neopoints under my pillow for the tooth I lost yesterday!

2. Psellia . *sigh* I know, I know this is everyone’s favorite Air Faerie! The thing is, it is not that she’s badly dressed, it is just that she can do so much better! For such an amazing and famous faerie, her dress is so boring. I’m not offended by it, I don’t dislike it, I would just love to see her in something more exciting! The Air Faerie, that is the NC Mall Faerie Shopkeeper, has a much better outfit. A super trendy two-piece with great bracelets, that is what Psellia should be wearing. Psellia, listen here, go march over there and demand her to trade outfits with you! I like your dress, but it is time for an upgrade.

3. The Library Faerie . While, I am super into studious-chic, the Library Faerie’s outfit does not cut it. Love the glasses and the hair, do not change either of those. I also agree that purple is your color, but a simple T-shirt does not cut it. You’re a Faerie! Have some fashion-sense. I suggest getting a simple Plaid Summer dress made in your signature purple. Throw on a Basic Cardigan if you get chilly and you have the perfect outfit for spending the day in the Library.

4. Ember the Fire Faerie. I always back Ember in a game of Gormball, so it is a shame I have to put her on this list. The monochromatic look from (literally) head to toe just does not work with that particular shade of orange. It needs to be broken up somehow. The simple orange dress is a bit too simple, there is no spark in her outfit. I much prefer the outfit of Eithne. She wears a nice orange two-piece that is broken up by accessories, Ember should channel EIthne. Also, Ember, really, it is not practical to play a game of Gormball in a floor length gown! A simple switch to an Orange Fiery Skirt with any matching top and Golden Bangle Bracelets would be ideal. Also, add some sparkle into your makeup to pump up the fire!

5. Baelia . This poor darling Grey Faerie… it is not her fault that her outfit is unfortunate but still I cannot exempt her. Grey is a flattering color, but the patchwork design on her dress just does not meet Faerie standards. It is an old dress that is worn out and she deserves a new one. It would certainly help if she just smiled a little. I cannot suggest any new outfit, for who knows what she’ll be like when she gets her new wings. I will say this though, get a new grey dress, the simple design is flattering, it just needs to be refreshed!

Well Neopia, that’s all for this week’s report. Those faeries are quite a sight, and so very fashionable. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices. Until next time!

Fashionably yours,

Miss Prickles

* This list does not denote Miss Prickles' favoritism towards or against any particular Faerie. She loves them all.

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