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Illusen Obsessed!

by katietease


Illusen Day has arrived! For those who don't know who she is, Illusen is one of the most famed Earth Faeries in the world, her kindness stretches to the farthest reaches of Neopia and it's no wonder she is adored everywhere she goes. She uses her powers to protect Neopians in need and is extremely generous in giving out rare rewards for completing her quests.

Illusen resides in the merry and royal farmlands of Meridell where she protects peasants in times of need. She helps with the harvests and keeps the town safe. Many wonder why she no longer resides in Faerieland with the rest of the faeries, that is where her storyline turns a bit dark. There is an evil faerie living up in the clouds named Jhudora, Illusen's greatest enemy. Though it is unclear why they hate each other so much the rumor goes that Illusen witnessed Jhudora committing an evil act, one so evil that Jhudora would've been expelled from the faerie community, and then Jhudora used intimidation to scare Illusen out of the clouds and down into the humble land of Meridell. The feud runs deep between these two but neither are speaking out about the exact terms of this fight.

Illusen has settled in well in Meridell and along with helping the local population, she runs Illusen's Glade. The Glade is a place Neopians can visit and help the earth faerie out with her quests, gaining some pretty valuable rewards and an avatar in the process. As you progress through her quest line, the items she asks for become more and more rare, but if you are able to complete her 50th quest you will receive an extremely powerful Battledome weapon. Many Neopians visit daily in an attempt to complete all her quests but very few succeed.

This notoriety has gained Illusen a lot of favor in the community and many Neopets are absolutely obsessed! They adore Illusen and try to model their own behavior after her, they want to adopt her selfless and giving nature, and many also try to recreate her beautiful looks. Due to these enthusiastic fans, a whole niche has been carved out in the wearables community, fashions have been dedicated to Illusen. Let's take a deeper look at what is out there!

Floating Illusen Doll

This NC Mall toy is an adorable tiny Illusen that will float next to your Neopet. She has all the same features of the regular Illusen but a much smaller body and much bigger head! Every detail, down to the slippers and pristine wings, has been recreated here and will make any Illusen collector jump for joy!

Illusen Wig

Cosplay queens everywhere are dying to get their hands on this gorgeous Illusen Wig. A mixture of earthy brown and forest green hair will let you live your faerie fantasy. The hair is 100% synthetic but has such a realistic look you might want to avoid Jhudora and Faerieland, you wouldn't want to get in any trouble up there!

Illusen Curtains

For many Neopians, Illusen's Glade is considered one of the prettiest places in Neopia, and these curtains will make you feel like you are there all the time. They feature the same leaves and foliage that you would find if you were traipsing around the Glade. These are also the perfect accessory for any autumn look when the leaves are all turning brown and falling off the trees.

Illusens Collectors Bow

Even the nicest faeries have to fight sometimes and Illusen's weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. This incredibly rare NC Mall item will make you feel like a fierce earth warrior taking on the most devilish dark faerie in an effort to free Neopia from her evil clutches. Was that example a bit too specific? If you're more on the passive side this bow looks great as an accessory instead of a weapon, so don't worry!

Illusens Glade Background

A step up from Illlusen Curtains, this will immerse your Neopet completely into the Glade. Prominently features is a giant pink flower in the front and a beautiful beam of sunshine breaking through the trees to put a nice spotlight on your pet. Leaves have started falling of the trees and littering the ground and the gorgeous green should not be undersold!

Illusen Spring Mushroom Plant

The different plants that grow around the Glade are extremely unique to that region and don't often sprout in other areas of Neopia. This mushroom plant has been carefully plucked from the Glade and is in prime condition to survive travel to the other parts of Neopia with your pet. Plop this accessory into your seasonal look and watch the complimentary Neomails roll in.

Illusens Laced Slippers

One of the most famous parts of the Illusen look, these slippers are an almost perfect recreation of the ones she wears. The lace is long enough to wrap up the leg just like Illusen's, and the thin sole of the shoe is perfect for walking through the tall grass and feeling a bit closer to nature while still protecting you from stepping on a sharp rock.

Illusens Collectors Contacts

Have you ever wanted to same shamrock green eyes as the most famed Earth Faerie of all times? Here is your chance! This pair of contacts will give your eyes the same soft, kind look as Illusen when she gazes upon those in need, while also striking fear into the heart of the Dark Faerie Jhudora. It's thought that these contacts are cleaned with the Tears of the Water Faerie, which would explain why Earth Faeries so frequently ask for them in their quests.

Illusens Potted Orchid

Many of the Illusen wearables heavily feature browns and greens, but this orchid has a beautiful pink blossom to really add a pop of color to your earthy look. This is an amazing accessory when you want to shine a little extra that day. This is the final look in our Illusen collection and certainly not one to be forgotten, as it was plucked direct from the Glade and transferred to a pot to be portable. Orchids are notoriously hard to grow, but the magic of Illusen ensures that this one will keep blooming for years to come.

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