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The Perks of Learning Astronomy

by doglover3662


Have you ever struggled to remember the moon phases? The Shenkuu Lunar Temple is one of the lesser-used dailies on the site due to its difficulty. You are given an astrological map that displays information on the position of Neopia, Kreludor, and the sun. From there, you are supposed to find out exactly which moon phase Kreludor will experience based on all that information. The angles in relation to the sun will cause different shadows to appear on both Neopia and on the moon, and your job is to select the moon phase photo that matches what the chart shows.

This is rather complicated and does require a bit of thinking, as well as math capability, but it doesn't have to be so hard that you should skip it and miss the potential riches from the prize pool. And while the book “Phases of the Moon” is rewarded for correct answers, it seems that it should be prerequisite reading instead of a congratulatory prize. A smarter person than me has figured out a lot about how this all works, so I recommend looking at the various Neopets help sites like JellyNeo or going through past Neopian Times articles for the exact guide on how to figure it all out.

The reason I'm here with this article is to pick apart the various prizes you can earn, to hopefully encourage all Neopians to get back into this daily and add it to his or her list! There are a few valuable items you can earn, and one extremely rare Petpet that has been missing from the Trading Post for quite a while that could net you a pretty penny for your bank account.

I will be sorting out this list by value and ranking each item.


One person's trash is another person's treasure, but to be quite frank, these are actually a bit worthless, and more often then not, end up donated to the Money Tree, or even discarded.

While Black Cherry Tea is definitely soothing for the soul and helps out a bit with headaches, you'll maybe get a dozen Neopoints at best for this drink. The Blue Moon Petpet Bed is very comfy I assure you, but not worth a lot. The Glow-in-the-Dark Moon experienced a massive price surge during Charity Corner but things have evened out a bit. This is probably the most valuable of the "Worthless" category. Lotus Leaves are a great medicinal item that cure the worst of hiccups, but are not that great for your net worth. For those just beginning their stamp collections, both the Moonlit Esophagor Stamp and Shenkuu Lunar Temple Stamp are awarded here as well, but each is worth less than 10 np. The Snazzy Moon Comb and Moon and Star Stickies might be aesthetically pleasing, but are not worth much either.

I could go on listing the low value items you can get from this daily, but all that will do is discourage you from trying so let's wrap this section up.

Just Worth It

Considering this daily will only take a couple minutes max when you get into the habit of doing it and solving the puzzle, these are the items that will net you a couple thousand Neopoints and make it just worth doing.

The Bag Of Broken Neopoints is something you can sell and get a nice little reward, or take a gamble by bringing it up to Donny and seeing if it holds a jackpot amount of NP. Also, there are a couple wearables like the Lunar Temple Background or the Wooden Shenkuu Doorway Frame that will give you a little pocket change. The Lunar Chart is a nice piece of Neohome furniture that will get you a few thousand that you can use to buy some stocks for the day. This is also a good place to get gourmet food. The Moon Crunch Cereal has a rarity of 90, and the Negg Noodles are R95!

From this category the most beneficial is probably the Lunar Chart. And even if you don't sell it, it acts as a nice reminder of all the work you put in!

Big Money

This category covers the items that will give you tens of thousands of NP, maybe these items even occasionally slide into the unbuyable range of being worth over 100,000 Neopoints.

The Neohome 2.0 items that you can win by completing the puzzle are when this daily really start to become worth it. Honestly, it's always worth it because it doesn't cost anything to try and at least you'll get a consolation prize, but it's nice to win! The Lunar Astrolabe, Moon Orb, and Moondial are all VERY valuable and are sure to net you somewhere around 50,000 NP at the time of this writing. That amount of NP is nothing to turn your nose up at and really makes this daily elevate above many of the others.


There are two items that fall into the jackpot category. These items are incredibly rare and don't show up that often. Part of the reason they don't appear very much is that a lot of people have given up on this daily, driving the price of these up and causing a lot of frustration in the heart's of collectors.

Lunar Cape: this is a very valuable wearable that many wardrobe collectors are after. It's a purple robe that symbolizes you as one of the most intelligent interstellar navigators in Neopia. The colors match that of the night sky and is a statement piece on any Neopet. This frequently sells for over one MILLION Neopoints. If you are able to win this, you've just struck rich!

However, there is one item more valuable - the item everyone who visits the Lunar Temple is hoping to get. Drumroll please, It’s the Pygui!

Pyguis are a bright red pig-like Petpet with tiny tusks and a curly tail. They only show up for sale a couple times a year, and there is no solid selling price for them. History has shown people asking up to one hundred million Neopoints for them. Do I need to clarify? 100,000,000 Neopoints. That is a whole lot of zeros! While that price is definitely up for negotiating, what is clear is that this Petpet will launch your bank account into the stars. Even ten million would be an incredible reward for a daily! There are many people out there seeking this little guy and you should be able to sell quickly if you aren't tempted to keep the cutie for yourself.

So consider it time to throw your hat in the ring and your gaze into the astronomy books, not even just for profit, but as a way to help Petpet collectors and customization wizards get the items they are desperately seeking. The more people who complete this daily, the more of these items enter circulation, and that means more galleries will be complete and more Neopets will have their dream companion of a Pygui. Yes, the daily is a bit difficult, but if there is at least one million Neopoints on the line, the least you can do is give it a shot into the stars!

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