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The Keeping and Caring of Candy Pets

by scubadove


Earlier this year, TNT surprised us all by allowing us to vote for new Neopet colours. While two of the three options were released as new colours, it was announced that Candy had raked in the most votes. In honor of their pet day, Elephantes were the first pets to have the option of being painted Candy. In this new colour, Elephantes boast magenta and white stripes, similar to a candy cane or peppermint.

We were recently introduced to the Candy Kougra, which feature rainbow stripes on a cream coloured base. While these are the only two species currently available to be painted in this new colour, it's likely that new options will be revealed in the coming months. Whether you own a Candy pet already, or are waiting for your favorite species to receive this new paint job, here are some tips for the proper care of a Candy Neopet.


It shouldn't be surprising to learn that Candy pets have quite the sweet tooth. In fact, they would happily inhale sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if left to their own devices. It's crucial that you make sure to teach your pet how to make balanced meals so they don't end up with stomach aches on a daily basis. To encourage healthy eating, start by offering them an assortment of fresh fruit. Fruit can be as delicious as candy, and it also contains all-important vitamins and nutrients that candy just doesn't have. This means that their craving for sweets will be satisfied, but more importantly, they're getting the nutrition that they need. From there, work your way to introducing vegetables and grains into their diet. Just don't be surprised if you find them trying to sprinkle gumdrops on their plates on occasion.


You will find that less is more when it comes to grooming Candy pets. Putting any sort of product on their skin is likely to only make them uncomfortably sticky. For the same reason, baths are out of the question for these Neopets. Your best bet is to give your Candy pet an assortment of brushes with soft and course bristles. Not only will this feel great on their skin, but it will also remove anything that might have gotten stuck to them.

Trust your Neopet to know what is best for them as far as grooming goes. If there are any concerns that you still have, consider asking owners of other "edible" pets (Biscuit, Chocolate, Custard, or Jelly) for advice.


Weather can be a tricky thing for Candy pets. Not only are they especially sensitive to warm weather, but rain can pose a problem as well. Your Candy pet won't melt into a puddle in the heat, and the rain won't permanently ruin their beautiful colouration, but you may have to take extra steps to make sure that they're comfortable in all climates. If you live in especially hot places, you may want to get them a parisol or fan to keep them cool in the sun. Similarly, a raincoat or galoshes would be a wise investment if you live where it rains frequently. When planning any vacation abroad, try to stick to more temperate areas to ensure that they're able to fully enjoy their travels.


If you've ever tried your hand at customizing Chocolate pets, then you're likely to enjoy customizing Candy pets. Expand your closet with candy-covered wearables, and don't be afraid of bold wigs or clothing - bright colours look great on Candy Neopets! If you want to give your pet a customization that simply screams "sweet", start with a background like the Land of Candy Background, or something similar. From there, add brightly coloured clothing, accessories, and trinkets until you have a look you love. Don't forget to finish the look with something like the Halloween Candy Shower - this item will rain caramels, jellybeans, and candy corn over your pet.


Candy pets have a tendency to be a little hyperactive, likely due to having a constant sugar rush. While they are just as likely to enjoy reading and eating gourmet foods as any other pet, they may still have excess energy they will need to burn off. If you want to make sure that your pet is happy and active, get them into the Faerieland Employment Agency, Battledome training, or cheeserolling. Completing jobs will require that your pet rush from the agency, to the shops, then back to the agency in a short period of time. Cap'n Threelegs and the Techo Master will turn your pets boundless energy into impressive Battledome stats. Cheeserolling requires racing down a hill alongside a wheel of cheese. Don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to suggesting activities to them!


Most Neopets enjoy the companionship offered by petpets, and Candy pets are no exception. However, you'll want to make special considerations when helping your Candy pet pick out their petpet. You're going to want to avoid species like Puppyblew, Dogglefox, and Spardel, or any petpet that might be prone affectionate licking. While this trait might be endearing to anyone else, Candy pets could find themselves in a literal sticky situation if the wrong petpet gets too excited around them.

If you want to be certain that your pet won't be munched on, purchase a Birthday or Robot petpet. Like Candy Neopets, Birthday petpets are covered in sweets. Not only would these petpets look great next to a Candy pet, they're also unlikely to try to munch on others. Robot petpets might be another good option - no digestive system means no desire to eat your Neopet!

I hope that this article was helpful to those of you who are new owners to Candy Neopets, or to people who are considering painting a pet Candy. While there are special considerations you'll have to make when it comes to keeping your Candy pet happy and healthy, don't let that discourage you. It's hard to find any pet that will make a sweeter addition to your family.

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