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Facts About Unfamiliar Faeries

by jubileek


    The Faeries of Neopia are best known for their multitude of quests and the wonderful prizes their quests provide. Nevertheless, there are more Faeries in all of Neopia than just those who offer us quests. Due to the lack of quests and reclusiveness of many of those Faeries, not all Neopians know quite as much about them as they do Fyora or Jhudora (spoiler: there are other Faeries nearly as generous as Fyora and others nearly as awful, if not more so, than Jhudora).

    I decided to educate my fellow Neopians on facts about each of the types of Faeries, as well as about a few of the little-known Faeries of this world as a way to celebrate the Faerie Festival!


Casandia the Air Faerie

    Roughly all Air Faeries have very similar appearances - they have blond hair and blue eyes, and blue wings to match their eyes! Despite their matching appearances, their personalities are not quite so alike. Some appear to be more concerned about appearances, such as those Air Faeries that give out quests for grooming items, though others focus their time on some of the tiny inhabitants of Neopia: Petpets. Casandia closely fits the profile of the latter.

    Casandia discovered a variety of Petpet known for their love of food, the Hasee. The origin of the Hasee is not Mystery Island, as one might think due to their particular fondness for Doughnutfruits. Indeed, initially they were brought to Faerieland by Casandia. After Hasees were brought there, however, Queen Fyora had to relocate all of them almost immediately as they ate far too much. Queen Fyora, joined by Casandia, lassoed the Hasees together. During the time that Fyora was deciding where Casandia should take them, the clouds they were on dissipated due to their collective weight! Eventually, they washed up on the shores of Mystery Island, where they used seesaws to reach the tall trees that Doughnutfruit grow on. Since the Faerie Queen realised that Hasees could not be left wild anywhere on Neopia without devouring the local food supply, she decided Casandia should give them to the Neopian Petpet Shop in order for each Hasee to find a loving home to provide endless compassion. And food.


    Malice, Spite, and Vanity, the Dark Faerie Sisters

    A fun fact prior to discussing some not so fun facts - Dark Faeries have wings that look like Shoyru wings! Now for those not so fun facts...

    Dark Faeries aren’t really known for their kind manner, but they are not all equally corrupt. The Darkest Faerie is arguably the most infamous Faerie of them all. Once a hero who helped create Altador, she ultimately turned her back on her fellow Heroes in an attempt to take over the land she founded. As such, her real name is no longer used and she is simply known as the Darkest Faerie. But her faithful followers, the Dark Faerie Sisters, do indeed have names! Albeit even that honor, their names (Malice, Spite, and Vanity) aren’t very flattering. Fitting, since they support an evil Faerie.

    These three sisters tried to kill the Lupe hero that helped save Neopia from the Darkest Faerie, Tormund, twice. Of course both times they failed, and during their second attempt at foiling the great Tormund, Fyora killed the three of them instead.


    Ilerethe Earth Faerie

    Dissimilar to their relatives the Dark Faeries, Earth Faeries are contrastingly quite kind. Earth Faeries love nature and the color green!

    Like the other Earth Faeries, Ilere resides in the forest; fittingly enough, deep in the Haunted Woods. She was introduced in Neopia during the Tale of Woe plot, which brought with it the discovery of Neovia. For those unfamiliar with the plot, a Gelert named Bruno, along with many others, originally lived in the town long before the rest of Neopia knew about it. One day, a travelling Krawk came to the town and offered Bruno a magical potion which changed each Neovian in a different way. It made Bruno stronger, while it made others smarter or younger, or more of whatever attribute they desired to be increased. As the Neovians continued taking the potion, they all subsequently became too strong, or smart, or young, due to their greed. They began to fight amongst each other, particularly against Bruno, but the Mayor discovered a solution- The Spirit of Slumber. Although the Spirit stopped the violence, it also turned all of the Neovians that consumed the potion into ghosts. Bruno, however, escaped to a cave to avoid the spirit, as did his sister Sophie. Sophie, a witch who was the sole Neovian who did not take the potion, was kept hidden by Ilere for ten years. After that time, a wandering Usul named Gilly took shelter in the same cave that Bruno hid in. Bruno and Usul left the cave, and Bruno reunited with Sophie and the two finally defeated the Spirit. Prior to their leaving Ilere, she informed them that the Spirit was actually the ghost of a Lupe.


    Eithne the Fire Faerie

    Fire Faeries are practically as low down on the ladder of morality as Dark Faeries. They are impatient and generally enjoy invoking disorder on Neopia. Their wings look akin to flames, and they are associated with the color orange.

    Eithne guarded the volcano on Mystery Island by order of Tura-Kepek, a Kyrii villain who aimed to rouse Moltenus, a giant Moltenore, from his slumber. Tura-Kepek trapped famous Mystery Islanders, including the Techo Master and the Island Mystic, inside of the volcano where Moltenus slept. Eithne attempted to wake Moltenus; unfortunately for her, the many users of Neopia were able to do so prior to her. Instead of attacking the confined inhabitants of Mystery Island, Moltenus attacked Eithne.

    Eithne is featured--along with Moltenus--in the Volcano Faerie avatar, which was given to the first 100 Neopians who solved the mystery of the volcano.


    Siyana the Light Faerie

    Quite altruistic, Light Faeries are especially appreciative of other compassionate Neopians. They grant some of the greatest gifts of all Faeries to those special individuals.

    Much the same as the Darkest Faerie, Siyana was one of the Heroes of Altador, though Siyana did not betray the others. In fact, she has her own constellation in the skies of Neopia, The First to Rise. Her constellation is viewable through the telescope of those that are working on or have completed the Altador plot.

    That recognition was bestowed upon Siyana as a result of her saving a small village from definite ruin by a group of hooligans. The Light Faerie settled in the farming community, since the locals were welcoming of her; in turn, she assisted them in preventing their crops from freezing over in the winter. While watching the crops, she noticed a suspicious character on the outskirts of the town. She cloaked herself under a blanket and pursued the figure into the woods, where she discovered an entire band of raiders! Revealing herself to the group resulted in an injury to one of her wings after a bandit fired an arrow at her. Even with a non-functioning wing, Siyana overpowered the attack party with her light power.


    The Drenched the Water Faeries

    Although they have the same hair and eye colors as Air Faeries, Water Faeries differ from them (as well as from a majority of Faeries) in their absence of wings. Instead of being exceptional fliers, Water Faeries are proficient swimmers. The Drenched are a threesome of cruel Water Faeries.

    In the Curse of Maraqua plot, The Drenched captured Jacques, a Kyrii pirate who was a crewmember aboard the Black Pawkeet, as the ship was being attacked by Captain Scarblade. The sisters kept Jacques in a cave and gave him a daily potion that allowed him to breathe underwater. After some days of captivity, the captain of the Black Pawkeet, Garin, and a Maraquan Aisha, Isca, stumbled upon the cave and attacked The Drenched. This attack distracted the triad enough so that Jacques could escape from the cave, only to return shortly thereafter so that he could in turn rescue his rescuers, who were beginning to be beat by the sisters. Luckily, the Chasm Beast, a large being that lives in the ruins of the former Maraqua, appeared and forced them to retreat.


The Legacy of These Unfamiliar Faeries

    Although the bulk of these Faeries appeared to Neopians only once or a handful of times, most are remembered in some way. As previously mentioned, Eithne can be spotted in an avatar, and Siyana has her own constellation. Eithne is also featured in Key Quest, and a doll version of Siyana exists for purchase in the Toy Shop. Dolls of each of the Dark Faerie Sisters are available to buy, too. Ilere is unique in the fact that there is a book, stamp, plushie, and even a background featuring her, among other items!

    Besides items, The Drenched remain available as a Battledome challenger, which can be unlocked if you’re lucky on a day when there’s a storm in Maraqua. Finally, Casandia has been a contestant on Better Than You three times.

    Hopefully you’ve enjoyed learning about these Faeries as much as I did! Go out and explore the depths of Neopia to find out more about other little-known flying Neopians.

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