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800 NP Or Less

by nah_nah


      Times are tough and a lot of us are on a budget, we can't really afford to be spending thousands of NP on little things every day or we'll end up right back at the Soup Faerie. But what are us poor Neopians meant to do, and how should we make the most of our time on the site? What can we do to make the most of the few Neopoints we have to make our pets happy?

      I have just the thing for you! To celebrate the 800th issue of the Neopian Times, this is your guide to all the fun things you can do around the site or buy for your pet for less than 800 NP!

      Golden Geraptiku Talisman

      The Golden Geraptiku Talisman is a very nice shield for use in the Battledome. Its low cost makes it accessible for every level of battler, but it has some nice stats to help you out for your easier, beginner battles. It blocks both elements of earth and darkness, while also doling out some darkness based damage. It is not to be overlooked for a fighter on a budget.


      Are you good at big-picture thinking, spotting problems, and creating solutions? Try your hand at NeggSweeper for only 30 NP. Playing on the hardest difficulty can stretch the game out for quite a while, meaning it is a great value for your money. The key to the game is staying focused, and making sure to read the rules.

      A quick overview: you have to click all the Neggs that are NOT bombs to win. When a number appears, for example 2, it means there are that many bombs in the squares surrounding. It's hard to explain and even harder to play, but once you get the hang of it it's a super fun challenge.

      Visit the Deserted Fairground

      Actually, don't visit the Deserted Fairground. While there are many games you can play for less than 800 NP, you have an extremely low chance at winning anything. But, it is quite tempting because it is possible to win some very expensive, rare items...proceed with caution!!


      Reading to your pet will increase their intelligence and make them much happier. There are hundreds of titles for low prices, check around the various bookshops in the Marketplace and see what you can find. My recommendation? Attack on Kreludor. Not only is it very inexpensive, it's also a booktastic book and can get you a little closer to a special reading award!

      Wish For More

      Some of us spend our days hoping and wishing for more money, but those dreams go nowhere if you don't channel them properly. So how do you make the most effective uses of your wishes? Head over to the Wishing Well. It's a magical well in the middle of Neopia Central that grants wishes multiple times a day to those who throw their hard earned coins inside. You don't have to contribute much to have a wish granted, but don't be too stingy or you may insult the well and not get what you asked for.

      Kiss Some Mortogs

      For only 50 NP, you can kiss a slimy, spotted Petpet! Head on over to Kiss the Mortog and maybe you'll discover a prince or princess instead, but most likely you'll just be kissing a lot of web-eared frog-things. It can be a lot of fun though and potentially earn you a fair bit of NP.

      A Bit of Chocolate

      If you need to get the Mortog taste out of your mouth, I have just the thing for you. Every pet loves a piece of chocolate, especially after not being able to eat anything but soup for a few weeks. Chocolate Korbat Wings are pretty cheap when you hunt around on the Shop Wizard and will help satisfy your Neopet's sweet tooth. They'll appreciate you just as much as if you got them the rarest of gourmet foods out there!

      Start A Collection

      There are plenty of items that you can collect for a very cheap price, one of the easiest being plushies. Many plushies start at less than 800 NP, so you'll be able to get a decent share to start off your gallery. They come in all species and colors, so you'll be occupied for a very long time trying to find them all! This hobby can get quite expensive once you've acquired all the cheaper ones, so you'll have to work on saving eventually though!

      Throw It Away

      Maybe you only have 800 NP because you really enjoy being poor, in that case I have just the thing for you. Throw it away! Head over to the Level of Doom, with each pull you'll have 100 of your hard earned Neopoints stolen away from you! Gee, sounds fun, doesn't it?


      After the lever steals your last few Neopoints, you'll be happy to know that Tombola is free! Take a spin from one of the kindest guys in Neopia and see if you can win a nice prize! Occasionally he will run out of prizes and ask for a bit of money to help fund his game, it's great karma to contribute if you see him in need!

      Take A Gamble

      Scratch cards from the Lost Desert or Terror Mountain will run you less than 800 NP and are the fastest way to either lose a few hundred Neopoints or to win some big riches. If you are lucky enough, you'll obtain a card capable of winning a huge jackpot and many millions of NP, but it's also possible to win a few thousand instead! It's a game of chance but it is quite the adrenaline rush.

      So don't fret just because you aren't as wealthy as all your friends! There are plenty of things around Neopia that are incredibly cheap or totally free, and it all depends on how you look at it and what you want to do. This list is just a starting point, there are plenty of other games you can play and items you can collect that are within your budget. My biggest suggestion up some money! Do as many free activities and play as many flash games as possible and stop having to live on such meager rations!! You can do it, I believe in you!!

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