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The Grand Neopian Neolodge!

by katietease


One of the largest hotel complexes in Neopia, the Grand Neopian Neolodge, has been a perfect place for pets to stay while their owners are on vacation for many years. It's a set of ten different buildings, each with a difference in quality, designed to house many, many Neopets.

The Neolodge was originally built as a way for Neopets to receive care while their owners weren't around to tend to their needs. Are you going on vacation and won't have internet access? About to get really busy in school with exams or a big sports game coming up? No problem! Just pay a small price and your pet will be taken care of for up to 28 days!

While that was the original intention, things have changed quite a bit. Now a lot of owners who are too lazy (or too busy making a ton of neopoints) can put their pet in there and not have to worry about feeding or playing with their pet for months on end. When they max out at 28 days, they just re-book their pet for another go and forget about it! Your pet will be taken care of, how well they are taken care of depends on your budget though.

One thing to remember is that the Lodge is one of the first things created in Neopia, and as such the economy was very new but the prices haven't changed to reflect inflation. Because of this, even the most expensive option is VERY affordable by today's standards, so there really is no excuse to subject your pet to the tortures of the Economy branch.

Economy (* or ** stars)

Cockroach Towers * - 5 NP per night.

Fleapit Motel * - 10 NP per night.

Cheap Hotel ** - 20 NP per night.

These are actually the most popular choice buildings in the complex, especially the Cockroach Towers. They are actually super disgusting and mostly filled with bugs. It's even in the name. The reason Cockroach Towers is so popular is because it is the cheapest available. At 5 NP per night your pet will have their basic needs met, food and playtime, and actually ends up even cheaper than if you were to buy the food and toys yourself. Unfortunately, there is no telling what type of diseases they could pick up from the bug dung, and it's very possible they'll bring bugs back into your Neohome when they are done.

If you are choosing to send your pet to one of these abysmal accommodations, please consider adding on some extras for them (which you'll learn about soon).

Luxury (*** or **** stars)

Mountain Lodge *** - 30 NP per night.

Ye Olde Ship Inn *** - 40 NP per night.

Hotel Opera **** - 50 NP per night.

The Royal Neopian **** - 80 NP per night.

This range of hotel is the least popular of the three branches. These hotels are quite nice and make a good budget option while still providing significantly better service than the Economy chain. The reason these aren't very popular is because most people are dirt cheap and would rather make their pet suffer, or they make the tiniest splurge to go for one of the nicer hotel rooms in the highest bracket. As I mentioned earlier, even the most expensive rooms aren't much by today's standards. Though these are quite nice and your Neopet would be very happy to stay here!

Deluxe Hotel (***** stars)

Faerie Castle ***** - 100 NP per night.

Presidential Palace ***** - 200 NP per night.

AstroVilla ***** - 500 NP per night.

Realistically you have no excuse in the current economy not to let your pet have the best. Faerie Castle, the cheapest of the five star hotels, only costs you 2,800 NP for close to a month of superior comfort and some of the best food. That's only three games of Kass Basher!! And AstroVilla, the BEST hotel in all of Neopia will only run you 14,000 NP for a 28 day run. Though this is a little more expensive, you can make that in 15 minutes thanks to all the amazing games and dailies around the site. Don't tell me you're willing to drop 100,000 NP on the Wheel Of Extravagance every day but won't pay 14,000 NP per month for a happy pet?


Since all these hotels exist in the same complex (though some are tucked away in the darkness so the guests of AstroVilla don't have to see all those roaches crawling around), they are able to share amenities. On site are many different things for your pet to enjoy in their time. Each costs an additional 5 NP each per night, which is practically nothing!


Burger Bar

Fitness Center

Neopian Times Delivery (a must have!)

Maid Service

En-suite Bathroom (splurge and get your own bathroom!)



Swimming Pool

Tennis Courts


Laundry Facilities (get those wearables washed!)

All of these are very worthwhile, but if you need to go on a bit of a budget I'm sure you can cut out a few things while still giving your pet the best experience. If you get all of them, it is only an extra 60 NP per night. Don't think you can afford them all? Choose the restaurant over the burger bar, the restaurant serves burgers anyway and a much larger selection of food. I'm sure you can skip the maid service as well and just stick with laundry, it'll keep your pet from getting bored since you aren't around for them to play with. And do they really need the spa, grooming, AND sauna? If you need to cut anything, maybe take out one or two of those.

So why keep subjecting your pet to the terrible food and scary hallways of Cockroach Towers when you could really show them you love them by checking them into AstroVilla? In fact, if you book 28 nights at AstroVilla plus every available extra, you're only paying 15,680 NP per month per pet. That is chump change in the current economy and no good owner has an excuse not to give their pet a five star lifestyle. Even if you go on the most budget of the five star hotels, Faerie Castle, with all the amenities it will only be 4,480 NP for 28 days! Stop making excuses and start treating your pets to luxury!

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