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The Best Random Events

by katietease


     Previously I wrote an article for you all that detailed out the most terrible, horrible random events that can happen around Neopia. Things like Dr. Sloth showing up and stealing 20% of your neopoints, or the Pant Devil jacking a Super Attack Pea right out of your inventory and leaving nothing in return! Terrible random events like these can be quite traumatizing but there is a rainbow in every storm, and at the end of that rainbow is a pot of gold! And in this instance, the pot of gold is all the wonderful Something Has Happened! that can happen to you!

     Let's take a look at the best of the best!

    Jacko the Phantom Painter

     A chill runs up your spine and you feel someone behind you. Thankfully, it's just Jacko the Phantom painter here to give you paint brush. He quickly fades away, and you decide to focus on your new item so you don't get the creeps.

     Good old whacko Jacko. He looks incredibly menacing at first glance, a dark figure in a burlap cloak with wild purple eyes. He's seemingly surrounded by a deep fog and there is no expression to be seen in the shadows of his face. Although he seems scary at first, he's actually one of the nicest people in Neopia! He'll creep up behind you and give you a fright, but along with that fright he'll hand you a rare paint brush! It's sad that someone so nice has such a spooky reputation, but it's worth the fear in exchange for a paint brush.

     Dr. Sloth's Transmogrification Propaganda

     A mad cackle echos around you before Dr. Sloth appears! "The price for this transmogrification potion is merely your unquestioning loyalty." You take the potion. He didn't mean that, right?

     Sometimes Dr. Sloth shows up and steals your NP, other times he gives you a gift. Though this gift will transform your pet into a mutant monster, it's still pretty valuable, so hey! Take it! This seems to be a part of his press tour to gain favor with Neopians, as he asks for your loyalty in exchange. As far as I know he won't do any background checks to make sure you are working with him, so just snatch that potion and run as fast as you can! Rumor has it though that if you betray him he will come back and zap it into a pile of sludge.

     Fountain Faerie Quest

     The Fountain Faerie glides up to you. "Hullo, I don't supposed you'd find me the item I'm after? It's ever so important."

     The Fountain Faerie is one of the most faeries in Neopia, she has incredible magic that can change your Neopet into any color you've ever desired. She'll ask you to find an item for her in exchange, but the price of this item is generally way less expensive than if you were to go out and buy the paint brush. This quest can also lead to the obtaining of an avatar, Buzzin', if you paint your Buzz with her magic! Many Neopians can only dream of a visit from this kind faerie.

          Bank Error

     Good afternoon, sir or madam. It seems we may have made a slight error with your account. Nothing to worry about, though; everything is just fine now. We've even reset your daily interest for today, so please stop on by to collect it. Please accept this Virtupets Toaster with our compliments.

     The banker Skeith isn't perfect, sometimes he makes mistakes, but even in his mistakes he will never take your money. He made a promise to protect every neopoint you have stashed away in the bank and he intends on keeping that promise. So when a bank error DOES occur, he first protects your neopoints so you don't lose any, but as an apology he resets your daily interest so you can collect it a second time that day. As if that wasn't nice enough, he gives you a Complimentary Virtupets Toaster! This guy deserves a promotion, but I don't think anyone else can be trusted to do the job as well as he does.

          Gordos The Collector

     Gordos the Collector sniffs and says, "That's a pathetic stamp album! Accept my charitable donation of a stamp."

     All Neopians know the struggle of collecting. You spend millions of neopoints and just watch the item disappear into your album or neodeck. Sure, it's a pretty piece that can lead to a trophy or avatar, but it's still a bit painful to watch your bank account dwindle for something as tiny as a stamp. Good news though, Gordos knows the struggles of collecting better than most Neopians and has built up such a collection he has become super charitable! If he drops by to give you a visit you'll get a super rare stamp to add to your album (or sell on the trading post if albums aren't your thing).


     Illusen emerges from the woods and approaches you. "I had some spare Neopoints lying around so I thought you may like to have them." She leaves you with 10,000 NP!

     Unlike her evil counterpart, Jhudora, who just appears in a flash of purple and green smoke to demand you to complete one of her quests, Illusen shows up solely out of kindness. When she's over in the Glade failing people left and right on her 50th quest, she's selling off the rare items people have given her and spreading the wealth. She'll randomly show up and gift you 10,000 NP without hesitation and without asking for a single thing in exchange. There is a reason this faerie is so much more beloved than Jhudora. Thanks Illusen!

         These aren't the only good random events you can get! There are many others that will give you straight up cash or some super rare items to add to your collection. If you want to maximize the random events you get in hopes of getting these all you have to do is browse Neopets more! Games like Neoquest, Sakhmet Solitaire, or Pyramids that require a lot of page loading will increase the chance of random events, or even just being active on the neoboards and chatting with people on many different threads. Just be careful, the bad events are still lurking out there somewhere!

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