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Back to School Essentials for Every Colored Pet

by sherlockpwns


    As we’re approaching the Month of Collecting (October) headfirst, a list is essential for every Neopian to follow. School can be frightening, and for most, confusing. This list is to help ease your pet’s minds into a natural flow so they can pop up at the end of the year as an A+ student, all while looking fierce!

    *I would like to say ahead of time that I’m terribly sorry for all of the horrible puns I made.

    1) 8-Bit

    While there isn’t a school item that screams “retro” or “8-bit”, there are a few items of clothing that may suit your pet. Want your pet to stand out from the others with an out-of-there piece? Invest your Neopoints in Retro Glasses (16,800 Neopoints). With these glasses, your pet will be able to see AND they’ll be looking suave and cool at the same time.

    2) Fruit Chia

    Since there are so many Fruit Chia colors in Neopia, I decided to group them all in one section. Looking for a cute school item that will match your Neopet? Consider Spiral Flatfruit Eraser (100 Neopoints). Not your jam—or, more correctly—not your fruit? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other fruit-related school objects like Twirly Fruit Eraser (1,000 Neopoints), or Pink Grapefruit Scratch-n-Sniff (900 Neopoints), which is a perfect addition for your Grape Chia.

    3) Veggie Chia

    Seeking a different vibe for your Veggie Chia? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Veggie Wrap Eraser (500 Neopoints) might be the school item for you. If you have a Pea Chia, you could invest in Pea Pen (1,200 Neopoints), or a Pea Pod Pencil Case (10,000 Neopoints) for your Pea Pen! Try to say that ten times fast.

    4) Alien

    Want an out-of-this-world school item for your out-of-this-world pet? Maybe Space Stencil (400 Neopoints) would interest you. Or, if you’re so inclined, the expensive Space Faerie Lunch Box (around 350,000 Neopoints) for your pet’s gourmet lunches.

    5) Baby

    Sending your youngest to school for the first time can be scary. That’s why I’m here, to ensure that they fit into school well and that they’ll have a great, and fashionable, time doing it. Consider a few items for your pet, like Box of Crayons (800 Neopoints), or Purple Pencil Case (25 Neopoints). While these aren’t specifically baby-oriented, these cute pieces will make your baby pet shine from the rest.

    6) Biscuit

    A hungry Skeith or Grarrl may try to nom on your pet from time to time, but your pet is breezy as ever. To keep them happy and focused during the school season, perhaps you should invest in a Biscuit Eraser (1,700 Neopoints). To show off their extreme sense-of-fashion, you could purchase them Milk and Cookies (NC item) to pair with their Biscuit color.

    7) Blue

    Blue is one of the most common colors in Neopia. Just because it’s one of the starter colors, doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Consider matching your blue Neopet with items such as Blue Pencil with Eraser (300 Neopoints), Blue Faerie Eraser (1,500 Neopoints), or Sparkly Blue Paint (600 Neopoints). Do you have a certain blue species that you’d like to match? Species-oriented items like Blue Blumaroo Pencil (350 Neopoints), or Blue Cybunny Lunch Box (4,000 Neopoints) may suit your needs.

    8) Brown

    Brown may seem dreary, but I’m here to assure you that having a brown pet can make any color pop. You could go the simple route—try investing in a Brown Clipboard (6,250 Neopoints) for your studious needs. Perhaps you have a brown Uni, then you could have them match with the Brown Uni Pencil (3,600 Neopoints)! For something a bit more eye-catching, try Pink Clipboard (240 Neopoints), or Bendy Yellow Pencil (1,500 Neopoints) if you want your brown Neopet to stand out from the crowd.

    9) Camouflage

    What Neopet? I don’t see it anywhere? For your camouflage pet, consider a Camouflage Poogle Pen (around 100,000 Neopoints), or a Camouflage Poogle Pencil Case (10,000 Neopoints). Need an outfit for them to wear? Try either Camouflage Helmet (NC item), or Jungle Green Gown (NC item).

    10) Candy

    The new Candy Kiko and Candy Blumaroo had brought tons of craze to the candy Neopian color, and we’re only hoping for more pets with this elusive color. For your candy pet, consider a Candy Eraser. These come at 400 - 900 Neopoints a piece, so it isn’t that big of a dent in your bank account. There are four colors for your pet that you could mix and match. Blue Candy Eraser (400 Neopoints), Orange Candy Eraser (900 Neopoints), Pink Candy Eraser (350 Neopoints), and Purple Candy Eraser (800 Neopoints). Try strapping a Candy Cane Hair Bow (NC item) in their hair or fur, purchasable at the NC mall. Try Silly Candy Corn Hat (6,500 Neopoints) if you’re on a budget.

    11) Checkered

    These pets are the boss at checkers, as they have a portable practice board on their bodies. There are no checkered-themed school items, sadly, but you can make your pet look good anyway. Consider investing in Checkered Shorts (NC item). Though, this might hurt your eyes so you could mellow it down with a few plain colors like Plain and Simple White Shirt (NC item). To keep your checkered pet healthy, make sure you feed them various items like Checkered Ice Cream (900 Neopoints), or Checkered Steak (700 Neopoints).

    12) Chocolate

    Yum! An ABSOLUTE essential for these chocolate-y creatures is the Chocolate Chia Marker (250 Neopoints). Even if your chocolate pet isn’t a Chia, they’ll make many friends with this fashionable item. Want them to stand out? Invest in Chocolate Wings (NC item), or Delicate Chocolate Fan (NC item).

    13) Chokato

    This color is limited to only two Neopets, Kiko and Chia. That doesn’t stop them from absolutely rocking it, though. Purchase a Chokato Stencil (150 Neopoints) to enhance their drawings. Need an eraser? Chokato Dumplings Eraser (340 Neopoints) will do the job for you.

    14) Christmas

    While the color Christmas may seem a bit odd during the beginning school months, it is a statement color for all Neopians. A Christmas Ona Eraser (4,000 Neopoints), or Candy Cane Pen (350 Neopoints) will show your love for Christmas, all the while doing amazing in school. Consider a Sophisticated Santa Jacket (NC item) for your fashion ventures.

    15) Clay

    With the color clay, your pet will already fit in with all of the school supplies! Purchase them an Angelpuss Clay Sculpture Set (45 Neopoints) so they’ll be able to mold friends for themselves. Also, buy Blue Sandshell Mold so they’ll be able to create as many sandshell’s as their heart so desires.

    16) Cloud

    Make sure, before anything else, to invest in a belt that will be bolted to their desk. This is to ensure that they don’t float away during class! A wonderful edition to their school supplies would be Cloud Folder (450 Neopoints), or Cloud Notebook (300 Neopoints). Consider the clothes Pretty Kau Cloud Dress (16,000 Neopoints), or Stormy Cloud Dress (NC item) so they’ll float above the rest.

    17) Coconut

    The wonderful Coconut comes with only one Neopet, but there is a way you can transform your wonderful Chia into Coconut for a few thousand Neopoints! Put your Neopoints toward Coconut Chia Suit (4,500 Neopoints). Your Chia will be thrilled to match with their best Coconut JubJub friend. For your Coco Jub, consider buying a Money Tree Eraser (6,200 Neopoints), as they will find solace knowing that they hold a remnant of their home in their hands.

    18) Custard

    There are no custard-oriented school supplies, so I suggest just sticking to the basics with this one. Buy your pets Turbo Scissors (50 Neopoints), or a pretty Rainbow Neopets Notebook (7,000 Neopoints). Make sure your pet has a healthy and full breakfast. Spend a few Neopoints on the basic Custard (3,000 Neopoints), or the Custard Slushie (1,800 Neopoints).

    19) Darigan

    Your scariest pet must have the scariest school supplies. Consider Grobrin Pencil Sharpener (90 Neopoints) for a sinister stare for your sinister pet. Another option to consider is the Drackonack Backpack (200 Neopoints), with its beady eyes, you’ll be unable to sleep at night. If you prefer something a bit calmer, consider the Water Faerie Eraser (18,000 Neopoints) which will bring a softer light to your harsher Neopet.

    20) Desert

    For a down-to-earth pet, invest in a down-to-earth option. To match with your pet’s brown undertones, consider Pencil of the Earth Faerie (19,000 Neopoints), or a Brown Clipboard (6,250 Neopoints). You could also look at items such as Scarab Bookmark (950 Neopoints), or Scarab Pencil Case (2,000 Neopoints).

    21) Dimensional

    This mind-boggling pet can make any pet uneasy. To ensure that your pet has the best experience, and looks good while doing so, purchase a Dimensional Notebook (12,500 Neopoints). If anyone bothers them, they can push their bully into the next dimension with this handy notebook.

    22) Disco

    Is your pet ready to dance all night? Disco Clipboard (4,400 Neopoints), and Disco Rubber Bands (570 Neopoints) are essentials. Afraid that they’ll dance their pants off at the next school dance? Consider purchasing a Belt of Fire (NC item), because they’ll be LIT on the dance floor ;). Make sure to keep them well fed with Disco Toast (3,100 Neopoints).

    23) Elderly

    While I’m simply confounded as to why your pet is still in school if they’ve got wrinkles, I’ve still got you covered. Perhaps you should consider purchasing a Simple Blue Bed (800 Neopoints) for when life gets you down and when you need to take a nap. Are your elderly pets having a difficult time seeing? Send your money toward Smart School Girl Eye Glasses (NC item), or pull up your PB clothing item, Elderly Girl/Boy Glasses. Since your pets are in dire need of calcium, due to their brittle bones, make sure you make them drink Kau Kau Farm Milk (190 Neopoints) every single breakfast. Legend has it that a consistent diet of Cherry Tomatoes (1,200 Neopoints) can even reduce wrinkles and make an elderly person happier.

    24) Electric

    For your hair-raising pet, consider purchasing the ‘Electric School Supply’. This includes an Electric Notebook (900 Neopoints), Electric Gelert Eraser (65,000 Neopoints), Electric Folder (around 100,000 Neopoints), Electric Lupe Scissors (35,000 Neopoints), and Electric Notepad (64,000 Neopoints). While the price may seem hefty, your pet will bring a charged energy to the room.

    25) Eventide

    To match your eventide pet’s magical colors, purchase a Pencil of the Space Faerie (around 500,000 Neopoints). Too pricey for you? Go for the simpler, yet much cheaper, Space Faerie Pencil Case (5 Neopoints). These items will match your pet’s stars and it will make them twinkle like no other.

    26) Faerie

    There are so many options when deciding on what you want your little Faerie to look like for their first day of school. Start with the necessities, like Water Faerie Backpack (120 Neopoints). Boil the rest down to pens, like Light Faerie Pen (700 Neopoints), and then notepads, like Earth Faerie Notepad (7,200 Neopoints). Make sure that you pack them a lunch in their brand new Faerie Lunch Box (60,000 Neopoints). Try investing in a Sparkling Faerie Dress (NC item) if you want them to sparkle and shine.

    27) Fire

    Before anything else, make sure you purchase a Fire Extinguisher of Diversion (3,700 Neopoints). After that, fund your money toward the book Controlling Your Fire (13,000 Neopoints). Once you’re ensured that your pet is well protected and educated on the hazards of fire, you can begin to purchase their supplies. Fire Clipboard (900 Neopoints) is a great purchase to make. Fire Scissors (610 Neopoints) is another, as it ensures that you can cut through practically any metal. Keep your pet awake with a Blazing Stone Mug of Borovan (800 Neopoints). To keep their outfits blazing, fund yourself a Fire Stripe Shirt (NC item), or Fire Faerie Wings (19,000 Neopoints).

    28) Garlic

    It’s true that only two Neopets are allowed to rock this color, but your pet will be reassured that they’ll make people cry of joy with their fashionable choices. Make sure they eat a sustainable breakfast with Garlic Bread Halves (700 Neopoints), or Two Garlic Bulbs (1,250 Neopoints). Make sure they have a friend with them at all times, like a Garlic Kiko Plushie (140 Neopoints). They could even be rocking it with their Battledome set, consider investing in a Staff of Garlicness (around 500,000 Neopoints).

    29) Ghost

    OoOoOoOoOoO~ Make sure your pet is as spooky as ever with a Ghostly Folder (6,200 Neopoints). If you’re on the richer side, trying looking for the Ghostkerchief Pen (around 25,000,000 Neopoints). Do you want your pets to scare their teachers? Perhaps an investment in a Ghostly Sheet Costume (NC item) is a smart idea.

    30) Glowing

    These pets seem eerie and unsettling, so Glowing Chalk (850 Neopoints) may be the perfect item for them. Try Glowing Blue Contacts (NC item) if you really want to amp up your style. Glowing Jelly (1 Neopoint) is a cheap item that you can feed to your glowing pet.

    31) Gold

    This expensive pet demands expensive school supplies. On the down low, you could buy your pet a cheap, yet pretty, Gold Glitter pen (850 Neopoints). For the richer Neopians, try Shiny Gold Ruler (around 3,000,000 Neopoints). A Golden Apple (10 Neopoints) may satiate their hunger, and a Festive Gold Jacket (NC item) may satiate their fashion-hunger.

    32) Green

    Another starter color, another beautiful set of items that your pet could bring to school. Try grabbing a Green Backpack (85 Neopoints), or a Green Brightvale Pen (around 100,000 Neopoints) to show off their writing skills. Do you have a species-oriented pet in mind? Perhaps items like Hissi Green Pen (600 Neopoints), or Green Chia Pencil Holder (250 Neopoints) may satisfy your needs.

    33) Grey

    For your grey pet, you could always go down the traditional route like Grey Pencil Case (850 Neopoints), or Grey Kneaded Eraser (1,000 Neopoints). Instead, I suggest happy and bright items like Happy Negg Eraser (around 3,500,000 Neopoints), or the smiling Shoyru Tape Measurer (300 Neopoints).

    34) Halloween

    We’ve come to our second holiday-themed pet on here. Your pet could go with a variety of things, matching up with the Ghost pet, your pet could be interested in things such as Ghostly Folder (6,200 Neopoints), or the expensive Ghostkerchief Pen (around 25,000,000 Neopoints). I suggest Halloween Grundo Notebook (around 500,000 Neopoints), or Halloween Kacheek Lunch Box (around 2,500,000 Neopoints). To be as fashionable as always, invest in a Black Halloween Caplet (NC item), or Spooky Spyder Top Hat (NC item).

    35) Ice

    This lab-ray exclusive has plenty of options to choose from, ranging from Ice Tape (2,750 Neopoints) to Ice Fountain Pen (320 Neopoints). Does irony make you laugh? A Fire Ruler (7,300 Neopoints) may satiate that need. To keep your pet cool at all times, you must invest in items such as Ice Cube Necklace (NC item), and Winged Ice Skates (15,000 Neopoints). Try the ironic Water Ice Cream (5 Neopoints) as a snack, or Glass Full of Ice Cubes (700 Neopoints) to keep your pet cool.

    36) Invisible

    Seeing an invisible pet is hard, so you need to make sure that you can notice them at all times. While Invisible Ink (10,000 Neopoints) may seem like an obvious choice, I think that going with dark colors that are visible will suit your invisible pet more. A Grey Backpack (3,000 Neopoints) floating in mid-air is sure to catch someone’s attention. Make sure to keep them healthy and strong by feeding them an Invisible Brucicle (2,500 Neopoints).

    37) Island

    While it’s certain that your pet would much rather be out in the sun on Mystery Island, here are a few items to ensure that they still remember home. For on the cheap, try Island Mystic Eraser (1,300 Neopoints). For somewhere in the middle, try Island Kacheek Pen (26,500 Neopoints). For the rich, try Island Bruce Pen (around 100,000 Neopoints). For a sunny alternative, try the Rainbow Notebook (800 Neopoints).

    38) Jelly

    Just because Jelly World isn’t real, that doesn’t mean your pet can’t match with their school supplies! To scare all of their Neofriends, try a Poison Jelly Eraser (1,500 Neopoints). For their math class (where several games of Maths Nightmare will haunt the classroom), consider purchasing a Red Lab Jelly Ruler (47,000 Neopoints). To make them look like the King or Queen they are, try purchasing them a Blue Jelly Tiara (NC item).

    39) Magma

    This fire-y pet will blaze your heart with love. To keep them smart and educated, purchase The Joys of Cooking with Magma (around 120,000 Neopoints) to help them learn about their history. Like the fire pet, also invest in the item Controlling Your Fire (13,000 Neopoints). Keep them awake during school with Hot Magma (around 1,100 Neopoints). Make sure they have a friend during all times, like a magma petpet! A Magma Petpet Paint Brush (around 330,000 Neopoints) may be the perfect item for them!

    40) Mallow

    The cutest pet must have the cutest supplies! Marshmallow Invasion (1,500 Neopoints) may be the perfect book for you to buy for your Mallow Grundo. Want them to stand out? Try Mini Marshmallows on a Stick (4,400 Neopoints), or Magical Marshmallow (NC item) if you want to them to STICK (two puns intended) out. Perhaps try adding Mallow Coin (around 220,000 Neopoints) to your stamp album! Make sure they stay awake with Marshmallow Roast Coffee (550 Neopoints).

    41) Maractite

    The perfect set of supplies for your Maractite pet would be the Maractite Notebook (8,600 Neopoints), and the Maractite Pen (4,500 Neopoints). Consider adding a few items to your stamp album like Round Maractite Coin (1 Neopoint), Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin (35 Neopoints), or Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin (700 Neopoints). Your pet will look stylish in the Battledome while sporting Maractite Throwing Shells (9,500 Neopoints).

    42) Maraquan

    Keep your Maraquan pet cool and collected during the school season with items such as Maraquan Acara Backpack (4,200 Neopoints), and Maraquan Acara Notebook (5,900 Neopoints). Seeking an underwater outfit? Try Maraquan Scaled Dress (10,600 Neopoints), or Maraquan Fin Wings (13,600 Neopoints). Keep your water pet healthy and happy with Maraquan Munch Cereal (500 Neopoints) for breakfast!

    43) Marble

    This shiny pet will sparkle like no other when they’re strutting Marble Halls Gown (NC item) down the school hallway. Keep your pet entertained with a Set of Marbles (85 Neopoints). Make sure you pack them Marble Cake (1,100 Neopoints) for lunch!

    44) MSP

    This scary Poogle will frighten the other pets while looking good at the same time. Not an easy task to achieve, but I’m sure your MSP will be able to do it with ease. MSP has a whole line of school supplies your pet could use. Try MSPP Pencil Case (13,900 Neopoints), MSPP Notepad (18,000 Neopoints), and MSPP Pen (43,000 Neopoints). To keep everything secure, try investing in a MSPP Backpack (around 400,000 Neopoints). Sometimes, though, school can get boring. Make sure your MSP pet is entertained with items such as MSPP Toy Drum Set (60 Neopoints), or MSPP Squirty Toy (140 Neopoints).

    45) Mutant

    These deformed pets are beautiful on the inside. To match their exterior, though, invest in items such as Mutant Fountain Pen (730 Neopoints), Mutant Gluestick (780 Neopoints), Mutant Tape (800 Neopoints), Mutant Pencil Case (1,400 Neopoints), or Mutant Chia Hole Punch (2,400 Neopoints). For their fashionable side, make their hair pop—or more correctly, slither—with the Mutant Tentacle Wig (11,700 Neopoints). If you want them to royally stand out, perhaps you should try Elegant Mutant Cape (NC item).

    46) Orange

    This basic color is beautiful on any pet. It isn’t a starter, so that makes it extra special. Make your pet stand out in the fashion world with items like Spiky Orange Mohawk (NC item), or Orange Flower Embroidery Dress (NC item). Want them smelling good, too? Perhaps Orange Scratch-n-Sniff Notepad (2,000 Neopoints) is the item for you. Orange JubJub Pencil Topper (34,000 Neopoints) is another great item for you to consider.

    47) Pastel

    Your eye-pleasing pet will shine with items such as Pastel Dyed Dress (NC item), Pastel Blue Hair Bow (NC item), or Pretty Pastel Shoes & Tights (NC item). Art class is one of the most important classes during the school day, to ensure that their art pieces will match their color, purchase something like Oil Pastel (1,250 Neopoints), or Pastel Set (2,000 Neopoints).

    48) Pink

    Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I’m obviously biased toward this color. Torn Pink Gym Socks (95 Neopoints) is the perfect investment for gym class. To make their eyes stand out, try Pink Lulu Contacts (NC item). A few school supplies to look at would be Pink JubJub Pencil Topper (7,300 Neopoints), Pink Clipboard (240 Neopoints), Pink Kadoatie Backpack (5,500 Neopoints), and Pink Kacheek Pen (around 100,000 Neopoints). For your pets to annoy their teacher, try Pink Rubber Bands.

    49) Pirate

    Arr, matey! T' match yer swarthy pet, try a few items like Pirate Notebook (around 500,000 Neopoints), or Pirate Ship Float Pen (price: unknown). T' match thar swashbucklin' mates, consider clothin' items such as Candy Cane Pirate Hook (100 Neopoints), or Scurvy Pirate Jacket (NC item). Keep them well entertained wit' toys such as Krawk Pirate Ship (1 Neopoint), or Pirate Angelpuss Plushie (100 Neopoints). If ye wants t' feed them expensively, try th' Pirate Jelly (around 100,000,000 Neopoints), or cheaply, try Fancy Pirate Feast (500 Neopoints).

    50) Plushie

    This wonderful pet can keep you constantly entertained. To show off their soft personality, purchase them a pair of Plushie Acara Scissors (price: unknown). If they want to walk into their school looking awesome, Kacheek Plushie Backpack (around 1,200,000 Neopoints) may be the item for them! While kind of inedible, you could always feed your plushie pets items such as Plushie Turkey (850 Neopoints), or Plushie Burger (2,500 Neopoints).

    51) Polka Dot

    This dotting pet would look great with clothing items like Red Polka Dot Skirt (NC item), or Polka Dotted Magenta Bow Tie (NC item). Want them to rock out during music class? Purchase Polka Dotted Plastic Harmonica (50 Neopoints), or Polka Dot Clarinet (450 Neopoints), or Polka Dot Drum (780 Neopoints). Make sure they’re well-read with books like The Problems With Polka Dots (2,000 Neopoints), or The Solution to Polka Dots (2,200 Neopoints).

    52) Purple

    Another one of my favorite colors. Keep them up-to-date with fashion trends with clothing like Fancy Purple Hair Bow (NC item), Purple Satin Purse (NC item), or Purple Lipstick (3,600 Neopoints). Your beautiful magenta-esque pet can put their pens and pencils in Purple Pencil Case (20 Neopoints). Another fun school supply they can have is Purple Kau Scissors (around 100,000 Neopoints). Keep them well written with a Purple Chomby Pencil (around 1,500,000 Neopoints). Are they hungry during lunch? Feed them with food items such as Edible Purple Socks (500 Neopoints)—maybe you shouldn’t with that one—Purple Bruce Juice (2,200 Neopoints), or Purple Icewich (25,000 Neopoints).

    53) Quiguki

    These interesting pets can stand out during school—in a good way!—with several toys they can show their friends. Try investing in a Usuki Quiguki ripoff—I mean original. Cough. Try items such as Quiguki Surf Set (80 Neopoints), Maraquan Quiguki Set (120 Neopoints), or Quiguki Negg Hunt Set (1,500 Neopoints). Make sure they’re making all of their friends jealous with their brand new Quiguki Girl Plushie (20,100 Neopoints).

    54) Rainbow

    Your prism pet will pop with color with these items: Rainbow Chalk (130 Neopoints), Rainbow Ink Pad (1,100 Neopoints), Rainbow Notebook (800 Neopoints), Rainbow Glitter Pens (3,100 Neopoints), Rainbow Neopets Notebook (7,000 Neopoints), Rainbow Chomby Highlighter (around 150,000 Neopoints), Rainbow Pencil (around 390,000 Neopoints), Rainbow Blumaroo Pen (around 800,000 Neopoints), Rainbow Cybunny Pencil (around 500,000 Neopoints), Rainbow Kacheek Backpack (price: unknown), Rainbow Negg Eraser (price: unknown), and Rainbow Wocky Pencil (price: unknown). Whoo, that was a lot! Make sure your rainbow pet is happy and well-fed with Rainbow Toast with Rainbow Jam (2,000 Neopoints) and Rainbow Neocola (80,000 Neopoints).

    55) Red

    The third of the four starter colors. Have your pet go to school with a Red Notebook (100 Neopoints), Red Lab Jelly Ruler (47,000 Neopoints), or Red Scorchio Lunchbox (around 100,000 Neopoints). To keep them sparkling, purchase a Red Glitterpen (830 Neopoints). Ragged Red Shirt (NC item), and Ragged Red Trousers (NC item) will keep them looking thrifty and trendy at the same time.

    56) Relic

    These grey pets are still smiling, even though they’re trapped in stone. There are only a few items Neopia offers that feature the word ‘relic’ in them. To make sure your pet has a fun time while they’re at school, perhaps you should be focusing on sending your money toward Relic Mynci Plushie (5,000 Neopoints).

    57) Robot

    Beep bop beep boop beep bop beep boop beep Beopia beep boop. Beep bop Beep Boop (210 booppoints) beep bop Beep Boop Beep Bop (1,125 booppoints) beep boop beep. Bop beep boop beep bop beep-boop beep bop beep boop Beep Bop Beep Boop (beep 100,000 boopoints). (This prized and rare pet has many items that Neopia can offer. Perhaps a Robot Stapler (210 Neopoints), or a Robot Chia Pencil Case (1,125 Neopoints) would interest you. Make sure your pet is well-fed in the mornings with Robot Kacheek Loop Cereal (around 100,000 Neopoints).)

    58) Royal

    Chin up, and wave! This princess or prince pet needs to be royally treated, so make sure you get them the best supplies for school. Try Royal Gelert Notebook (52,500 Neopoints) ,or Royal Uni Lunch Box (86,000 Neopoints). You could even go so far as the Royal Gelert Diary (around 100,000 Neopoints), a wonderful pink color with a lock so that no one but your royal pet will be able to get into it! For breakfast, you could try something like Royal Girl Zafara Pancakes (2,500 Neopoints), or Royal Scorchio Shake (96,000 Neopoints).

    59) Shadow

    This dark pet can slip to and from shadows. To match their surroundings, you should purchase them a Black Meowclops Pen (2,400 Neopoints)—which is oddly grey-colored. Try a Shadow Usul Lunchbox (1,000 Neopoints) for their lunches, and a Burnt Shadow Shoyru Grilled Sandwich (around 250,000 Neopoints) to match.

    60) Silver

    Your shiny pet will sparkle with a pair of Silver Scissors (260 Neopoints). Keep your pet well-fed and happy with items such as Chocolate Silver Coins (1,000 Neopoints), Platinum Silver Hot Dog (55,000 Neopoints), or Silver Apple (13 Neopoints). Have them crush their enemies with items such as Illusens Silver Shield (around 2,000,000 Neopoints), and Silver Mynci Tail Guard (3,500 Neopoints).

    61) Sketch

    To match with their blue-ish outline, invest in Sketch a Pic (70 Neopoints), Scorchio Sketch Book (600 Neopoints), and Striped Kacheek Book of Sketches (around 4,000,000 Neopoints). Have them bring a pet to school with petpets like Sketch Babyca (around 150,000 Neopoints), Sketch Hasee (around 100,000 Neopoints), and Sketch Harris (70,000 Neopoints). Keep them well-fed with Sketch Cake (800 Neopoints), or Sketch Cheese (700 Neopoints).

    62) Skunk

    Ewww!! Only kidding, just because your pet smells, doesn’t mean they can’t rock school like the rest of your pets. Consider investing in a Skunk Pattern Pen (5,700 Neopoints), or some White Chalk (830 Neopoints). To keep them smelling good and making friends, perhaps you should try feeding them Mint Jelly (4 Neopoints), or Mint Flavoured Borovan (220 Neopoints) to keep them smelling good and awake!

    63) Snot

    This...erm...interesting colored Neopet should consider school items such as Snotty School Book (2,500 Neopoints), Snot Pen (2,575 Neopoints), or Snotty Eraser (3,500 Neopoints). Make sure they keep a Shiny Gold Tissue Box (200 Neopoints) with them at all times so they don’t make a mess. You should also consider a Ghostkerchief (1,000 Neopoints) petpet.

    64) Snow

    Brrrr! This ice-y pet will need a Snowball Pencil Sharpener (50 Neopoints), or a Snow Notebook (6,000 Neopoints) to keep them cool and frosty! Make sure they always have a friend with them like an Abominable Snowball (200 Neopoints), or a Snow Fir (26,000 Neopoints). Perhaps they’re a bit too cold, maybe you could give them some Borovan like Snow Faerie Borovan (150 Neopoints), or Everlasting Mug of Borovan (260 Neopoints).

    65) Speckled

    This green pet will rock and rule at their school with items such as Speckled Uni Pen (33,000 Neopoints), or Speckled Kiko Backpack (around 475,000 Neopoints). Make sure to keep them entertained with a Speckled Xweetox Puzzle (280 Neopoints), or a Speckled Grundo Plushie (1,450 Neopoints). Are they vegetarian? Perhaps you should buy them a Speckled Veggie Burger (3,250 Neopoints).

    66) Split

    Orange, purple, orange, purple, orange, purple? Don’t let your confusion get the best of you and keep your orange/purple pet styling with a Split Pencil Box (700 Neopoints), and a Split Grundo Gluestick (36,000 Neopoints). Maybe you weren’t confused enough when you painted your pet this color, perhaps you should dress them up in a Theatrical Split Mask (700 Neopoints).

    67) Sponge

    This pet can absorb your tears as you send them off to school for the first time. Your pet will relate to the book My Life As A Sponge (1,100 Neopoints), so if you want them to be well-read, consider investing in that. Keep their fur or hair silky with a Natural Sponge Back Brush (200 Neopoints), and let them rock during their music class with an Accordion Sponge (750 Neopoints).

    68) Spotted

    Was Polka Dot or Speckled not a good enough paint for you? Don’t worry, your spotted pet will show their dollops with pride. A Spotted Mynci Backpack (around 450,000 Neopoints) will keep them looking fresh and fine. Want them to stand out while also simultaNeously matching their color? Consider Spotted Bowling Hat (1,475 Neopoints), Spotted Dungarees (4,350 Neopoints), and Spotted Sandals (2,000 Neopoints).

    69) Starry

    Your pet will shine like the moon and stars with these items: Starry Stationery (300 Neopoints), Starry Folder (600 Neopoints), and Star Pencil (around 100,000 Neopoints). Want to keep their mind as sharp as a tack? Consider the books Starry Pteri Night (3,850 Neopoints), or Star Chronicles (4,000 Neopoints).

    70) Stealthy

    What pet? I don’t see them anywhere—AGHHH THERE’S A NINJA—wait, sorry, that’s just your pet. For the richer Neopians, and the stealthiest, invest in a Stealthy Pencil Case (around 400,000 Neopoints) for your pet. To keep your pet entertained during the seven dreaded hours of school, perhaps you could send your money toward a Stealthy Gelert Plushie (4,175 Neopoints), or a Stealthy Bubblebee (around 180,000 Neopoints) to keep them company. They’ll be slipping in and out of school without permission, so expect a few principal visits.

    71) Strawberry

    Sorry… I’ll stop drooling. For your yummiest tasting pet, keep them sharp and inquisitive with the books The Story of the Elusive Strawberry Fields (1,425 Neopoints), The Juicy Strawberry JubJub (price: unknown), and The Strawberry Poogle (around 650,000 Neopoints). Need a yummy eraser that will do the job as well? Try Strawberry Jelly Eraser (3,200 Neopoints).

    72) Striped

    Stripes everywhere! Try Striped Notebook (500 Neopoints), Kougra Striped Eraser (2,550 Neopoints), or Kougra Striped Chalk (2,675 Neopoints). Keep their lunches packed and safe with a Striped Meerca Lunch Box (6,500 Neopoints).

    73) Swamp Gas

    Plug your nose and keep your head held high for this pet! While this pet may make your eyes water, perhaps you could resist the smell with a perfume, like Coffee Perfume (300 Neopoints), or Cooler Than You Perfume (1,125 Neopoints).

    74) Transparent

    I’d prefer not to see the insides of your pet, but to each their own. Keep your pet healthy and fed—or don’t, if your prefer not to see the food in their stomachs—with a Transparifish (5 Neopoints). Keep them smelling fresh and clean with a variety of soaps, like Transparent Apple Soap (250 Neopoints), or Transparent Berry Soap (600 Neopoints).

    75) Tyrannian

    These pets aren’t necessarily intelligent, but that’s why we’re sending them to school! Keep them writing at all times with a Tyrannian Stone Notebook (950 Neopoints), which may be difficult to write on unless you have a stone pencil. Make sure you get a Tyrannian Rock Eraser (7,500 Neopoints) to erase their mistakes, and a Tyrannian Tape Dispenser (1,700 Neopoints) so you’ll be able to hang their wonderful drawings up in your Classic Neohome.

    76) Usuki

    These popstars will be flooded with fans the first few weeks of school. To keep them stylish while in front of the Neopian Times photographers, invest in a Usukicon Y17 Pen (16,500 Neopoints), or a Usukicon Y10 Pencil Set (around 100,000 Neopoints). Keep their curiosity and smarts at a peak with books such as Usuki Doll Disco (1,000 Neopoints), Angelic Usukis (55,500 Neopoints), and for the richer Neopians, Usukicon Y17 Diary (around 2,000,000 Neopoints).

    77) Water

    This sea-like pet can move through small spaces easily, so make sure they don’t escape with these types of entertainment and books: Underwater Tour (25 Neopoints), Deep Underwater (2,000 Neopoints), the Water Mote (3,450 Neopoints), Ridiculously Large Water Balloon Cannon (130 Neopoints), Dangerous Waters Cut Out (3,000 Neopoints), and Water Faerie Doll (around 10,000,000 Neopoints). School supplies you should send your money toward would be Water Faerie Backpack (120 Neopoints), Watercolour Set (1,000 Neopoints), and Water Faerie Eraser (18,000 Neopoints).

    78) White

    While this is another basic color, and greatly under-appreciated, this beautiful pet will shine like no other with these school items: White Chalk (830 Neopoints), White Poogle Eraser (5,500 Neopoints), and White Kougra Pen (price: unknown).

    79) Woodland

    This pet is close to nature, but just because they’re trapped in the confines of a school, doesn’t mean they can’t embrace their outdoors side! Try a Brain Tree Pencil (4,500 Neopoints) for the smart ones, and a Wooden Grarrl Skeleton (30 Neopoints) for when they’re bored.

    80) Wraith

    One of the scariest pets, this pet needs to sport the scariest school supplies. Keep them entertained, while still being scary, with an Adorable Wraith Plushie (13,900 Neopoints).

    81) Yellow

    The last of the starter colors. A Yellow Star Notebook (750 Neopoints), or a Yellow Lined Notebook (1,200 Neopoints) is a good investment for these pets. For recess, invest in a Yellow Tuskaninny Ball (25 Neopoints), or, to keep them sharp, a Yellow Zafara Slide Puzzle (1,250 Neopoints).

    82) Zombie

    YOUR PET IS GOING TO EAT MY BRAINS!!! Oh, just kidding… I hope. The last pet on this list, but certainly not the least. To keep THEIR brains intact, try giving them a few books like Zombie Handbook (3,000 Neopoints), or Zombie Legends (50,500 Neopoints).

    And there it is, Neopians! A complete list of everything your pet needs, according to color, for school! I’d like to put a disclaimer that everything on here is subjective and these prices were the prices at the time I had written this article. I am not responsible for pricing fluctuation or Neopian inflation!

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