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A Neopian Celebration: 80 Milestones You Can Achieve

by saiphami


    In honor of this very special 800th edition of the Neopian Times, we're celebrating by discussing 80 account milestones that every Neopets player can achieve, and how to accomplish them—because what better way to show off your love for Neopets than to be the best player you can possibly be?

    Our milestones are divided into three categories, so there's something here for everyone no matter your interests or how long you've been playing! Easy milestones are simple (but sometimes time-consuming) goals that you should be able to accomplish within your first year of playing. Medium milestones take some more time, effort, and (in some cases) Neopoints, so you should expect to achieve them within about 2-4 years of playing. And as would be expected, Hard milestones are the very top tier, so you'll probably need at least five years of Neo-experience to attain them. Does that sound intimidating? It shouldn't! Not only do we provide tips to help you along the way, but each level also builds on the one before it, so by the time you're ready to move from one category to the next, you'll already have had the practice you need to keep making progress. And don't forget, even accomplishing the 'Easy' tasks is something to be proud of! Just take a look at your account and see the improvement for yourself!


    1. Earn 100k Neopoints

    Neopoint earning is one of the basics of enjoying the site as a whole - start small with a goal of earning 100,000nps. Between restocking, games, employment agency jobs, and Trudy's surprise, you should hit this milestone in a jiffy!

    2. Make your first Neofriend

    One of the greatest things about Neopets is the fun, friendly community it offers. We're all in this together, often working toward the same goals. Spend some time chatting on the Neoboards, and consider joining a guild. I can guarantee you'll find someone—or maybe several people!—who you click with, and before you know it you'll have a notification at the top of the screen to let you know that someone wants to be your Neofriend!

    3. Complete 150 Employment Agency jobs

    The Faerieland Employment Agency (EA) is a straightforward and reliable way to make some extra Neopoints if you do it correctly. Before accepting a job, use the Shop Wizard to check the estimated cost, and compare it to the reward so you know you'll be making a profit—otherwise that would defeat the point! You can do a maximum of five jobs per day—three during the first refresh, one after a new refresh, and the last one after yet another refresh.

    4. Feed a gourmet

    This milestone is pretty self-explanatory and you might have achieved it without knowing. Feed your pet a food between rarity 90-100 and you'll have taken the first step on your way down the long road to a gourmet feeder trophy.

    5. Paint your first pet

    There are many ways to change your pet's color, like getting a Fountain Faerie Quest or using the lab ray, but the most direct way is to use a paint brush. Some colors can be really expensive, but there are still a lot of great options out there that are more affordable for a new player, like Christmas or Speckled, which both cost under 100k. So don't be intimidated, and give your pet a little flare!

    6. Earn a Poetry Contest trophy

    The Poetry Contest doesn't take place on any set schedule, but you can definitely count on winners being chosen for each pet day and Neopian holiday, so track down a Neopian calendar to see what's coming up and look for topic ideas. Your poem doesn't have to be an amazing piece of literature—in fact, silly ones are often more likely to be chosen by the editors! Read through some past winning poems to see what the judges look for, and write up something of your own. You'll even win a trophy and a prize if your poem is chosen!

    7. Upgrade your shop to size 25

    The Neopian economy is a strange place in many ways, but one of the weirdest things about it is that people will buy literally anything from you! Yes, even that Rotten Left Sandal! Open up your shop and get it upgraded so you can put more stuff in—each shop size allows you to have five items for sale, so a size 25 shop will hold 125 items. This is a good size to start out at so that you never run out of room. Try stocking it with items you get from your dailies, from random events, and of course from sniping and restocking.

    8. Earn 200 avatars

    Don't let this number intimidate you—getting 200 avatars is not only achievable, but actually pretty easy! Many of them are clickable—that is, all you have to do is visit a specific page somewhere on Neopets, and the avatar is yours! You may even get a few on accident. Others require you to have a certain pet or Petpet on your account, but never fear—you can find many of those pets in the pound, or be lent them by taking a look around the Avatars Neoboards. Some others are random, or require you to get a high score on a game. These can be harder to get, but if you're persistent, they will be yours someday! Use a checklist like the ones offered by The Daily Neopets or JellyNeo to keep track of which ones you still need.

    9. Feed your first kad

    Feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery (also known as 'kadding') can be an addictive pastime on Neopets. You can always find a timekeeping board on the Games Neoboards, and you can count on that board to have links to a guide and plenty of experienced players to help you achieve this milestone. There's nothing like the rush you get when you feed your first kad!

    10. Participate in your first Altador Cup

    This fan-favorite Neopian tradition occurs every year in June, and it could very well be your first major Neopian activity! Make sure you set aside plenty of extra time to play some fun games that you can only access during the Cup, most notably, Yooyuball.

    11. Earn a Beauty Contest trophy

    But I can't draw!' you say. 'Doesn't matter!' I respond. The Beauty Contest begins every Friday at 12PM NST, and you can enter by submitting a drawing of any one of your pets. Easy, right? The best part is that you don't even have to be the best artist to win! Winners are chosen based on the number of votes each entry receives, so all you have to do is ask people to vote for you. A great place to do this is on the Art Neoboards, or on your guild's private chat board. You could also put a link on your user lookup, your shop front, etc. Just keep in mind that you can't solicit votes on the Neoboards anywhere outside of the Art board.

    12. Join a guild

    One of the most enriching experiences you can have on Neopets is joining a great guild - and finding your own special community to participate in, no matter the theme. You could consider joining one that has a focus on account improvement, one that shares your love for customizing, or one that discusses just how great Kacheeks really are. Whatever you choose, joining a guild is a simple step that can bring great enjoyment even on the dreariest of days.

    13. Earn your first game avatar

    This milestone can be approached in a variety of ways, because there are so many game avatars that you can try to earn. Consider practicing for an avatar you really love, or just try the easiest games out there (One recommendation: Gadgadsgame, but to each their own - you might be one of those Petpetsitter masters instead!) No matter what you choose, be sure to celebrate once you earn your new shiny avatar!

    14. Give your pet a Petpet

    Unfortunately most of us can't be online_ 4/7, so how are we supposed to keep our pets from getting lonely? Give them a Petpet, of course! There are hundreds of Petpets to choose from, so it can actually be quite a challenge to find just the right one. Spend some time searching through your options, either at the Petpet Puddle, or on a site like JellyNeo, and give your Neopet a Petpet of its very own!

    15. Win in Food Club

    Food Club is a great way to earn Neopoints, but it isn't without its risks. As they say, you win some, you lose some…but hopefully you'll win more often than not! When you're starting out, it's probably best to follow someone else's bets until you get the hang of it—good thing there are plenty of options!

    16. Complete the Altador plot

    The Altador Plot is the only one of Neopets' many plots that is still available to complete even after it was originally released. You'll need to set aside a few hours—either all at once, or spread out over time—and sit down with a thorough guide and a snack to work your way through this series of puzzles. It takes a bit of time, but at the end you get some fun prizes, a trophy on your user lookup, and a new daily.

    17. Collect 250 Neodeck cards

    It won't take long for a new Neopets player to realize that collections are a very important aspect of the game to many players. Your Neodeck is one of those collections, and there are currently 366 cards available to collect. Some of them are very rare, and thus very expensive, but there are a lot that you can get for cheap—or even for free! Check places like the Money Tree and the Igloo Garage Sale to get started on your collection. You might even want to try restocking directly from the Collectible Cards shop.

    18. Get published in the Neopian Times

    Everyone has something they can share in the Neopian Times that's worth publishing - an informative article about the best way to earn Neopoints or the most delicious sushi cuisine to be found in Shenkuu, a thrilling short story about a disgruntled shopkeeper in Neopia Central, or a hilarious comic on the trials and tribulations of a baby Grundo. The only thing standing in the way of you and your first publication is procrastination. So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

    19. Earn the Top Gamer avatar

    To get the Top Gamer avatar, you need to play 250 different games on Neopets. Yes, there really are that many games on the site! There are actually a lot more than that, and you'll play a lot of them during your time here. Achieving this avatar has the potential to take a lot of time, but bear in mind the key to doing it quickly: you only need to submit a score of 1 point—Yes! Just one!—to count. So you don't have to spend a long time playing each game all the way through, just fly through them quickly while sending a minimum score. You can always go back and improve your high score later.

    20. Learn to Restock

    Restocking, also known as RSing, is one of the fundamental pillars of Neopoint earning and being able to afford all those spiffy goals. You won't be a master overnight, but start practicing in slower shops with smaller stock (or even just in shops with items you really love, which always helps). Focus on items with any profit (even as small as a couple hundred Neopoints), and you'll get better every day.

    21. Complete NQ I/II on Normal

    These games are a big undertaking, usually requiring at least a couple of weeks to complete, but they are a rite of passage for any serious Neopets player, and come with some cool rewards like avatars, trophies, and yes, Neopoints. Find a guide you like and some groovy music to put on in the background—once you get going, you may find yourself clicking away for hours at a time!

    22. Start a gallery

    Galleries are a favorite pastime for many on the site. Decide on some sort of theme to collect, perhaps items you really like or a favorite food you'd like to display, or even a theme you've brainstormed to win spotlight - and just start collecting! Simple as that!

    23. Storytelling Competition trophy

    The Storytelling Competition comes around quite frequently, so even if you're facing writer's block, you're certain to find inspiration eventually. Consider building off of another user's story, or even coming up with your own prompt if you're feeling particularly inspired. The possibilities are endless.

    24. Train your pet to 500 HSD

    Training is an important part of the site, especially if you want to be prepared for the day when a war breaks out, or even if you just want to be able to defeat all those fearsome competitors in the Battledome so you can have a chance at some lucrative prizes (paintbrush, anyone?). A target of 500 HSD (health, strength, defense) is equivalent to roughly 166 points per skill - a little time consuming, but if you make use of the training schools, faerie quests, and perhaps a fortune cookie or two, it should be relatively inexpensive to hit this target. You can also consider using the lab map to train stats, although they might end up very uneven due to the lab map's finicky nature.

    25. Make a Neocash trade

    If you love customization, chances are you have your eye on some NC items that are just out of reach - perhaps they retired before you found out that you loved them so much, or they're just a hard-to-get, limited edition item. Head to the NCC (Neocash Chat) on the Neoboards and find other traders interested in your wares-to-wear - you'll be looking pretty in no time!

    26. Better Than You Avatar

    Better Than You is pretty easy as long as you know what to pay attention for - new rounds are put up every Wednesday afternoon, with a new game and score. Wait for a game that you're particularly good at, beat the score, and you should have a new avatar with very little difficulty!

    27. Earn one million Neopoints

    A Neopoint-saving goal of 1,000,000 is not quite as easy as earning 100k, but it still can be accomplished within a relatively short time frame - focus on saving over spending (except investments like stocks), take advantage of half-price days (the 3rd day of every month) and try to resist shopping sprees - you'll be banking 1m before you know it.

    28. Participate in a new plot or site event

    While this might require some waiting, participating in a new site event, or even plot, is very simple. Check out the news daily, wait for something special to happen (War breaks out? Trouble in Neovia? A Valentine's Day festival?) and make sure you take whatever steps necessary to make progress towards completing it - chances are you'll get some lovely goodies, regardless of what the staff decide to throw at us…although I hear we should be keeping our eyes peeled for some interesting happenings later this year!


    29. Fully develop a character for your pet

    Let's be real for a minute. Neopets don't really do much. So how can you make your pets more interesting? Come up with a personality and backstory for them! Many players develop their pets as characters, and this forms the basis for the pet's customization, lookup, artwork, etc. Fully developing a pet's character takes a lot of time and thought, but if you're going to be a long-term player, it's well worth the effort.

    30. Earn your first flash game trophy

    Surely by now you've had a chance to play a lot of Neopets' flash games and figure out which ones you like best (and more importantly, which ones you're good at). Now it's time to have something to show for it other than a measly few thousand Neopoints every day—how about a nice shiny trophy for your user lookup? Game high score tables (HSTs) reset on the first day of every month, which is colloquially known as 'trophy day.' Trophies are usually easier to achieve on this day because the minimum score is reset to zero. You want to have one of the top 17 scores for that game by the time trophies are awarded that night, at approximately 8:10PM NST. Good luck!

    31. Complete a game of Plushie Tycoon

    There are countless games on Neopets that you can play within a few minutes, but only one that requires you to play for eight hours a day for an entire month. It may sound like a lot—and it is—but it's well worth it. If you make it all the way through the game, you can get an avatar, a trophy, AND a Neopoint prize. Just make sure you follow a good guide, and stop by the PT board on the Games Neoboards if you need extra help.

    32. Restock an unbuyable item

    Now that you've mastered the basics, it's time to restock an unbuyable (UB) item in one of the Neopian shops. Part of this is luck, part is speed, and part is knowledge of the unbuyable items that stock in the shops of your choosing. One of my top recommendations is restocking a Bag of Peanuts in Fresh Foods (which is usually unbuyable, often sells quickly, and stocks multiple at a time), but as long as you know what you're looking for in a shop, you're bound to get an unbuyable sooner or later.

    33. Code your own petpage

    Designing new and creative layouts for various site pages is a favorite pastime of many Neopians, and the petpage is often the easiest place to start since it's basically a blank canvas. Many people use their petpages to host a portfolio, a game guide, or some other resource for themselves and/or other Neopians. Decide what you want to have on your pets' pages and then try your hand at whipping up some custom HTML and CSS to make a cool new design.

    34. Earn the Pink! kad avatar

    You've already fed your first kad, right? And it wasn't as bad as you thought, right? Now just do it 74 more times. That sounds like a lot, and it can be, especially after you get pwned a few times. But just take it a little bit at a time—the kads will always be there waiting for you, and you'll get there one feed at a time. If you're really having trouble, try feeding at the least busy times, usually whenever it's nighttime in the US time zones.

    35. Complete NQ I/II on Evil

    You did it once, but can you do it again? Would you even want to? I won't deny that NeoQuest can be tedious and boring at times, and playing the whole thing a second time on a higher difficulty level isn't necessarily going to be fun. But it's a huge achievement, and it'll upgrade your trophy to silver. Having trouble talking yourself into it? Try working on it a little bit at a time. Try setting small, achievable goals like earning 5000xp per day, or gaining three levels per week. You'll get there slowly but surely.

    36. Win 100:10+ in Food Club

    By now you should be noticing how lucrative Food Club can be, especially as your account gets older and you can place higher bets. What you really need now is a big win, like a REALLY big one. 36:10 is great, but 108:10 is three times better. All it really takes is a bettor who knows what they're doing and a lucky day. Once you've found a bettor you like to follow, stick with them and your big payday will come eventually.

    37. Invest 1m in stocks

    That sounds like a lot of Neopoints, doesn't it? Well, it's not that bad when you break it down. You can buy a maximum of 1000 stocks each day, and the minimum price you can pay for them is 15 Neopoints. Assuming you buy the maximum stocks at the lowest price, it'll cost you 15k per day. Do that every day for 67 days, or just over two months, and you've invested 1,000,000 Neopoints. This is a great way to make investments once you've got your initial bank balance built up a little bit, and can be very rewarding when the share price rises and you sell your stocks for a profit.

    38. Earn the Bon Appetit (Kelp) avatar

    The Kelp avatar isn't actually difficult to earn, minus the fact that it can get very expensive and it's entirely random as to whether or not you'll be awarded it at the end of your Kelp visit. Still, the practices to follow are simple - order a selection from every course, and keep your pet as bloated as possible before your visit. Bonus tip: take deep breaths, it'll be worth it in the end.

    39. Read 300 books to your pet

    No one wants their pet to have low intelligence, but you can't expect it to get any better if you don't do anything about it. How do you increase your pet's intelligence? Read them books! 300 is a lot, and it'll be tedious and time-consuming just for you to go through the effort of actual reading. But getting the books in the first place isn't as hard as you may think. A lot of them can be won from dailies or picked up for free at the money tree. Countless more can be restocked from Neo shops or bought in user shops. Save them up for a couple of weeks and you'll have 300 before you know it!

    40. Create a portfolio

    If you've made it this far through the list, then you have quite a lot of accomplishments under your belt…and still a lot more to achieve. How will you ever keep track of them all? By creating a portfolio of course! Many players use one of their pet's pages as a way to log their achievements, goals, wish lists, etc., and it's a very useful tool. The best way to go about it is to create your own from scratch so that it can be customized to work in a way that suits you, but there are also plenty of premade layouts for you to choose from.

    41. Complete the Secret Laboratory Map

    The Secret Lab Map is another one of those large investments that some players like to make, and it can really pay off! You can obtain lab map pieces through random events on the site, or you can buy them in user shops and trades or auctions. It might be cheapest for you to buy the entire set at once in a trade. However you go about it, once you have all the pieces you can start zapping away at your pets and see what happens!

    42. Be published in the Art Gallery

    More art competitions?! Yes. The Art Gallery doesn't work the same way as the Beauty Contest though—in fact, it works much more like the Poetry Contest. You have to submit your artwork (it helps if it's related to an upcoming pet day or Neopian holiday), and hope that it's chosen by TNT to be included in the next AG publication. Some tips I've heard from AG winners are to try and make a picture that tells a story, and if inspiration fails you, incorporate a recent NC Mall item.

    43. Snipe an unbuyable item

    Sniping an item for a few thousand Neopoint-profit is pretty easy, especially if you have the Super Shop Wizard. What's a little bit more challenging is sniping an item that's considered 'unbuyable'—it usually sells for more than 99,999 Neopoints, and so isn't typically available in user shops. Did you catch that? Isn't USUALLY available in user shops. Sometimes players want to sell an item quickly, so they put it in their shop, priced lower than the actual value. Other times they want to be nice and let someone buy an expensive item for a good bargain. Or if that's not the case, maybe the seller just doesn't realize the value of what they're selling. In any case, it's an opportunity ripe for the taking—snatch up that UB and sell it for a tidy profit. The key is knowing what to look for. Try morphing potions, stamps, and other expensive items, and check for them regularly. You never know when one will pop up.

    44. Code your own pet lookup

    Coding a pet lookup from scratch is a bit harder than a petpage because of the pre-existing elements that you have to incorporate. Thankfully, not many people actually visit pet lookups, so there isn't too much pressure and you can feel free to play around with different layouts until you find something that works.

    45. Reach All Star rank in the AC

    By this point in your Neo-career, you should have participated in at least one Altador Cup and gotten some practice with the games, as well as a sense of how the ranks work. Reaching All Star, the highest achievable rank, isn't exactly a walk in the park, but with some planning and dedication, you should be able to do it. Try coming up with a daily plan, accounting in advance for the amount of time you'll be able to play during the month of June. Stick to it, and you'll be an All Star in no time!

    46. Collect 300 stamps

    This one is very straight forward - collecting 300 stamps shows significant progress in stamp collecting, and may potentially spark interest in saving for a stamp avatar. Even though 300 seems like a large amount of stamps to collect, so many of them will be very affordable (5k and under), that it should be an easy milestone to reach - the hard part is refraining from going for another hundred.

    47. Train your pet to 1000 HSD

    Building upon the training skills you've developed earlier, training your pet to 1000 HSD (roughly 333 point per skill if you're keeping them even) is a great, albeit time consuming achievement. Consider battling daily for codestones to cut down on the expense needed, and if courses take too long, a training cookie is always useful, although not required.

    48. Win a Caption Contest trophy

    The Caption Contest is an extremely fun contest to take part in, and the rewards are nothing to laugh at (no pun intended). If you're funny enough to get selected and earn enough votes to win a round, you'll be rewarded with a new trophy and a random prize, which could even be a rare paintbrush! Even better, if you win during a special round, you can also earn the elusive Caption Contest avatar, and show everyone how witty you truly are.

    49. Earn 10m Neopoints

    Now's about when Neopoint earning gets tricky. Banking 10,000,000 Neopoints is a great achievement, and one that requires great discipline - especially when there are so many shiny items out there that you can buy. Food Club is a great option to add into your Neopoint-earning routine to help boost you closer to this milestone, restocking is always helpful as usual, and you can also try out sniping both in user shops and the auctions. Slow and steady, that's the motto, and your bank account will thank you for it.

    50. Customization spotlight trophy

    This spotlight is surprisingly difficult, because the winners are anonymously chosen by other Neopians. Even if you think your customization is to die for (which it might be!), there are always other customizations that might be chosen over yours. Neopoint-only customizations often have a better chance of winning, but even still, this spotlight can take some time and effort. Keep trying, and change up your customizations regularly with each submission. Then maybe your pet will earn a new trophy for their lookup, much to everyone else's envy.

    51. Earn a High Score Table avatar

    High Score Table avatars are very sought after, and very elusive. The difficulty lies in that you're competing against other users to beat their scores to place high enough to earn an avatar. Math's Nightmare, Korbat's Lab, and Escape from Meridell Castle are the current high score avatars available, and each will require mastery of the specific game. Your best chances will be early on reset day - keep practicing and it will be well worth it.

    52. Get a Fountain Faerie quest

    The difficulty in getting a Fountain Faerie quest (FFQ) lies in the fact that they're very random and very rare - you might get one browsing the site if you're lucky. However, if you're not particularly lucky, some things to boost your chances include participating in Faerie Festivals (one quest daily), using Faerie Quest cookies, and taking advantage of the Refreshed Quest Request boon from the Battleground skirmishes. It might take some time, but in the end you'll be able to paint your pet a spiffy new color or even earn the Buzzin' avatar if that catches your eye.

    53. Beat the Space Faerie

    This is where all that training will come in handy, when you face the formidable force that is the Space Faerie. Why would you pick a fight with her, you might ask? Defeating her will reward you with a very sparkly avatar that signifies your battling prowess. Beef up your stats and make sure your weapons are at the ready, then it's time to enter the Battledome and show that faerie what you're made of.

    54. Earn the NT Star avatar

    This avatar is considered quite the achievement for many Neopians, as it's the culmination of hours of hard work - to get published on ten occasions in the Neopian Times. While it may be time-consuming and frustrating (especially when facing a creativity block), if you put in the effort, you should eventually reach this milestone and you'll have a gorgeous new avatar to show for it.

    55. Code your own user lookup

    Your user lookup will probably have the most traffic out of all your various Neopets pages, so make this one a good one! Like pet lookups, you are required by Neopets rules to maintain certain elements, like your user info, games and trophies, and collections. You can change the layout and formatting of the page any way you like, but these elements have to be present and visible. Pro tip: try to have a common stylistic theme between your user lookup, pet lookup, and other Neopets pages—even your shop front and gallery!

    56. Score 300 gourmet points

    Gourmet feeding is time-consuming, even if you take advantage of your pet's starving hunger level. However, while feeding 300 gourmets might take a decent chunk of time, it shouldn't be that expensive - many gourmets are under 10k, and some are even well under 5k. Chances are after you've fed that many, you might just be hungry for more...

    57. Earn a gold game trophy

    Gold game trophies can be hard to earn, however, there are so many games available on the site, chances are that there's at least one game you'll have an affinity for. Reset day is the easiest day to earn a gold trophy, so pay attention to which scores will typically earn a gold trophy and practice to get consistently within that score range. You got this!

    58. Earn 300 avatars

    While it might vary from user to user depending on account age, the 300 avatar target is generally where it gets a bit difficult. To get here, you'll need a combo of many types of avatars (clickables, pet-specifics, games, contests, and more). This milestone is nothing to scoff at, but it should be manageable as long as you have a plan and keep working at it.


    59. Restock your first R99 item

    This one takes a little bit of skill, and a whole lotta luck. Even the best restockers can sit in shops for weeks and never even see a rarity 99 item, much less be the one to restock it. If you're fast enough though, chances are that you'll soon be rolling in the Neopoints!

    60. Earn the NT Writer avatar

    The Neopian Times Writer avatar requires a lot of hard work, patience, creativity, and probably everything else you can imagine. Writers wait all year for it to become available (you can only earn it by being published in one of the special 50th issues for the Neopian Times), work tirelessly to come up with a unique and special idea, and cross their fingers that they are lucky enough to be selected - and are rewarded with an avatar starring a mascot equally special as the special issues, the White Weewoo!

    61. Win the Pet Spotlight

    Now that you've painted your pet, developed its story, and coded its lookup, why not enter your pet into the Pet Spotlight competition? Choose the best art you've drawn of your pet, write up a summary of their backstory and personality, and submit your entry. If the judges choose your pet as the winner, they'll get a trophy on their lookup and your win will be announced on the News page!

    62. Quad max in the AC

    With the Altador Cup being a 12-year annual event, you might guess that it gets a little tedious after a while. How do veteran players keep it interesting? By setting ever-higher goals, one of which is to 'quad-max'—that is, to play each of the four AC games the maximum number of times allowed in a single day. That's 46 games of Yooyuball, 86 games of Slushie Slinger, and 401 games each of Shootout Showdown and Make Some Noise. It's going to take you all day, so make whatever preparations you think are necessary—and don't forget to have some form of wrist support!

     63. Win the Gallery Spotlight

    The Gallery Spotlight is difficult to win because to earn that gold trophy, you need to have the whole package - a truly one-of-a-kind theme, perfect ranking, and a customized gallery layout. Rejection letters aren't uncommon, but never give up - there's always a way to give your gallery a unique spin and spruce it up so you'll finally have that sparkling trophy!

    64. Train your pet to 2000 HSD

    Pets with 2000 HSD are quite strong and decently hard to achieve, for good reason. If you're training evens, you'll need roughly 666 HSD per stat. This typically means you'll need to train at the Secret Ninja Training School, which takes a lot of time to get to (the 24-hour prerequisite courses at the Mystery Island Training School are not only frustratingly slow, but also expensive), and thus a 2000 HSD pet is a huge investment. Use any boosts available to you, including the aforementioned cookies (both training and faerie quests), plus stat-boosters like Armoured Neggs and others.

     65. Earn 100m Neopoints

    The first 100,000,000 Neopoints are the hardest. That sounds ridiculous in theory, but it's true - while some Neopians have saved huge sums of Neopoints far beyond this number, the first time you see 100m sitting in your bank account, you'll feel something akin to awe. At this point there are probably very few tips that can be offered to help you get to this milestone that you won't already be aware of, but keep working on all the earning techniques available, keep selling anything rare that you don't need, and keep an eye out for potential investments.

    66. Earn the 'big three' avatars

    Neopets has three avatars that are somewhat exclusive, mainly because of how expensive it costs to buy the required items. These three avatars—BGC, MSPP, and SuAP—are known as the 'big three' avatars, and there are two ways to go about getting them: save up hundreds of millions of Neopoints to buy the items, or convince someone to lend them to you for free (or possibly for collateral, which you should get back as long as you return the item to its original owner). I highly recommend the second option, since it's the more affordable one. And by this point in your Neo career, you should have enough account accomplishments that a lender will feel comfortable helping you out. Go check the Avatar Neoboards, and just remember to be patient, polite, and responsible with other people's items.

    67. Feed 1000 kads

    You're a pro at this by now. Honestly, after feeding 75 kads, there's nothing left for you to learn. It's nothing but a mental game at this point—you just have to stick with it. Feeling daunted? Take a break. Thinking you'll never come back? Make friends with a group of over feeders who will keep you entertained between pends and make sure you don't forget about the new main coming up.

    68. Earn a Booktastic/Book trophy

    Both of these trophies require a truly impressive amount of Neopoints to earn, even just for an Honorary book trophy. Plenty of the books available might be retired, and others your pet might blatantly refuse to read (so finicky, right?), which makes these trophies somewhat of an insurmountable task. Keep an eye on the trading post for when rare books become available, consider restocking in the book shops to save some of your Neopoints, and keep a detailed log of which books you still need to purchase so you can show everyone that your pet is the biggest bookworm around.

    69. Earn the Avatar Collector avatar

    This is it. One of the hardest avatars on the site to achieve, especially if you have a younger account. It requires you to have an avatar count of roughly at least 342 avatars (or more) on reset day - but more than that, the work put into earning it (all the game avatars you have to work on, possible stamp avatars, contests, and more) make it one of the most difficult milestones to achieve on the site.

    70. Collect 500 stamps

    This level of stamp collecting is expensive, there's no getting around it. To place 500 stamps in your album, you will need to purchase unbuyable stamps, perhaps participate in site events (or buy the necessary stamps associated with them, like for the Altador cup), and keep careful track of what stamps you still need. An album that has this many stamps is quite the achievement - and you can continue collecting hundreds more after this as well.

    71. Complete NQ I/II on InSaNe!

    If you even have the option of playing NeoQuest on InSaNe! mode, then you're already a NQ expert! The third time's the charm, so play it one more time for that gold trophy. Just make sure you set aside plenty of time and don't skimp on those levels—if your character is defeated on InSaNe! mode, you have to start the game over from the beginning.

    72. Earn a Gourmet trophy

    For any gourmet feeder, the gourmet trophy is the stuff dreams are made of - and for many, it will remain just that: a dream. To earn a gourmet trophy you'll have to have a lot of determination, a lot of patience, and a lot of Neopoints. Tracking down some of the final elusive items will be expensive and difficult indeed, but that final trophy...well, victory never tasted so sweet.

    73. Get all random avatars

    Unfortunately, this is something you don't have much control over, which is why it can take such a long time. There are currently 37 random avatars available on Neopets, and some of them are notoriously rare. The only thing you can do to increase your chances is to make the relevant activity one of your dailies and do it as often as possible. Have faith, it'll happen…someday.

    74. Make your own Food Club bets

    After watching more experienced bettors for a significant amount of time—a few months at the least, but a year or more is ideal—you should have a good understanding of the way this game works. Refresh yourself with a few guides and then take the plunge by making your own unique set of bets. Who knows, you could get lucky and get a bigger win than even the most popular bettors!

    75. Join a mall

    User shops can be profitable at any size, but you may have heard that you have to spend money to make money, and that does hold true. The more you invest in your shop—in stock, of course, but also in size upgrades—the more Neopoints you'll find in your till. Consider joining one of Neopia's many malls to give your shop some extra business, and to keep you motivated to continually stock and expand your shop. Then watch the Neopoints roll in!

    76. Earn a stamp avatar

    Stamp avatars are some of the most expensive, elusive, sought-after avatars on the site - demanding a lot of dedication to collecting stamps to complete an album page. Some of the most inexpensive stamp avatars are Seashells, Shenkuu, and Battledome - but they still require lots of saving, and finding the right sellers for some of the most expensive stamps. Whatever stamp avatar you decide to earn, it's a sign of the hard work and dedication you've put into collecting and Neopoint earning.

    77. Win the User lookup Spotlight

    You've been around Neopets for a while now. You've seen a lot of the art and coding other players have designed, you've gotten a sense of what you personally prefer, and you've had time to practice your own web design skills. What next? Show off what you've learned! Submit your super-cool user lookup to the User Lookup Spotlight competition and see if you can get yet another trophy to add to that beautiful page!

    78. Trade for an unconverted pet

    Trading for an unconverted (UC) pet is a goal of many, especially because it's so incredibly difficult. A lot of UC pet trading is being in the right place at the right time with the right pet, but you can increase your chances of jumping into the UC trading game by training a pet to high HSD and trying to trade with that, or trading a great real-word or real-name pet out there. Regardless, it's a tough milestone to meet, but at the end of the day if you put in that hard work you might just end up with the perfect unconverted pet.

    79. Complete the 50th Jhudora/Illusen Quest

    Both of these faeries are incredibly hard to please - in order to complete 50 of either faerie's quests, you will need to have quite the collection of rarity 99 items, amazing back-up, and be incredibly lucky. Many a quester has gotten all the way to the end only to be asked for a stamp priced over 50 million Neopoints, or an obscure gourmet item that no one seems to have. The reward for completing 50 quests for Illusen or Jhudora is well worth it - an Illusens Staff or a Wand of the Dark Faerie, respectively - weapons that battlers dream of.

    80. Avatar collector trophy

    The avatar collector trophies (bronze, silver, and gold) are all highly revered and highly sought after due to how difficult they are to achieve. If you thought earning the Avatar Collector avatar was hard, it's nothing compared to how impossible these trophies are to achieve - you'll need virtually every game avatar, likely a handful of stamp avatars, and a myriad of others to even come close to achieving any of these trophies. Having one on your lookup is the mark of true commitment and avatar collecting mastery.

    Now that you've read through our comprehensive list of 80 goals to achieve on your Neopets account, you'll see how we've had enough material to make it all the way to the 800th issue of the Neopian Times. There is a huge variety of activities available on Neopets, and most of these accomplishments aren't nearly as scary as they sound! If you're a new player, hopefully this list has given you an idea of where to start in building your Neopets account. And if you're a longtime player, maybe this will give you some ideas of which areas you want to keep improving. Keep in mind that it's never too late to start trying new things, but it's also perfectly fine to stick with other things that you already know you're good at and enjoy. One of Neopets' biggest benefits is that there are so many ways to play, so find what you like best and go for it! Maybe you'll have your own list of accomplishments to write about in the next special edition of the Neopian Times.


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