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The Draik in Search of Precious Kin

by _brainchild_


     Chessella the Draik and her siblings were sitting on the benches outside their house, supervising their little sister, Walda the Kacheek. As the child played on the monkey bars, her three older sisters were consumed by boredom. They weren't interested in playground equipment, so they had nothing to do... or so they thought.

      Then Maldice, one of the other sisters, had an idea. "Hey," she began, "we've never explored that old tower before, even though we've been living here for a while. It's been in our backyard for a long time, yet we don't know what's inside. I've been wondering recently, so I think we should go investigate."

      "Bad idea, Maldice," answered Ella. "There are probably creepy bugs and snakes inside, which could bite you."

      "I was bitten by a Spyder once," pointed out Angie, another sister. "That was anything but fun."

      "I'm curious, though," insisted Maldice.

      "I wouldn't do it," Angie told her. "Curiosity kills the Kougra."

      "It can't be THAT bad! I'm gonna go look while you two watch Walda."

      Ella sighed. "Don't come crying to US for help," she grumbled.

      Maldice strode to the other side of the backyard, admiring the gorgeous blossoms within. Then she saw the tower. It had a rustic charm to it, which intrigued her. She also thought that the tower might have some historical significance. She had not always been interested in history, yet she had come to appreciate the subject as she read more and more books while in Brightvale.

      She tried to open the door, which abruptly creaked open after some effort. However, she was instantly confronted by swarms of Spyders and Batterflies. Unnerved, she slammed the door shut and took a deep breath.

      She sauntered back to her sisters to inform them of the disappointing results. "Swarms of creepy-crawlies," she sighed.

      "Told you," shrugged Angie. "You're lucky you weren't bitten."

      "I guess so. Let's take Walda inside. It looks like she's getting tired."

      "Okay," agreed Ella. She turned to the child. "Walda! You look worn-out. Let's go inside."

      "Alright," Fatigued, Walda followed her sisters inside.


      That night, Ella was asleep in her bed when she heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" she asked sleepily.

      "It's me, Walda," the child answered. "I'm scared. I heard a strange noise outside."

      "There's nobody here. Go back to bed. You must've had a nightmare."


      "Go back to sleep."

      "Alright," Walda reluctantly sauntered back to her room.

      Five minutes later, the same noise returned, only louder. Petrified, Walda ran back into Ella's room and jumped onto the bed, trembling. "That noise!" she cried, clinging to Ella.

      "There's nothing out there!" insisted Ella.

      Just then, Maldice walked into the room, wondering what the commotion was about. "Walda is hearing some 'strange noise'," Ella told Maldice. Ella rolled her eyes. "The kid just had a nightmare. I'm trying to get her to go back to sleep."

      "Hold on," replied Maldice. She turned to Walda. "What did the noise sound like?" asked Maldice.

      "It sounded like someone was outside, playing on the swing set."

      "Wait a minute!" exclaimed Maldice. "We could have an intruder on our hands. I'm going outside to investigate."

      "Well, you're not going out alone," answered Ella, rolling out of bed. She put Walda back in her bed, and then the two Draiks nervously stepped outside.


      "Can YOU see where you're going?" grumbled Maldice.

      Ella shook her head. "I wish I had brought a lantern. It's pitch-black outside."

      Just then, Ella tripped over an object, smacking herself into the ground. As she fell, she heard a yelp, as if some creature was in pain. Then she noticed a Ghost Draik in front of her.

      "Did I trip over your tail?" asked Ella. "I'm sorry!"

      Maldice narrowed her eyebrows. "Why are you trespassing on our property?" she asked sternly.

      The Ghost Draik sighed. "The tower is my home," he explained. "Nowadays, I have nowhere else to stay."

      "Why not?" asked Ella.

      "Ten years ago, I stayed in the house that your family has since bought. I lived in the house with my owner and three siblings. However, that all changed one day, when a vicious tornado approached and tore a hole in the roof. The debris crashed down upon me, trapping me. As a prisoner under the rubble, I soon fainted."

      "A few days later, I woke up as a ghost, and my entire family was gone. I lived in the otherwise vacant house while workers repaired the property. However, the house was soon sold to another family, so I have since occupied the tower instead. I have been using the playground equipment at night so that no one would notice. A few families have lived here since the accident, and you ladies are the first to discover me."

      Ella frowned. "That's very sad," she remarked. "I think your family may have forgotten you because the situation was so hectic. We should try to find them. They probably miss you."

      The Ghost Draik nodded. "That's very possible. However, I have no idea where they went."

      "Me neither. How would we find that information out?"

      "There are public records stored in the town hall of Brightvale," answered Maldice. "They ought to tell us where the family went."

      "That's a relief," smiled Ella. "We'll find that information tomorrow. In the meantime, all of us need to get some sleep."


      The next day, the group arrived at the town hall and searched through the records. "I think this is the correct book," concluded Ella, holding up a volume that had collected a thick layer of dust.

      She brushed off the particles, then opened the book. After a few minutes, she found the record she had been looking for. "It looks like your family moved to Meridell, right next door ," she told the Ghost Draik. "Here is their new address." She pointed.

      The Draik smiled, immensely relieved. He felt enlightened by the prospect of finally reuniting with the family he had lost, the one he had loved so much. "Let's go!" he exclaimed.

      After a short walk, the group arrived in Meridell and quickly found the property. The Ghost Draik knocked on the door, hopeful but somewhat nervous.

      He immediately recognized the lady who opened the door. "Can it be?" his owner gasped. "It's you!" She immediately gave him a giant hug. "I'm so glad to have you back!"

      The Ghost Draik smiled, feeling relieved and accepted. His owner excitedly invited him into the house, along with his friends. They sat down on the couch and ate some Meridellian appetizers.

      The Ghost Draik turned to face his owner. "Hey," he began, "if you loved me so much, then why did you leave me behind?"

      His owner sighed. "I was so frazzled that I simply forgot you," she answered. "I'm so sorry."

      "Why didn't you search for me afterwards?"

      "The workers who repaired the house told me that they found no trace of you, so you probably didn't survive. Anyway, I'm glad you're here. Welcome back to the family!"

      "Thank you!" He walked over and hugged her. He felt elated because he had been reunited with the family he had loved so much. He no longer had to feel the pain of being alone. Gazing into his owner's eyes, all he could do was smile.

     The End.

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