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Night Creatures: Become one

by water_park1993


     Welcome everyone to the third and final part of the Night Creatures trilogy. After two weeks some of you might have felt the urge to become one Night Creature yourself, to be remembered by frightened small Neopets, pull pranks and celebrate Halloween even more festively! Hence, here comes the third article on how to Become One!

     There are different steps involved until you can actually become one of the most fearsome creatures ever to step on Neopia; and here are instructions step by step, how to tackle the whole idea. The very first thing you will have to do, is decide on the general idea of your desirable Night Creature. Any specific magical powers, transformations, beliefs? Your resting place, favourite food, any Meepits involved? After you have the basic history and character of your desired alias, you can follow these simple steps!


     The best way to start off your long journey of becoming one and to let your peers immediately know that you are a Night Creature, is to paint yourself a new, scary colour. To do this, you must firstly have that shiny paint brush in your pocket, safe from the Pant Devil. I recommend the fashionable Halloween Paint Brush for that new look, if you want to go for something creepy especially ideal for Halloween night frights. It consists of the most well known, but at the same time most frightening costumes. Or perhaps the Ghost Paint Brush, if you really want to give your friends and enemies a good fright by, literally, going partially transparent with a hazy aura around you and red eyes, booing them. And let's not forget one of the most frightening colours, the Zombie Paint Brush. With this almost dead look, you can rattle the brains of other Neopians and Neopets, but try not to eat them. Not all pets can be coloured Zombie, but those with the privilege will get a nasty new look and a set of new (or rather old!) clothes. In addition, you may decide to go Mutant by using a Transmogrification potion, which would also be ideal for a Night Creature. More unconventional colour options include Glowing, for that radiative look, Transparent, for that inside look and Wraith for a possessed look. Once you've decided on that special new colour, you can hop over to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central, dip into the Pool and use the brush. Et voila, here is your new look!


     Your next step is to go and buy new, scary clothing especially if you don't like your Zombie or Halloween clothing. I recommend to go and buy new clothing, simply because every pet can have the brush clothes. But only you, an honourable Night Creature can afford to buy and wear a new unique set of clothes. You can find some good clothing at Uni's Clothing, but there are many other unneeded stuff there, such as Blue and Yellow Polka Dot Bow Ties, and Flower Purses, so be sure about what you are buying. Some not so scary, but useful, clothes for your unique look are sold in Neovia, at Prigpants & Swolthy Tailors. Clothes such as some old hats, which combined with the Ghost paint brush can really create a creature taken from the past which has returned to haunt its enemies. If these clothes shops do not please you, you can always go to the NC Mall, which uses NC as its currency, where you will find a variety of scary and non-scary clothing, such as the Creepy Meepit Hat or the Dr. Sloth Toy Soldier. How about some wings to go with your new look? There is a brilliant selection of fine wings sold at both Uni's Clothing and the NC Mall. You'll be able to take flight and scare that pesky Golden Pteri and Blue Shoyru that whiz past in the sky.


     After you have decided on clothing, next thing is to choose your new hairstyle. You can't have a normal, non-eccentric hairstyle. Depending on colour, for example Ghost, changing your hair will be a bit difficult, but for the rest of the colours, a new hairstyle is vital. There are a number of gels and combs to help you get the desired look, just take a walk to the Grooming Parlour and the kind Usul will help you choose; so you should not scare her beforehand! However afterwards, you are free to do so. Remember that your hairstyle idea must not be easily recreated by many Neopians, it should have something different to it. In addition, it should be memorable and scary. How could your hair become scary? Not in the literal sense of scary but in the sense of something different, extreme, something that a poor, mortal Neopet would think twice before recreating. If you decide that a smashing new hairstyle is not what you would like, you can always cover your normal, non-scary hair with a creepy hat or maybe with a frightening wig. If you do decide on the wig, be careful when you are scaring other Neopets and Neopians; it would be very embarrassing to have your brand new wig fly away with a breeze.


     Everyone needs a companion in their Neopian life. No one likes to be alone, except Von Roo I guess. If you're going to roam the streets of Neopia, frightening and freaking out other Neopians and Neopets, you'll need someone loyal, someone evil by your side. A suitable Petpet for a Night Creature would be a Spooky Petpet (how original!). You can find the perfect little critter for you at the Spooky Petpets, located in the Haunted Woods. There is a great range and variety of Petpets and the Cybunny will be very glad to aid you. From slimy to fiery to poisonous Petpets. If you're lucky, you might just see that rare Meepit with its beady eyes watching you or that elusive Meowclops sleeping. I would recommend a couple of excellent Petpets to compliment your new colour, clothes and hairstyle, but I am pretty sure you'll know exactly which Petpet you'll buy to be your accomplice as soon as you walk through the door, based on your backstory and character. Your new little guy is going to make your evil schemes twice as fun, but don't get too carried away. If you discover that you like to invent your own recipes or potions, please do not consider throwing your Petpet in the cauldron. Give your new Petpet lots of love and attention, and soon you'll be the best of friends.

     Unique Traits

     Lastly, after you think you are ready, believe me, you are almost ready. You will definitely be an intimidating, scary Creature and I guarantee that you will be frightening all those unlucky Neopets that happen to come across your path. However, isn’t the dream that your victims talk about you to their friends? They must tell their friends something similar to this "I was shopping, and then this thing with weird hair jumped at me!".

     Therefore, in order to be memorable in the Neopian public, you will need to find something unique to make them remember every detail about you; from your height to the size of your front teeth. Something which represents you and what you like. Take for example Hubrid Nox. He has his own, unique, kind of stupid, haircut, on to which you can say that he empties three gel bottles each morning to fix. Or take Sophie, she doesn't go anywhere without her companion, the Meowclops, and also her intricate use of vines around her items. Whichever Night Creature, or any famous Neopian for that matter, you think of, will have something which easily reminds them to you. So what kind of unique traits could you have as a Villain of the Night? Perhaps you could be a stealer of Breadfish, or have a memorable sinister laughter that echoes through the night. Whatever you decide, it has to be something that pulls you out from the rest of the Night Creatures, something that puts you one level ahead of the rest and keeps true to your story. Soon, the whole of Neopia will know of your name!

     Here concludes this third and final article. Thank you everyone for following me on the Night Creatures trilogy during the past weeks. I hope that you didn’t find the information boring but useful, interesting and funny. I indeed hope that next time I see a lurking shadow while walking in the forest or a pet flying and laughing wickedly above my head, that it is you. I want to see the guidelines put into action for this Halloween or your everyday life. If you have any questions, comments or random things to say, please do not hesitate to Neomail.

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