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Holiday Gift Guide for the Caring Petpet Owner

by valleypark


The holiday season and subsequent New Year celebrations are an opportunity for us to give thanks and reflect on all that has happened to us over the past year. As we look back, what and who do we remember? The time your Candychan found a Zombie Paint Brush in Grave Danger? When the Petpet Lab zapped your Pile of Soot into a Plushie Snowbunny? This holiday season, there’s a group I think we should all take the time to remember - the ones we feed to the Turmaculus and zap on a daily basis. I’m talking about our Petpets.

The love and loyalty a Petpet has to offer cannot be found anywhere else in Neopia. You don’t get that same sort of love collecting stamps, buying stocks, or fighting in the Battledome. As the holidays begin for us here in Neopia, why not return some of that devotion? From an introduction to Petpet toys and playthings to the ins and outs of painting your Petpet, read on for my Petpet gift guide - how to make them happy this holiday season.

A New Toy or Two

Every Petpet loves toys - from bouncing balls to chewy bones, toys are a great way to keep Petpets active and happy. Not only that, but they provide an awesome opportunity for some one-on-one time as you throw a Squeaky Meepit Toy or tug a Chew Rope together. Imagine the joy on your Petpet’s face first when she unwraps her new toy, and then when she realizes you want to play! It’s the little things, folks.

But wait, I can already hear you: “My Zomutt chewed through his Indestructible Petpet Ball, and I got it for him just yesterday!” Well, you have to consider what constitutes a toy for some Petpets. The classic Blue Feather Toy may be suited for a Doglefox or Schnelly, but your Moltenore would have that burned to an unrecognizable pile of ash in seconds. You know your Petpet better than anyone. Maybe your Petpet’s idea of fun isn’t chasing after a Pink Petpet Flying Disc. Maybe she’d just prefer to eat an Old Rotten Left Boot. Or in the case of an extremely destructive Zomutt, try a nice, hard, metal Thermal Explosive Device. Trust me, he’ll love it.

Toy ideas: Blue Feather Toy, Hot Dog Squeaky Toy, Chew Rope, Veespa Petpet Nip Toy, Wind Up Cooty

A Bed, Scratching Post, Tent, or Tower

Of course, you can’t spend every waking moment playing with your Petpet. This holiday season, consider giving your him something he can enjoy in your absence. Soft beds, scratching posts, tents, and towers are extremely popular among Petpets. They can also fulfill many of our Petpets’ instincts and innate desires, from nesting and burrowing to scratching and climbing.

Some items will even make a lovely addition to your Neohome 2.0, including the Neonip Garden, a ready-made garden packed with seeds that will grow into a minty plant enjoyed by certain species of Petpet.

Furniture ideas: Deluxe Canopy Petpet Bed, Zomutt Tunnel, Green Tiered Scratching Post, Hopso Igloo, Heated Rock

A New Paint Job

Let’s be real here - Petpets probably can’t tell the difference between being blue or brown. I mean, are we even sure a Puppyblew can see in color? However, there are undoubtedly some perks to certain colors. Consider faerie or grey. Do you have the sort of daring, adventure-loving Petpet who’d love to take to the sky on a new pair of wings? What about the melancholy Petpet who’d enjoy an appearance to match her mood? Such a change could vastly improve the life of the right Petpet. But again, like toys, you need to consider your Petpet’s personality before making this drastic, and potentially expensive, life change. If you have the kind of Petpet who likes to keep his feet firmly on the ground, wings may be an unwelcome addition to his physique. Likewise, a naturally joyous Petpet would not appreciate a grey makeover.

A new color may also have other perks, too. If your Petpet likes attention, certain colors may get him more affection from Neopets on your next outing. A bright pink hue might attract some extra pats, kisses, and photos from passersby. Or maybe a zombie look would do for a pet who likes to keep strangers at bay.

Petpet Paint Brush ideas: Faerie Petpet Paint Brush, Grey Petpet Paint Brush, Robot Petpet Paint Brush, Pink Petpet Paint Brush, Zombie Petpet Paint Brush

A Friend of Their Own

If you’ve got especially deep pockets, consider investing in a Petpetpet to keep your Petpet company. Petpetpets, from the highly coveted and avatar-providing Mootix to the lower profile Vernax, are to your Petpet what your Petpet is to you - a friend to care for, play with, and love. Some consider Petpetpets to mere pests, but they can provide a valuable source of companionship for your Petpet, especially during the cold winter months when they may be cooped up in your Neohome.

Unlike the most of these gifts so far, Petpetpets cannot be acquired in regularly restocking Neopian stores like the ones found in Neopian Central. Instead, you have to purchase them from other fellow Neopians. I’ve also heard that they can jump onto your Petpet through a random event on a certain flying spaceship…

Petpetpet ideas: Springabee, Zytch, Ditrey, Glyme, Rainblug

Some Time Alone with You

While you’re busy spending the season buying gifts for those who can respond with a verbal “thank you,” it’s easy to forget about those who can’t say much. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to take our Petpet companions for granted - at any time of the year. Rather than (or maybe in addition to) spending oodles of Neopoints on a stocking full of fancy gifts for your Petpet, why not just spend a little extra time together?

Head out to the Winter Starlight Festival for a day and evening in the Happy Valley drinking slushies and throwing snowballs. Or take that vacation to Mystery Island you’ve always wanted. But do it together. I also suggest foregoing all of the miserable things we Neopians put our Petpets through on a daily basis, from waking the Turmaculus to becoming science experiments at the Petpet Lab. Consider all of the times your Petpet has braved Grave Danger for you. And trust me, it was always for you.

There you have it - your guide to a happy Petpet this holiday season. Not a Petpet parent? Then make sure to stop by any of the Petpet shops across Neopia to make yourself a very happy new Petpet owner before the New Year.

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