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Morphing Potions - Are they Worth It?

by myjudem


     There are several hundred Morphing Potions available out there to change your pet! You may be looking for a new colour, a different species, or a combination of both! You may even consider collecting Morphing Potions; bottles for Morphing Potions can be very pretty or impressive, perfect for showing off in your gallery. I have started a collection of Pirate Morphing Potions myself – you can see the first 8 of 25 Pirate Potions on display in my gallery!

     So how do you decide to use Morphing Potions or Paint Brushes? If you simply want a change of colour, you may have to check if there is a Morphing Potion in your desired colour for your specific Neopet species. There isn’t always a Morphing Potion to meet your exact needs, and a Paint Brush may be your only option.

     However, if there is a Morphing Potion that meets your specific needs, you should still compare prices with the Paint Brush of the same colour – sometimes one may be cheaper than the other!

     If you want to change your Neopets species, there are a few options like Lab Rays, but Morphing Potions tend to be a safer and surer bet (unless you want to go with a Lab Ray specific colour only). Morphing Potions, like Paint Brushes, can be expensive to buy, so please check how a pet looks beforehand, so you aren’t left with buyer’s remorse. Morphing Potions can range from anywhere from a few thousand Neopoints to several million!

     Basic colours like blue, green, red, and yellow tend to be available to more species of Neopets. More common or popular species like Ogrins, Eyries, Xweetoks and Aisha’s tend to have more available and have cheaper prices for the Morphing Potions. Even though rarer Neopets like Cybunny or a Draik tend to be more expensive, they are available in several colours with Morphing Potions, and if they don’t come in a Morphing Potion in a colour of your liking, you may have to fork out even more Neopoints for a Paint Brush to finally get your hard-to-get Neopet to the final look you want!

     Neopets and the different colours, species and the Morphing Potions we use can be an exciting and confusing place. I have picked out a list of my favourite morphing potions, and recommend a browse through Jellyneo indexes for colour combinations as well as a complete list of the Morphing Potions.

      Baby Aisha Morphing Potion – approx. 725,000 NPs, regularly on Trading Post. There is a decent range of Baby Morphing Potions, and the Baby Aisha is one of my favourite species in Baby, but its price has recently spiked. A Baby Paint Brush is usually around 550-600k, and if your pet isn’t already an Aisha, there are several cheaper Aisha Morphing Potions (like the Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion) that you can get in combination with the Baby Paint Brush. If you have the NPs to spare and want a single transaction, a Baby Aisha Morphing Potion is always there!

     Baby Chomby (550,000NPs), Baby Peophin (250,000NPs), Baby Scorchio (450,000NPs), Baby Shoyru (375,000NPs), Baby Usul (560,000NPs) are all available as Morphing Potions, and they are all cheaper than buying a Baby Paint Brush! The Baby Peophin is particularly good value when comparing Paint Brush prices. Even if your Pet is already a Shoyru or Peophin, it is definitely worth buying the Morphing Potion over the Paint Brush if you want the Baby version of these Pets!

     Christmas Aisha (125,000NPs), Christmas Chomby (150,000NPs), Christmas Peophin (100,000NPs) are some of my favourite Christmas versions when used on a Pet, but also as collectable items. They are also relatively cheap – check the Shop Wizard before the Trading Post – there are usually some available in the 90-99k range for some of these Potions.

     Clay Aisha Morphing Potion for 1,500,000NPs is the only Morphing Potion for the Clay colour. This will make a good collectable item. I’m not a big fan of the Clay look, but of the range, the Aisha definitely looks the best in it, and the Morphing Potion is definitely a lot cheaper than the Paint Brush!

     Cloud Cybunny (500,000NPs). Along with the Gnorbu, the Cybunny really takes well to the Cloud colour. If you’re after a Morphing Potion specifically for a Cybunny, there are several cheaper ones out there (Green Cybunny)

     Faerie Lenny (570,000NPs), Faerie Lutari (1,200,000NPs) & Faerie Pteri (400,000NPs) are great looks and they are cheaper than a Faerie Paint Brush. If you already have a Lutari, you might want to compare the Faerie Paint Brush with the Faerie Lutari MP, but if you have a different Pet and want the Faerie Lutari, this Faerie Lutari is definitely the better value.

     Golden Elephante Morphing Potion for approx. 10,000NPs! A cheap one to turn your Pet into a Trophy Elephante.

     Island Aisha (250,000NPs), Island Chomby (300,000NPs), and Island Cybunny Morphing Potion (680,000NPs), are all good value whether or not your Pet is already an Aisha, Chomby or Cybunny. These three look great in the Mystery Island colour and the Morphing Potions come in cheaper than the Paint Brush counterpart.

     Pirate Aisha (8000NPs) and Pirate Draik (110,000NPs) are useful Potions. Pirate Aisha, Pirate Techo, Pirate Eyrie and Pirate Draik tend to be the most common Morphing Potion prizes given at Anchor Management, but I personally want to give a shout out to the Aisha and Draik as popular pet species. Even if you don’t want to use or display your Pirate Morphing Potion prizes, the Pirate Draik MP can get a decent bit of pocket change on the Trading Post.

     Plushie Morphing Potions are great value if you really want a Plushie pet, because the Plushie Paint Brush is one of the most expensive ones out there. Plushie MPs don’t cover ALL Neopets species, but they do cover a decent number of them, and the price range on Plushie MPs does vary quite a bit – from 330,000NPs for a Plushie Wocky to 2,500,000NPs for a Plushie Cybunny or a Plushie Aisha. However, they are all cheaper than buying a Plushie Paint Brush, so it will save you NPs if you are really set on your Plushie Pet.

      Shadow Chomby (300,000NPs) and Shadow Cybunny (700,000NPs). Shadow Morphing Potions are a cool set for the Gallery, and are generally also cheaper than a Shadow Paint Brush – if you’re lucky enough to have a MP for the Shadow species you want! I think the Shadow Chomby and Shadow Cybunny look great in this colour and are good value compared to the Paint Brushes.

     Stealthy Lutari Morphing Potion (2,000,000NPs) is an expensive Morphing Potion, but in comparison to buying the Stealth Paint Brush, this one will save you several million to get the Stealthy Lutari. Overall, the Stealthy colour is a great look, but the Morphing Potion range in small and the Lutari MP in this colour is definitely my favourite.

      Wraith Draik (2,000,000NPs) & Wraith Shoyru (1,000,000NPs) are, like the Stealthy Morphing Potions, on the expensive side. Considering the price of the Wraith Paint Brushes, they will save you on the NPs though. Wraith colour looks great on every Neopet, so I would definitely check if the Morphing Potions have the Wraith MP for the species you want before you fork out for the more expensive Paint Brush. The Wraith Draik and the Wraith Shoyru are my favourites from the Wraith Morphing Potion range.



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