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Dressing Your Pet in Fashionable Attire

by astrakat


The clothing store has been around since the beginning of Neopia and the NC mall almost as long but there are still undressed, under-dressed, and ugly dressed pets. Our aim is to help you learn to customise, raise your pet’s self-esteem, and repair the damaged relationship with your pet.

A good place to start, when customising your pet, is by choosing a color theme. Many Neopian's enjoy using colors that correspond with particular holidays. It's easy to start with a background and build forward from there with clothes, foregrounds, and accessories. Contrasting colors is an important element as it helps your pet "pop" from the center of everything.

One easy way to build an entire theme is to buy a Superpack from the NC Mall, but this requires spending real money. It can be fun, however, and you can mix other items you already have with items from a Superpack. This helps you create more contrast and gives you and your pet a look all your own.

I find it easiest to keep my closet cleaned out and move items I’m not using into my Safety Deposit Box. When I’m ready to change my pet’s attire I use the search feature in my SDB to find new clothes and accessories. For example, with a green themed Holiday coming up, I can simply type in the word Green and see all the various items I have to enhance that theme. I like to use a cute little handheld petpet, maybe a sword to make my pet look dashing in the Battledome and definitely some exotic face paint and/or contact lenses. Keeping my closet nice and tidy also makes the customise feature load faster and everything is easier to find for a quick change.

I know there are a few that don't dress their pets at all. What? It is a mystery to me how they cannot! It helps your pet have a personality, maybe even an attitude. It also allows you to really get into the holidays. Both the shops and NC Mall sell themed items. Yes, it will be a trial and error activity. Some backgrounds don't work well with some pets because of size. Some pets look like they are floating. This is also true of most other items. Just keep trying. You can do this at the NC Mall by having your pet active and clicking on "try on" So much fun! You can create several different scenes (home, seasons, locations etc.) Make your pet beautiful, scary, cute, or dressed for a special event. Have Fun! Your pet will love it!

Another important factor in dressing your pet is to make sure it enhances his self-esteem. Dressing like a clown is great for parties and picnics but definitely not for the Chocolate Ball. How despondent will your pet be when he's dressed in Christmas attire in April or using the Autumn Market Background in January? It isn't necessary to customize daily (although you change your clothes every day, right?) but if the seasons change it’s a good idea to update your pets look and showcase his sense of style.

Accessories really can make or break an outfit. Consider a beautiful spring outfit, neggs in the background, flowers in bloom, and your pet has Fur Lined Winter Boots on its feet. Or it’s Halloween and your pet is in its spookiest finery but is also holding a Pretty Little Daisy. Your pet wouldn't be able to hold his head high.

Painting your pet also needs to be taken into consideration. Would a faerie or water pet look better with the custom you're considering? Have you tried painting a pet wraith or dimensional? Customising is more than throwing on a background and some articles of clothing.

The NC mall might not be your thing but that shouldn't stop you from having well-dressed pets. For example, backgrounds start from only 1np! Even better, hang out by the money tree and see what wearable freebies you can find there. Take part in events and plots and most of all do your dailies; you never know what surprises you will get when you do. TNT has made it so everyone has a chance to have a beautifully accessorized pet that can be proud you are its owner and need not feel left out. In my opinion no wardrobe can be complete without a little Moehug to keep your pet company and feeling loved when you are not there.

Costumes are a fun way to dress your pet and so are themes but if you are a jeans and t-shirt loving person there's plenty out there for your pet to wear. The basics shop in the mall might be what you're looking for in an outfit. You can jazz up your customising in other ways, a nifty background, an eye-catching accessory or even fireworks, showers, or a waterfall.

Whether you dress all your pets alike or prefer a different look for each don't forget the finishing touches; makeup, contacts, glasses, or markings can individualize your pet.

So if you've had enough of the silent treatment and are weary of the constant cold shoulder, give customising a try!

Whether you go the NP route, the NC route or choose to mix-n-match a little of both. Your pet will fill with pride and excitement when they sparkle, shine, and stand out from the crowd. Are they into a garish Gaultier look? Maybe a charming Chanel ensemble? Are they happiest dressed down in bohemian chic? Maybe they are most content surrounded by dancing butterflies or magical orbs! One thing is for sure, they will love all of your attentions and efforts and their self-esteem will skyrocket into Neospace!

Lastly, after you have spent some time creating a new look for your pet; why not try entering the weekly Customization contest? Winning that pretty star trophy will not only make your pet beam with pride, but I bet you will too.

This collaboration was a guild activity, submissions by karlynne1964, astrakat, grame5, danielle13707, cautiousapproach , vickysavage, nikkigrrl85, and vidav .

The End.

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