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9 curiosities about coins that you find in Neopia!

by itsbah


     Some curiosities about 9 coins that every collector should know on Neopia!

This list was made to show you Neopians some of the coins you can find around Neopia and how you can obtain them! Be aware that some of them might be really hard to find, so keep an eye open and if you have any chance to get them, do it before you regret!

     #9 - Altador Cup X Collectible Gold Coin – R101

This coin was given out after Altador Cup X and you could buy it using the points you got while playing the cup, it’s original price was 4.000 points and today you can only get one buying it from someone else!

It was the first featured coin and it can be placed on the “Coins Part Deux Revenge of Coin” in your stamp album. For now, we don’t know how long it will take until TNT releases more coins to this page but stay tuned so you won’t miss any of them.

     #8 - Emerald Eyrie Coin – R100

This is probably the rarest coin you’ll find around Neopia. Just a few players have placed it on their albums and you can get it with a really lucky spin on the Wheel of Extravagance or once in a lifetime you may be able to see it restocking on the Official Neopian Shop!

The Collectable Coins Shopkeeper told us that if you manage to see it someday, be aware that you’ll spend a high amount of Neopoints to get it, but it’s definitely worth it! You’ll make such a nice profit if you decide to sell it later.

With this whole description, you should be aware that if you’re a stamp collector, this one will probably be the hardest one to place on your album.

     #7 - Money Tree Coin – R99

The Money Tree is located at the centre of Neopia Central. Every single day a lot of Neopians donate items that they don’t use anymore to the money tree to help those who are in need of items, food, Neopoints, clothes and anything you can imagine goes there.

It’s really important for all Neopians, from the richest ones to the poorest, so why not create an item that would mark forever the how generous the Neopians are? We are sure that TNT understands its meaning and made this coin to be placed at your Coins Page in your stamp album so every time you look at it, you’ll probably remember to take a look at your safety deposit box to help those who are in need.

     #6 - Scowling Sloth Coin – R99

We don’t really enjoy talking about villains, but sometimes we just have to. Dr. Frank Sloth is a villain and there are many rumours around his activities around Neopia, but everything we know for sure is that he is the leader of Virtupets Corp. and an evil scientist that uses his knowledge to make plans to take the control of Neopia.

We heard that the space faerie has beaten him once and since then he has been hiding from everything and everyone, so they can forget about what happened to him a while ago.

     #5 - Rainbow Pool Coin – R98

The Rainbow Pool is located at Neopia Central and it is one of the most visited places around Neopia. You can go there with a paintbrush and bring your Neopets there to get a brand-new colour for them! There’s also an option to bring your Petpets before you attach them to your pet, so they can get a new colour too. This very special moment has been registered to a coin that can be placed at your album so you won’t ever forget about this special day to your pet.

     #4 - Defenders Of Neopia Coin – R98

Well, this coin was created a while ago when defenders of Neopia used to be around to keep us safe from villains. Even though it’s disabled now, we heard that TNT has plans to get it back to the site so we can battle those bad guys, always guided by the Judge Hog!

To show us how important this feature was, back on these days that Neopia was under risks of random attacks, they made this commemorative coin so no one would ever forget them.

     #3 - Book Coin – R96

For us, sparing some minutes of our day to read a book for our pet is an important thing to do and all Neopians should do that sometimes. We have tons of books around Neopia and all of them are really important to be read someday.

So, this moment of taking care of your Neopet should be remembered and there’s no better way than remember that stamp collectors should also care about how smart their pet is. Remember, the smartest the pet is, probably so is their owner. ;)

     #2 - Gorix and Cylara Coin – R97

As there is a coin for sloth, there should be a coin for the heroes who keep Kreludor safe from Sloth.

They have fought so hard against Dr. Frank Sloth and trapped him inside the Space Faerie amulet as they used the magic inside the token while recitated a spell to win the last battle against him. They were congratulated by the whole headquarter due to their work on stopping Dr. Sloth’s plans to conquer Kreludor.

     #1 - Neopian Times Coin – R100

Last but not least, we decided to pick this coin for all of those Neopians that care for our beloved Neopian Times. As an important site feature, that is runned by TNT and Neopians together, no one should ever forget to read everything that you can find at the journal. There we have articles, comics, answers for the most important questions asked by other Neopians, short stories to keep us entertained. As there’s only one issue per week, there’s enough time to read everything until a new one is released.

All Neopians that write as a contribution for the Neopian times should have get of it!

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