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Enjoy the 850th Edition Party with Rarity 85 Food!

by happyinengland


     Hello everyone! It’s been a while, huh? How have you been? Good? Great!

     Just in case we might not have a chance to talk later, I would like to take the time now to thank you for coming to the Neopian Times’ 850th Edition Party hosted by yours truly. I am extremely happy to see you here!

     Grab a drink and make your way around the garden. There’s a lot of food for you to get your hands (or fins, or paws, or … you get the picture) on.


     Now I would like to speak to you, the readers, of this wonderful, established newspaper.

     I would like to share some ideas for those who were unable to come to the party. You should celebrate this auspicious occasion wherever you are! I assure you it’s worth the time and preparation to see the smile on your precious Neopet’s face.

     Whether you like a certain complexity of creating a dish or simply like to buy something straight from the store, this article will have at least one item that will cause your mouth to salivate.

     With that being said, grab a napkin, a paper and a pen and get jotting as I share with you the ten must-have Rarity 85 food items for a Neopian Times’ 850th Edition Party! Let’s face it; what’s a party without food, huh?


     * Starters

     1) Delicate Faerie Nachos


     Let’s start off the party with a universal favourite – nachos! They are shaped like faerie wings and drizzled with cheese sauce. It also comes in a cute lilac and pink box! What’s not to love?

     You can find Delicate Faerie Nachos at Faerie Foods in Faerieland.

          2) Tangy Cheesicle


     This is a simple one to make! Buy a block of cheese and cut and shape the pieces however you want. Pop a wooden stick into each cheese piece and you’re done! If you want to save even more time, then I’ve got you… buy them straight from the store! I won’t tell, hehe.

     * Mains

     3) CPMPB Pizza


     Here we go, in my opinion this is the ultimate party food – pizza! I was going to save this until the end but I just couldn’t wait. I should probably tell you what those initials stand for first, right? Are you ready? CPMPB is the abbreviated term for chicken pesto with mozzarella and peanut butter! It’s like having a main and a dessert at the same time. Mmm… delicious!

          4) Furanga Fruit Sandwich


     For those who don’t fancy something too filling but still want a mix of savoury and sweet, then this is the food suggestion for you! This delicious sandwich is made up of Furanga Fruit spread between two slices of bread. Even though this fruit in particular is used to clean blackboards, it is still considered yummy!

          * Drinks

     5) Jinjah Maple Mocktail


     You will probably want something to wash down your food, right? Jinjah Maple Mocktail sounds like a good option to me! Pour some into a glass, throw in some ice, pop in a straw and hey presto! A refreshingly dainty mocktail for you and your Neopets to drink!

          * Desserts

     6) Fruit Tuskabob


     *drools* What is this beauty? It’s a fun take on a fruit kabob! Chop up your favourite fruit into small, mouth sized pieces and put them together with a skewer. Add a Tuskaninny (or any Neopet you want!) shaped piece of fruit on top to bring the whole thing together. Maybe dip your beautifully homemade Fruit Tuskabobs in melted chocolate if you want to indulge yourself.

          7) Fruity Fondue


     Are you interested in a healthy alternative to a cheese or chocolate fountain? No? Hmm, I’m sure at least someone out there does. If that’s you then listen up. Get yourself a Fruity Fondue – they are all the rage! They are healthy, sweet and make any party complete.

          8) Islandberry Ice Cream


     Every party has got to have ice cream. It’s like the Neopian Law, don’t you know? I’m just kidding (but it should be). I’ve chosen the Islandberry Ice Cream because not only is it deliciously juicy… you get served two scoops instead of one! If you aren’t into Islandberry then you can substitute it for another flavour but why mess with perfection?

     You can find an Islandberry Ice Cream at the Tropical Food Shop in Mystery Island.

          9) Chokato Topped Frozen Yogurt


     Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream. The one that made my list is especially great as it includes one of my favourite veggies – Chokato! You’re probably wondering why, aren’t you? A Chokato is a mixture of chocolate and tomato – yummy! This frozen yogurt is served in a bowl with a Chokato topping. It’s really healthy and equally appetising.

     You can find Chokato Topped Frozen Yogurt at Neopian Health Foods in The Neopian Bazaar.

          10) Triple Scoop of Sorbet


     Last but certainly not the least is the Triple Scoop of Sorbet! It’s another great alternative to ice cream. Serve this up in a pretty bowl or on a crunchy cone – it’s a very versatile dessert. The scoops of sorbet taste fruity and are incredibly refreshing. A portion of this is the perfect way to finish a meal.

     You can find a Tangy Cheesicle, CPMPB Pizza, Jinjah Maple Mocktail, Furanga Fruit Sandwich, Fruit Tuskabob, Fruity Fondue, and a Triple Scoop of Sorbet at Neopian Fresh Foods in Neopia Central.


     There we have it! Those are what I consider the ten must-have Rarity 85 food items for a Neopian Times’ 850th Edition Party! Do you agree with the items that I selected for you to try out or do you have something else to recommend? I would love to know.

     Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I hope you find it useful and that you will have an amazing time throwing your very own 850th Edition Party!

     That reminds me… I should probably get back to entertaining my guests now.

     Speak to you soon, bye!


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