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Emulating Edna: 12 Quest-Free Ways to Pay Homage

by alissiee


     Emulating Edna: 12 Quest-Free Ways to Pay Homage

     We all know what time of year it is. You can smell it in the air, feel it on the breeze, hear it in the leaves you crunch underfoot. Yes, it’s the Month of Collecting, and who likes collecting things better than everyone’s favorite Zafara witch Edna? Up in her tower, she asks passers-by for an assortment of Neopian goods, often bringing them in with the lure of an avatar she rarely produces. Looking to show your appreciation for this true Neopian icon? Check out this comprehensive list of Edna-related goodies to bring some spooky spunk into your step this season!

     Fail-Safe Fall Selections

     Edna Costume Hat

     Look, there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to Edna in the standard way. Everyone loves dressing up at the end of the month and harassing their neighbors in the hopes of receiving free candy, so why not do it in the guide of your favorite witch? This hat is fairly priced and looks great on a variety of species, including Jubjubs who are notoriously impossible to shop for.

     Edna Plushie

     Definitely a step up in price from the costume hat, this plushie will show your true dedication to Edna. If you squeeze it in the middle, you’ll be treated to the delightful sound of Edna’s very own cackle and quest request. (Try saying that one three times fast.)

     Edna’s Spooky Brew

     While this used to be a standard in any Edna-lover’s rotation of cuisine, recent events in the Haunted Woods have led to a rapid inflation of its price, keeping it out of the average Neopian’s reach. Reports have reached Neopia Central that the Brain Tree (perhaps in an attempt to emulate Edna itself?) has begun to issue an avatar related to its own quests. While a spike in foot traffic is just what the Haunted Woods needs this time of year, visitors may have to go without their cauldron of brew until the prices lower.

     Edna’s Potion

     What do you think this concoction does? While a normal witch might come up with any number of brews, it tickles me to tell our readers that this particular potion has no effect whatsoever. Think of it more like a hip fashion accessory than a true potion. Others seen carrying Edna’s Potion are clearly true fans of her craft. Anyone who asks what it does? Only here for the season.

     Edna’s Cookie

     Even witches need some down time! While there has been no official confirmation that Edna herself has had a hand in these cookies’ creation, I have a hunch that nothing is made in her likeness without Edna’s approval. Better still, the cookies are chocolate-flavored, promising a delightful experience for both your eyes and your taste buds.

     Little Witch Usuki

     The last on my list of acceptable Edna picks is a bit of a surprise, since the Little Witch Usuki is not designed around Edna’s look. However, it’s hard to not like Usuki-collecting, and this one’s outfit is appropriately witchy! She bears Edna’s black and green color scheme and has brought along her own broomstick, which might come in handy should Edna decide she doesn’t approve of her imitation.

     Buyer Beware! These May Not Please

     Charming Witch Dress

     So you thought you’d go for the knockoff version of Edna’s apparel, did you? While this may be a witch’s dress, it certainly does not match what our Zafara wears-- and don’t let her hear you calling her charming. She just might put a charm of her own on you.

     Pretty Witch Hat

     Again, do you really think that “pretty” is the best word to go with here? The pink and purple in this hat would clash terribly with any of Edna’s outfits. Though the hat markets itself as a hat for special occasions, true witches would know better than to step outside their color scheme for important events.

     Halloween Korbat Witch Hat and Nose

     The colors for this set are correct, but there’s something about the stereotypical witch nose that would cause Edna’s (adorable, pert little) nose to wrinkle with disdain. If you’re going to dress as a witch this holiday season, there are far superior options, such as the Edna Costume Hat listed above.

     The Usuls Witching Halloween

     This was a tough one, but after a bit of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that the price of this book puts it solidly in the second half of this list. While Edna might not staunchly oppose the reading material (she certainly appreciates a good Halloween story herself!), she would much rather see you spend your hard-earned Neopoints on her quest items and not millions at once on a single book.

     Witchcraft Spells

     There’s imitation as flattery, and then there’s meddling with a witch’s precise art and getting yourself into a boatload of trouble! Edna would be the first to tell you that witchcraft takes practice. I mean, how much time does she spend locked away in her tower, trying desperately to perfect her potions? It’s not something to take up on a lark!

     Witch Hunting Techniques

     Find the book. Buy the book. Burn the book. This… this kind of violence-inciting heresy cannot be tolerated in our society. Edna would be ashamed.

     Honorable Mentions

     Halloween Goblin Soup

     For those of you who find yourselves missing Edna’s Spooky Brew, here’s a lower-budget swap which comes close in terms of taste and spook-factor. Is it made by Edna herself? No, but if you’re just looking to get into the Halloween spirit, it’s an acceptable duplicate.

     Halloween Kadoatie

     Just like Edna herself, Kadoaties are always looking for new items to satiate their appetites! This cute critter is all done up in their Halloween best, and while a typical Neopian might get a disapproving sneer with this kind of outfit, I think Edna will have a bit more leeway when it comes to the costumes of petpets.

     Brain Tree Branch

     Look, Edna is used to having the run of the Haunted Woods avatar market, and with the Brain Tree encroaching on her territory, there’s really no way to know how she’ll react. Fortunately, Brain Tree Branches are incredibly inexpensive and can serve many functional uses. If Edna decides the Brain Tree is in her good graces, you can use it as proof that you’ve been working in assisting it in its quests for knowledge. If she declares the Brain Tree her sworn enemy… well, perhaps you can pretend you snapped a branch off on your way by? And if she doesn’t believe that, you’ll have a moderately-sharp stick with which to defend yourself.


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