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Which Avatar Are You? Updated Edition

by painted_dreams87


     Around four years ago, a quiz I wrote to help others choose which avatar to use was published in The Neopian Times. It was in Issue 651, if you are curious. So many wonderful new avatars have been released since then, so I think it’s time for a new quiz to celebrate all of our new avatar choices. Just like last time, this quick and easy quiz will match you with an avatar that fits your personality. All you have to do is keep track of your answers with a paper and pencil or a notepad on your computer. Once you’re finished answering everything, refer to the answer key at the bottom. Have fun!

     1. Leaves are falling at an alarmingly fast rate. Soon, your yard is completely covered with leaves of every Autumn color. What will you do about it?

     A. Leave them. They provide the perfect cover for me to hide and pop out at someone. It will be too funny to see them jump and scream.

     B. Have someone else rake and dispose of them. I am not one to do yard work or risk getting dirty.

     C. Take care of them. Once I am done with my own yard, I will market my services to neighbors and make money from raking their yards too.

     D. Leave them. They are fine where they are. Plus, what if I want them for something later?

     E. Play in them. Leaves are nature’s toys. Why not make a huge pile and jump into it?

     F. Take care of them. Once I am done with my own yard, I will rake my elderly neighbor’s yard and expect nothing in return.

     2. A friend has an important meeting or interview to attend. She approaches you and asks for your advice on how to make a memorable first impression. You think about it for a moment before telling her….

     A. Stand out from the crowd. Everyone will show up wearing work attire. You should arrive in something unique, perhaps even a daringly bold gothic look.

     B. Appearances are everything. Just to make sure she gets it right, you lend her your favorite blouse and offer to do her make-up.

     C. Appearing wealthy makes you desirable. You lend her your expensive purse and jewelry, because you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

     D. Do not worry about it. You have everything you need already to do well. Just relax.

     E. Make them laugh. The best way to ensure you are not forgotten is to tell a hilarious joke at the right time. You offer her some of your best material in case she needs a good one.

     F. You have her back. You cancel your plans for the rest of the day to practice asking her questions, and be a rock for everything she needs.

     3. Christmas is quickly approaching. Your schedule is so jam packed with activities, but you have time to squeeze in one more thing. Which will you choose?

     A – Attend a costume party. A group of friends are throwing a Halloween in December party, and you would not miss it.

     B – Have a spa day. It has been a long, stressful year. I deserve a little pampering and time for myself.

     C – Work some extra hours. You can always use a little extra money, so why not pick up an extra shift or two?

     D – Organize your home. You have so much stuff, and it could do with a little organization.

     E – Spend time with a friend. She has had a rough time lately, and you know you can make her laugh.

     F – Attend a charity event and/or volunteer. There is nothing more important I could do with my spare time than use it to benefit others.

     4. You are participating in a secret gift exchange, and you have to buy a gift for someone you do not know at all. You have no idea what you should get, so you decide to just go with…

     A – A candle. You picked out a lovely candle with a haunting aroma, and you think it is the perfect gift.

     B – Beauty products. Everyone needs more beauty products. You just hope she won’t be offended.

     C – A gift card. Who would not want money or the best thing to it?

     D – Something you received from someone else last year. There is no sense in throwing out a perfectly good gift, so you decide to re-gift it.

     E – Your favorite comedy. Everyone loves to laugh, and this movie never fails to make you laugh hysterically.

     F – A donation to her favorite charity. You can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift.

     5. You volunteered to answer a questionnaire so officials can get to know the members of your community. They want to know what your favorite holiday is and why. You do not hesitate before answering…

     A – Halloween! You can’t get enough of the cobwebs and scares.

     B – Valentine’s Day! You wish there was more than just one whole day of being pampered and adored.

     C – Any obscure holiday that won’t cost you money. Have you ever noticed how seriously expense holidays are?

     D – Christmas! You love getting new things, but it doesn’t mean you are willing to part with the old.

     E – April Fool’s Day! You always have the best prank planned far in advance and ready to spring on someone.

     F – Thanksgiving! You are grateful for what you have, and you usually give back to those in need as part of your holiday tradition.

     Mostly A – The shiny new Brain Tree Quest avatar is right for someone as spooky as you. You enjoy all things scary, and you are not afraid to embrace it. If something makes you jump, you love it. You may even enjoy unleashing your spookiness on unsuspecting friends.

     Mostly B – The Beauty Contest avatar is a great choice for someone with such a sense of style. You are lovely! Others likely look to you as a source of inspiration when they decide what to wear, how to do their hair, and what is fashionable at the moment.

     Mostly C – The Trudy avatar is perfect for a tycoon such as you. You are rolling in more Neopoints than you know what to do with thanks to many wise decisions and a knack for earning and saving. You probably get asked how you earn as much as you do, but you keep that secret close.

     Mostly D – That’s Not Rubbish is an excellent match for someone who sees the value in everything. To you, everything is worth collecting and keeping. You never know when you are going to need something, so why throw it away?

     Mostly E – Caption Contest – Hilarious was made for people like you! You love to make people laugh, and you succeed at it nearly every time you try. People love to be around you, because it will always be a good time with your non-stop jokes and shenanigans.

     Mostly F – Charity Corner is a terrific choice for such a kind, gentle, and generous soul. You live for making others happy, and you give back whenever you are able. You feel a genuine sense of joy and pride when you help someone else. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

     Even Mix of Answers – If your answers didn’t steer you in a clear direction, perhaps the Random Contest Winner avatar would be a fitting choice for you. The “Completely Random” text animated on the image seems like a playful way to showcase your random style.

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