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A Tale of a Grey Faerie

by sulin


Grey Faeries - The least known species of faeries. In Neopia, these faeries roam the streets, searching for something, something...Here is an unbelievable tale of a certain grey faerie.

      Sitting at the back of the Bakery, sits a grey faerie. Along with her sits a grey cirrus. But not your painted Cirrus, oh no. This is a grey cirrus. A true grey Cirrus that had done something horrible, and as punishment, is painted such a horrendous shade.

     The grey faerie eats some stale baguettes that the kind baker leaves out for her to eat. She drinks from a cracked old bucket filled with Strawberry fruit cup filling. Her plate is a rubbish bin lid and her cup is the bucket. Her cirrus eats from a rubbish can lid also, but he eats a stale crumbled orange Scorchio cookie. He laps at some old, dirty water in a lid.

     The grey faerie sleeps on a small bundle of newspapers and flattened cardboard. No cloth to cover her by and protect her from the bitter winds, so she must use the closest thing she has, which happens to be paper. She has a paper pillow, blanket and bed.

     The grey Cirrus sleeps like the Grey Faerie, on paper. But yet he is different. He sleeps in a rubbish bin lid with paper lining it. Then he covers himself with a single piece of paper.

     The toilet is an old, holey beyond repair, barely recognisable wicker one dumped at the back of the Bakery. They kind baker set it up so they grey faerie could use it. Although there is no sink, so instead, they must use a rubbish bin filled with water.

     The Cirrus uses a rubbish bin lid covered with newspaper as his litter tray. Every day, the faerie gives it to the Gardening Centre to fertilize the plants. For this, she gets nothing but measly 2 berries. But one can't not survive on only bread. Yet, the faerie gives a berry to the Cirrus.

     The grey faerie wears a pale grey, ragged dress that has a many a holes in it. It looks like it is made out of a sack, if you know what a grey sack looks like. There is a long, tattered beyond repair ribbon tied limply around her dress, in the form of a belt. It is a feeble attempt to make the faerie look good, but alas! It does not work. The two ends hang down to the ground limply, thus showing no signs of life, like the young faerie herself.

     Her grey, limp hair shows no sign of life. It was once vainly attempted to be brushed and held back, but the hair was too limp. Now the grey faerie tries nothing to keep it looking well. The only thing she has on her head is a tattered and torn crown, which once was a crown of many splendours, with Neopians all over Neopia coming to try and catch a glimpse of it. Now there is nothing special about it. Now it is nothing but a thin piece of string with two, grey, limp feathers attached to it, with the two feather feebly hanging on.

     Her shoes are barely shoes. They are just grey, limp, unrecognisable things attached to two pieces of string, which, in turn, are attached to each other. Like flip-flops, but in a more, limp look.

     Around her neck is a single grey string with a small, grey pouch attached to it. In it, is a few, grey, limp, unrecognisable items, yet this grey faerie treasures them as if they are valuable artifacts from the hidden tower. But they are not. Instead, they are grey and limp and look nothing of valuable items. Or so we think. Little do we know, that yes, these items are Hidden Tower item parts. There is a string from the Yoyo of Death, one claw from the Werelupe Claw Necklace, the feather from the Pirate Captains Hat and a very small flask of faerie fog.

     Her hands are bare, with only a single, grey little ring on her index finger. Unknown to us, though, that this is Jhudora's Bewitched Ring, and it never comes off. Hence why it is still on the grey faerie's Finger. Her nails are bare, as she does not have enough neopoints to buy some nail varnish. Instead, they are clean, dull and dirty.

     The grey faerie's face is bare and dirty. It seems her face has been modelled to look miserable all the time. Her dull, grey eyes have a sad look in them. She looks at each and every passer-by with her miserable eyes with the saddest look one can never imagine. Her eyes are the most expressive part of her body. Her eyes almost seem to tell a story of her past. Her past being a joyful one, a royal one and indeed, a great one. But now she has nothing but memories and a few little possessions. Alas, she is nothing but a low grey faerie now.

     The rest of her face is made up of normal parts. Her eyelashes are grey and short, thus bringing attentions to her eyes. Her eyebrows are but a small grey line, so her upper forehead is not at all warm. Her nose is small but sharp and has a familiar look to it. Her mouth is a small, pouting grey line that is always turned down at the corners. They are chapped and dry, seeing as she has no money to buy products to protect her lips. Her cheeks are limp too, and are always hanging down, as the faerie is always miserable. Not at all do they glow with good health, or radiate with good caring. Oh no, not at all.

     Her ears are small, grey-ish, and dirty. They are extremely small and not even big enough to tuck her hair behind. Not that tucking her hair behind her ears would make any difference; it still is a matter for the grey faerie.

     The grey Cirrus that is her faithful companion has an always miserable face. His eyes are grey, small and dull and too also tell a sad story. A story of being a royal pet, being fed well, having the best petpet supplies neopoints can buy. Now he lives behind a bakery, sleeps with no comfort and has barely anything to eat. What a difference. His small mouth is always turned down, as he never forgets his old days as being a royal pet and waited upon and his heinous crime that now leaves him where he is now. He knows he deserves this, yet he still thinks of royal life and how he misses it so.

     The grey faerie thinks this also, and misses royal life terribly. She knows what she has done, and has vowed never to utter a word of it to anyone expect her forever faithful companion, her grey Cirrus.

     By now, you probably have guessed who this Grey Faerie used to be. Now, is the unveiling for those who have still not guessed or simply do not know.

     Neopia, this is your former Queen, Fyora.

The End

Author's note: This story plot is fictional, everything else is factual (at least I'm pretty sure it is *shifty eyes*) Thank you everyone that supported me. Thank you Neopets Team for publishing this (if this is every published). Also, thanks to all my great friends, squishie_2003, _freakedoutandsmall_, emiangelz and a HUGE thank you to my two bestest friends in the whole wide world, aurealia_bullot (Auraelia) and _nicoleclenci_ (Sarah) for always supporting me.

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