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NeoQuest II Survival For Newbies

by precious_katuch14


A typical day in the world of NeoQuest II; the sun is shining though you never actually see it, music plays from some invisible floating band that seems to stalk your every move and monsters jump out at you from nowhere even when you can see clearly for miles.

Yes, it was a good day to be an adventurer, and that 's just what I intended to do. But what happened, I hear you ask? Well, Kat - also known as precious_katuch14 - happened, as I shall show you.

All I did was leave my quaint little hometown, father's trusty and rusty sword in hand, ready to battle to forces of evil.

TC: I'm gonna thwack me some monsters! Uh-huh, no monster s safe from this Chimp s capable thwacking prowess!

But lo and behold, who should I encounter first but Kat herself, who stepped out from behind a nearby bush with a condescending look on her face...

Kat: Hold on, hold up, hold it! Where do you think you're going, Mr. I-wanna-be-a-hero? You should first remember what you're doing. Are you on Normal mode, Evil mode, or InSaNe mode? See, each one is harder and tougher than the last, and on Insane mode, if you die, you start all over again. That's right...all your hard work would be for NOTHING! MWAHAHA - ahem.

On Normal and Evil, that won't happen, but losing half your gold and getting transported back into the last inn you stayed in is not good. Gold is what you get when you defeat monsters, along with a nice healing potion, probably. On Evil and Insane, you *sometimes* get armor and weapons from monsters instead of just the bosses - that's what you call a major monster. An inn is where you stay in to be restored to full health, like your mom's house. Since I said that at the time of your demise, you get transported back to your last resting spot, it's quite mandatory to visit the inns you pass by to decrease the distance you have to travel after dying.

TC: And you think I’ll actually ever die in this game? Pah! How hard can it be? Dying is for amateurs!

*Checks his Settings*

Very well, I'm on Normal mode, and I'm gonna bash some heads! Oh, there's a Plains Lupe! A big, angry, hairy Plains Lupe that is obviously much bigger and stronger than I am, or so it would seem! After all, what would be the point in placing a super-powerful enemy so close to the start of the game? Nice try, whoever created this, but not good enough. You don t fool me here, little Lupey...TC won't hurt you...much. Prepare for annihilation, my furry nemesis!

Kat: Okay, okay, TC. You want to annihilate a cute widdle Lupey?

TC: Erm, yep I thought I gave off the general idea that that was my actual intentions.

Kat: Be my guest. If you lose this fight...well, you already know what's going to happen, I've explained that before. If you win, you get nice gold and a nice healing potion for your trouble.

Another thing about fights: For every one that you WIN, you get experience points that are registered in that bar beside your health bar. Rack up enough and fill it up, and you gain a new level! Gaining a new level means more HP (you get stronger!), slightly more damage than before, and a skill point. A skill point is like the currency of can put those in some certain abilities to customize your characters' strengths and weaknesses. CHARACTERS? Yeah, you get to meet new ones that will join you on your quest, each with their own special powers. Remember, the maximum level you can gain is 60. By that time, you're nearing the end of the game.

However, if you fight an enemy that is weak compared to your current HP, you get little or no experience at all, compared to fighting monsters that are stronger. Also, if in the rare occasion you still run into an attack by the time all your characters are level 60, no more experience for you.

TC: Mmmm, potions - I me n, pah again! Level-shmevel...come 'ere Lupey! It's thwacking time!

*Lupe kills TC*

Erk...or not...

I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS! Are they still attached? Will I ever walk again?!

Oohh, new avatar!

Kat: *sigh* That's what I've been telling you. You will be taken to the last place you've rested as long as you're on Normal or Evil mode. If you're on InSaNe...well, you start the whole thing all over again and your current game is over. Finito. Kaput. Done.

*TC wakes up in his mother's house, where Kat is bending over him*

Kat: Feeling better? You've been restored to full health. Your mom acts like a starter inn.

TC: Except there are no slobs sitting in the Kitchen? No one eyed, hook-nosed hobos sprawled under our barrel taps? Right...

So, now I get to start again, right? Oh, yay, joy is me time to kick that Lupe's no-good furry...

*notices Kat shaking her head*

What? I can't attack anything now?

Kat: No, you don't start all over again...just start from here. Get the difference? Ah, what the heck. You can go attack again, but remember, when your health is dangerously low (red level and less than 10) you can choose to flee instead of keep attacking. Sure, it's slightly cowardly but sometimes it's the only way to stay alive.

TC: Hmm, fleeing...sounds helpful for some, but I am macho! The only time I ll ever flee from battle is if a beast chews my legs off by which time it would be too late, but I digress! Here critters...

*Gets into a battle with another Plains Lupe, probably no relation to the last one*

What else can I do in battle, O Wise One? Hurl taunts, abuse, or my shoes?

Kat: Okay, you can attack and flee. There is also another option that lets you do nothing for 1 second, 3 or 5, but that's not quite of any use…unless of course you want the NQII Weakling avatar.

You can also use any of the potions you already have under your belt. There are 4 kinds to use in battle - healing, slowing (decreases number of turns an opponent can get), hasting (increase number of turns you get) and damage. They cost quite a lot, so it's best to save them for bosses. Healing potions can sometimes be picked up in fights.

When your party begins to build up, another type of potion comes into use - the resurrection potions. When a party member gets killed and at least one is left standing, you can simply give the unconscious one a little sip of the potion and they'll be alive again. Yay.

TC: Potions, right, you already said, I go do I get to thwack the Lupe now?

Kat: Yes, TC, happy thwacking. Did I mention that it's not just wilderness and monsters that you'll be encountering? There are other towns to visit, non-player characters to talk to who won't join your party but may help you out a bit. Keep saving all that gold; not only do you get potions out of it, you can buy weapon and armor upgrades so your characters (or in this case, character) can deal more damage and defend themselves more efficiently.

TC: So gold buys lots of stuff... including bigger and better swords to thwack monsters?

Kat: Uh...yeah, like that. And once you upgrade your weapons, you can kill monsters faster.

Well then, young grasshopper, have you learned the basics of NeoQuest II? Are you ready for five chapters of kicking butt and adventuring? Are you ready to face some of the biggest, worst and ugliest villains of all time?

TC: *Gasps in fear* Adam's in this game? But, yeah! Tell me how to kick butt! Furry butt, especially!

Kat: Okay, there are two ways to attack. One is by clicking the red "ATTACK" button and crossing your fingers for a good damage deal. Another (especially when you've got other members in your party) is by clicking any of your special abilities on your right. Don't restrict yourself to ordinary attacking, and two potential party members that you might meet rely nearly completely on the special abilities.

TC: I get special abilities? What like a superhero? Can I fly, run at the speed of lightning? Have lasers bounce harmlessly off my butt? What?

Kat: Well, they ARE sort of like that...but in your case, you start off with two special abilities (Battle Taunt and Combat Focus) that you can select instead of attacking normally. Then, as you get more characters, they have their own abilities, depending on how you spend the skill points you (or they) get. However, in your case, in my opinion, you don't need those abilities, at least not yet in this part. Later on you can decide to add them.

Find out first what they do before spending skill points!

TC: Okay, can I finish the fight now?

*Defeats Plains Lupe, who has been waiting patiently all this time because it was TC's turn*

Ohh-er, I feel all different...stronger, somehow. In fact, I feel great...I AM INVINCIBLE!!!

Kat: More wins like that and soon you'll get the hang of NeoQuest II! Just keep in mind all that you have learned today, and you'll breeze through this game like a pro!

TC: Cool, so I m all set just one last thing? Will you join my party?

Kat: Heh, yeah, right. Dream on, Newb.


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