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A Guide To Grand Theft Ummagine

by tj_babewithbrains


GAMES ROOM - Have you ever played this difficult game and thought; "Wha!? How am I suppose to even complete one level?" Or something along those lines? Then this is the Game Guide for you.

A note before we start: If you want to succeed in any game, you have to work at it!

Level 1: The End of the Desert

This level is easy. Walk all the way to the bottom of the screen. Hang a right, when you get close to the Ummagine, the guard should step forward and take a look at what’s in the well. Too bad there is nothing there. Head up, grab the fruit and step on the square. Easy :).

Level 2: The Outskirts of the City

OK. Head down, and turn right towards the guard. As soon as he starts chasing you, lead him up and trap him in the ‘flower’ in the middle of the screen. Walk as far to the left as possible, and straight down to the Puntec and Victory.

Level 3: The Last Oasis before the City.

This level changes each time you play. The premise is always the same though.

Scenario 1: Stan starts in top left hand corner. Guard is in top right

Walk down to the long hedge. Head on over until the guard comes over to investigate then backtrack the way that you came. He should be stuck behind the ledge.

Now go up and grab that Ummagine. That was the easy part.

Now you need to get out of here. Head back to where you started. Go down and taunt the guard. He should come after you. Now head up and try and get him stuck on the singular block of shrubbery. Once that’s done head up to the top of the screen and walk in a clockwise direction towards the bridge. If you walk along the very outside edge of the map you should make it without any problems.

Level 4: The Entrance to Sakhmet

Start moving right away! Head to the right and down, avoiding the cracked ground. The guard should get trapped in the middle. Grab the bottom Ummagine, watch out for the cracked ground, and then the top Ummagine and head into the city.

Level 5: The Gardeners Revenge.

This level is just a maze, which is different every time you play. Head towards the top corner diagonal to where you start. Other than that your kinda on your own.

Level 6:

This level can come a couple of different ways. It is easy though.. Grab the potion, then walk towards the guard. Right before he’s about to hit you, click on the potion to use it and walk right through him. Grab the goods and move on.

Level 7: Bridges over Troubled Waters

Grab the ring, walk towards the guard, use the ring, grab the Ummagine and head out. Just watch out for the cracked floor right before the exit!

Level 8: The Gardens of Sakhmet

This one gets tricky. But once you know the secret it’s pretty easy.

Your first stop is to get the potion to the north. Walk north at the guard . He'll start to chase you. Run South to the cross shaped structure with the Ummagine. Snag that Ummagine, and head up a bit. Hopefully the guard will get stuck in the corner with the cracked floor. Head all the way to the top of the screen and walk towards where the potion. The guard shouldn't chase as long as you are at the top of the screen. Grab the potion then walk back the same way you came, again if you stay all the way up he'll stay still. What’s this, two giant Obelisks, they look like a hidden area! Step through and collect the bling bling. Once you're out get your mouse on the potion and get ready to hit it. Walk towards the guard on the bridge activating the potion before you hit him. Grab that puntec and walk down the second bridge. Grab the Ummagine at the end.

Just need to get out. Walk back along the second bridge, sticking your tongue out at the guard getting him to chase you down the long bridge. Let him, then spin the corner, and he should get stuck over there. You're now safe to exit the bridges via the one you are on. Head back to shore.

Now you see that stretch of discolored water? Walk on the water.. Don't fall off the end! Now you can grab the ring from the other side of the broken bridge. There is just one more guard to deal with and your done. He's pretty easy. (Compared to the first two) Just walk up, and let him chase you down the bridge. Once he's over, slip on the ring and duck past him (Don't hit him!) and you're done!

Level 9: Three Halls of Insanity

This level is crazy... It consists of three rooms of tiles, where if you step on the wrong tile you have to start again. However, there is a pattern it’s really simple. Start at the top corner. Head up two squares and then all the way left across the board. Once you hit the wall head up two squares, then all the way to the right… repeat. As soon as you exit the room, hit down immediately or else you will fall through the floor in the next room!

This room is exactly the same as the last except you start in the bottom corner. When you get to the top corner, before heading down the home stretch walk through the wall and find another secret area! Wander out and get ready for the last room. Guess what, it’s just like the other two! Except this time you have to grab a puntec which is slightly out of the pattern. When you’re heading towards the exit the SECOND time, it’s safe to grab, but don’t wander too far. Once you have it, finish off the pattern and continue on.

Level 10: Kyrii Stan meets the Kong Beast

Head down one square. Wait for the guard to approach, when he passes the opening, duck down and trap him in that little make shift room. That’s one down two to go. Head up to the corner. Stick your tongue out at the guard, as he chase, head down causing him to follow. He should get stuck behind a crate. Repeat for the second guard. Exactly the same thing. Once they are both trapped on the same square, meander over grab the potion and the fruit, and leave the level. DO NOT USE THE POTION.

Level 11: The Treasure chamber of Death

They suggest you keep one item. I disagree. Get both. Providing you have the potion from the previous level it’s pretty easy. It’s just a matter of timing and a bit of luck. Ready your potion and head up towards the ring. As the two guards converge, use the potion at the last moment, grab the ring and QUICKLY head down. The goal is to get both guards trapped behind blocks. It’s a matter of timing. Once that’s done, grab the fruit, grab that potion refill and head to the hardest level in the game.

Alternate Route:

Head up towards the two vases, with a bit of timing you should end up with guard to your left and two guards to your right with those ugly vase things in the middle. Now if you take one step to your right, and then run down through the gap in the four tables, there should now be one guard stuck on the top left table and two guards on the inside right corner of the tables. If you step around the cracked floor and up two squares, the two guards should come over to the left side. You should now have one guard on top of the top left table, and two guards on the inside left corner. Stroll down and get the fruit. Now do you see the bench thing beside the fruit? Head above it and run all the way to the top wall, the guards will chase, but should get stuck in between and on the vases. Now grab the ring, and you will have LOTS of time to use the potion to make your way to the exit. Refill your potion you just used!

Level 12: The Chambers of the Guards of Death

This level is hard.

Walk a bit to the right then down. The guard should follow but get stuck in the doorway. (He might catch you, this part is pretty tricky. If not try again .)

Now head into the toilet area, and use it. Look at that a secret area! Get the stuff and head back out. Go down and distract the second guard. He will chase you. Try and get him stuck in the doorway to the toilet. It’s pretty easy. Head down. There should be a room in the corner with a Ummagine in it. The trick here is to get the Ummagine without the guard coming after you. Do this by grabbing it quick and heading back up. The guard should stay in his room. Now head across the middle of the level until you see a Puntec fruit. As tempting as it is LEAVE it.

You should see the first guard on your screen now. Step up and down, to lure him into the room with the Ummagine. That's one less guy to deal with for now. Ready up your potion. Head near the baguss fruit, grab it if your feeling bold if not, don't worry. Have the guard chase you, head north to where the sphinx links are. There should be another guard. Use the potion now! Grab the links and head up the stairs to replenish your potion you just used.

Hang out on the stairs, and get the two guards to come into the corner. Once they are together jump off the top of the stairs, and quickly head towards the guard you left in the Ummagine room. Use the potion before you're caught and grab the Ummagine and run towards the Baguss fruit you may or may not have gotten earlier and the exit. To stop the guards from chasing you as soon as you turn back, head down as soon as you round the corner. Lure the guard away from the exit, use the magic ring and your out of there.

Level 13: The Dungeon of Madness

It’s another maze. Yawn. Make your way to the opposite corner again and finish the game. Don’t worry there are no bad guys in here. After all the hard work you did in the last level you deserve a breather though.

Level 14: Water World

Collect the two ummagines then go to the first one you got and step across the water in the middle, get the next two and you’re out of there.

Level 15: The Garden of the Holy Shrines

Go to the bottom pool of water and at the very last water square walk in there and collect the fruit for your last secret area. It looks like a close fit, but you'll make it. When you exit the area you die straight away but that doesn’t matter. Now taunt the top Elephante guard to the very left of the wall and go to the right of the wall (above it). Now go south to the next wall and hide at the side of it, now do the same for the next wall and go left a bit 'til you’re right next to it, then go completely to the right side of the screen, south and exit.

Level 16: Endless Boardwalks

Don’t be fooled, you can walk right through the crack so walk through the crack and keep going, then walk around the boardwalk across what looks like a barrier around the very right corner and follow it to get the potion, now go back to where you started from, keep going and make sure the Elephante is on top of the ummagine when going to see him. If he gets into the boardwalk beside the fruit, you'll have some troubles. Now go right next to him on the opposite side of the walkway and when you turn the last corner, put the potion into action, grab the fruit, and make a run for it, then leisurely wander back to the beginning, right past the crack, around the corner but this time keep going the way it seems you should go and around to the exit

Level 17: Raging Rivers.

A simple maze again use the same strategy but if you make a wrong turn or slip, you can fall into the water. This one is relatively small though and easy to find the exit. Take your time, and you’re out of there to the winning grand! If you are having trouble don't forget that you can press the direction that you are walking in to stop Stan in his tracks!

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