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The Drenched: Good or Bad?

by the_nerdy_twins


MARAQUA – If you’ve been keeping up with the current plot, many of us will know about these three water-creatures called the Drenched. But who are these strange sisters? They have never been mentioned before, and I have decided to find a little bit of information about them.

It is hard to find things to say about them. The only clues I have are on the plot (mostly part nine). Forgive me if my views are not the same as yours. I tried to include every possible explanation.


Firstly, we must look into exactly what kind of species the Drenched are. They certainly are not Neopets, and look more like faeries than anything else, apart from the fact that they have no wings. However, Nereid the Water Faerie also has no wings and looks very similar, so I come to the conclusion that the Drenched are Water Faeries.

Although this seems a logical conclusion, it seems to me that the Drenched are partnered with Dark Faeries, the reason behind their evilness. This would also explain the red tint in their eyes and their long, pointed fingernails. However, in my opinion, the Drenched are based around Water Faeries, but they took their personalities from members of the Neopets staff. Reasonable, no?


The Drenched, as mentioned before, look like Water Faeries. But why is it so hard to make the connection? It all comes down to appearance. More closely, the Drenched don’t really look like Water Faeries apart from the fact that they have a tail and blond hair. Let’s review this further.

The Drenched all have similar looking dresses, if that’s what you would call them. I’d prefer to think of them as body-dresses. Two are different shades of blue and one is a bluish-purple. The latter one seems to be their leader, as she is the one who chases Isca and is most strict about the rules of the Drenched. They all have blue streaks in their hair, long nails and way too much eye shadow over their purple eyes.

Are the Drenched really sisters, or is this used in a metaphorical way by the first Drenched? Looking just at their appearance, it would appear that this is literal. Their personalities are slightly different, however. One of them does not say anything at all, so I am presuming she is shy, or bossed around by the other two. Another is obsessed with Garin. She is the one who speaks of him as a “pretty toy”. She might be the youngest one of the three. The last one, as said, is most likely the leader as she takes on the most responsibility.

To me, they appear as sisters. To you, they could be triplets, friends or even clones. Choose wisely…


Obviously, the Drenched are mad. Why else would they randomly capture Jacques, force him to drink a potion that would allow him to breathe underwater, and then keep him trapped in their cave? As said in Part Nine, the punishment for entering the Lair of the Drenched is death. So why was Jacques not killed? This is another mystery that cannot be explained.

How the Drenched treated Jacques when he was captured, we know not. However, Jacques himself does give us a clue when Isca meets him: “What are you? Another devil come to torture me?” From this sentence, we can see that the Drenched actually tortured Jacques, not just keeping him down there in the knowledge that no one would rescue him.

Perhaps they took enjoyment from his pain. A more interesting theory would be that they had some sort of bad experience of the surface world and were taking revenge on any innocent outsider they could find. When Isca arrived, they told her to go back to Maraqua. Maybe they, like Caylis, were banished a long time ago for something beyond their control, and they wanted revenge. We will never know.

The Lair of the Drenched

In the whole plot, we only really get one real view of the Lair of the Drenched. The first thing we can see is that there are big piles of dirt. Goodness knows how (and why) these are here. I for one can’t imagine the Drenched carrying piles of dirt in their cave to make it ‘more homely’.

I can understand the skulls, though. The Drenched must have had other prisoners that were less fortunate than Jacques and weren’t saved in time. In the left hand corner, there is one that looks like a Techo’s. Perhaps this is the contribution of the saddened programmer of the now lost game, Techo Says.

(If you look at this skull at a different angle, it looks like a Grarrl’s head. Could this be a sign that Grarrl Keno is the next game to be bumped off…?)

Finally, there is also what look like potion bottles. Maybe the Drenched, on top of being evil Water Faeries, are magical too. This does seem quite logical, as they provided Jacques with a potion that allowed him to breathe underwater.

There is also a treasure chest partially hidden in their lair. Perhaps the Drenched are thieves like Garin was in Maraqua, and this was the reason for them being banished, thus becoming evil. Maybe they got it from Garin’s ship, The Black Pawkeet, when Scarblade captured it. There are many theories.


The Drenched, although evil, magic Water Faeries, do seem to have their priorities the right way around. When their Lair is attacked, they immediately forget their prisoners and fight to defend their home. So they do have a nice side to them after all! If they were truly evil, they probably would try and use Garin for bait, or something else like that. Maybe this goes back to their probable tragic past and they are all shaken by horrible memories and…

Maybe I’m taking this a little too far. Let’s move on.

The Scarblade Theory

I have heard a few people say that the Drenched aren’t actually evil at all. They are under someone else’s control. In other words, Scarblade, the only pirate better than Garin, has them on his side. Either by choice, or they were forced to, the Drenched are working for him. If this is the case, they seem particularly suited to the job, being scary-looking and all.

The only flaw in this theory is that to get them by force, Scarblade would have had to manipulate some faeries; something I’d heard is very difficult to do. But then again, Scarblade is very powerful and cunning. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had accomplished this.


I have come to the conclusion that the Drenched are three mad, evil, magical, misunderstood, devoted, Dark-Water Faerie Sisters who have had a tragic past with either Maraqua or the surface world, and they may be controlled by Captain Scarblade. Hmm, maybe I got mixed up somewhere…

But seriously. The Drenched are definitely strange creatures, be they Water Faeries or untamed Neopets staff. The only thing I’m certain about is that they are incredibly unpredictable. Who knows when they will turn up in the plot again…

(If you’re reading this, then I am in the Neopian Times!! *bows* Any comments, suggestions, criticisms are very welcome. Just Neomail me!)

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