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NeoHomes & Gardens: 5 Simple Approaches to a Fabulous Neogarden

by jokerqueen


Do you find Neogardens to be a challenge to decorate? Are all your gardens completely empty or a tacky jumble of plants? Do your pets stay inside all day because they’re afraid to step into your gardens?

Well then, this guide of 5 simple approaches to gardening is the thing for you!

Through these approaches you can be on your way to a Neohome worthy of winning top prize in the Neohome Spotlight competition. You may soon even find yourself enjoying decorating your gardens and picking out plants from the gardening supplies shop with enthusiasm. So let's not delay a moment longer and get started.

Approach #1 – Color Coordination

The simplest and most effective approach to a pretty garden is color coordination. All you have to do is pick a color, any color, and make sure all the plants you put into that garden are that color. It could be your favorite color, the color of your bed sheets, the color of your shirt, or even the color of your favorite flavor of jelly. If at the moment you’re having troubles deciding what your favorite flavor of jelly is or your bed sheets and shirt happen to be rainbow tie-die then just take a stack of pencil crayons, close your eyes and pull one out. Let's say you chose yellow. So from now on, any plant you place into this garden will be yellow. So, try putting a few Mordongos, yellow poppies, and colored lilies into your garden. If you want to have a tree in your garden than choose the yellow eesa tree instead of the cotton candy tree. If your heart is set on putting a pond in there as well, the tropical delight pond is the best choice.

Tackiness alert!!

Don’t fill your garden with one color to the point of bursting, though, either. You don’t want people to go blind from looking at your garden. It’s alright if there are a few pieces in your garden that are different from the color you chose.

Approach #2 – Symmetry

A lot of people find symmetry to be a helpful tool in making their gardens look less disgruntled and vulgar. The advantage of this approach is that you only really have to decorate one half of your garden and then mirror it on the other half.

Tackiness alert!!

Gardens sometime end up looking very dull and uninteresting when there is too much symmetry going on in them. Overdoing it can be quite annoying to people who are viewing your Neohome so it’s best to not have all of your gardens symmetrical.

Approach #3 – Themes

The most fun decorating style is probably making a garden based on a certain theme. Yarrrr, yer garden can be Pirate themed with cannons, flags, sword bushes, warning signs and inflatable ships all available at yar local gardenin’ supplies store. Or your garden could have a spooky, Halloween theme. There are plenty of Halloween gnomes to choose from and excellent spooky furniture. Stone gardens with rock trees and statues will give your Neohome a touch of class and sophistication.

Tackiness alert!!

Hopefully, your chosen theme will be one that people understand and not something like “the garden of invisible plants” where you’ve got no plants in your garden at all, or “the vortex garden” where you’ve got everything on the screen pulled to a single corner so that nothing is distinguishable and it takes twenty minutes to load.

Approach #4 – Seasons

Summer, spring, winter and fall!! What a better way to decorate your gardens then basing them on the seasons that you see in real life year after year. Nothing says winter better then a few autumn bushes, ice skating rinks and snow sculptures. Autumn can easily be achieved with an ample amount of autumn sunset daisies. A pile of autumn leaves can give your garden that extra touch to make it look particularly fabulous.

Tackiness alert!!

The regular string of cautions goes for this garden style. Don’t overcrowd and make sure everything fits in. Furry autumn bushes will NOT make your winter garden colorful and a snow Chia sculpture is too irrelevant in your spring garden.

Approach #5 – Large center items

There is no need to spend every Neopoint you make on buying things for your garden. You can have a great garden and only spend a few thousand points (If you’re thinking “but that’s a lot of points!!”, a simple bridge which is only a piece of wood cost over 4000np on the shop wizard. “Ouch!”). For a lovely and inexpensive garden, all you have to do is spend your points on one or two large items (like ponds, trees, bridges, or statues) and make it the central piece of your garden. For instance, let's say you have a rose tree. With a few red poppies and gardenias surrounding your rose tree your garden will look fantastic and will only have cost about 2000 points (Oooh, you’re mixing color coordination with the central item approach!! Good for you!!).

Tackiness alert!!

Your large item doesn’t need to be exactly at the very middle of your garden. Also, if you repeat that pattern, it will become dull and uninteresting.

Hopefully, now you are bursting with excitement at the prospect of decorating your own Neogardens. You’re just wishing this article would end quicker so you could go since now you are better able to make your Neogardens look good. You can mix and match these approaches or take ideas from what has been put here or come up with your own approaches. But before you run away, here are some last minute helpful hints:

Firstly, don’t be afraid to put things in the foreground. You have a whole screen to use so don’t cluster everything to the middle of the field.

Secondly, accessories like gnomes and patio furniture can be very helpful and easily spice up your gardens. You can even make it look like the gnomes are doing things around the garden like planting flowers or mowing the lawn.

Thirdly, speaking from experience, it’s usually best to focus on one garden at a time. Don’t make 10 gardens and try to do all 10 at once. You’ll most likely end up with 10 not even half finished gardens and then you’ll get tired of doing it because you’ll feel you’re not making any progress and then you’ll give up and will be stuck with poorly decorated gardens!!!

Sorry, got a little carried away there. I guess that’s something for another hint.

Lastly, don’t get too carried away with your gardens. Decorating is meant to be a fun and relaxing activity, so don’t think too much on it if you don’t have a beautiful pond and bridge in every garden or if you were just a second too slow on buying that gazebo. It’s OK! Just have fun and enjoy.

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