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The Chomby Fight

by zidane12276


Something had to be done!

    With the population rapidly expanding, it seemed like all kinds of things were starting to happen at once. For example, the giant omelette was being eaten too quickly. The stores were always crowded, and the wheels (which pets would spin for fun and for exciting gifts) started to break down from so many different pets using them.

    Eventually, the Tyrannian people went back into their caves and houses and hid from the rest of Neopia. The Grand Council of Tyrannian Elders decided to hold a meeting to discuss what could be done to draw the people back out into Tyrannia and make it a happy place for other Neopians to visit once more. Kyruggi, Grand Elder of Tyrannia, addressed the council, "The only way we can deal with all these problems is if we pick one person who strictly deals with all the issues affecting the land. One true leader," she shouted, banging a fist on the stone table.

    Grarrg the Tyrannian Battle Master tapped his claws on the table and asked in a deep voice, "Do you have anyone in mind?"

     "I can do it.” Sabre-X, head of the Strategic War Division, stood up and said with a growl, “Nobody would dare go against my laws."

    Myncha, the head of Reconnaissance for the Tyrannian Army, jumped to his feet and chattered, "What makes you any better then myself Sabre-X? I'm just as fit for the job as you!"

     Kyruggi listened to them with a frown, and spoke up when it looked like another war was about to begin. "Calm down! Sabre-X, you have an important job already – guarding the omelette. Myncha, we need you to stay relatively unknown. You are too important in your Reconnaissance job. We need someone who lives amongst the people and is a friend to them."

    Plesio, the Captain of the Sea Division, who was always a great thinker, spoke up and said, "I think the perfect candidates for this type of job are the two Chomby brothers who live down in the Tyrannian Jungle."

    Tekel, who was the master of spells and potions (he had trained under Kauvara), agreed, "That is a great idea! Both are well known throughout the community and either one would be a perfect choice to deal with all the things overwhelming our beloved Tyrannia."

    The Elders took a vote and all agreed that one of the Chomby brothers would be a perfect leader.

    "So how will we decide which of the brothers will be perfect for the type of leader we want?" asked Grarrg.

    "The only way we can decide is to have the two Chombys fight it out, as it is written in the sacred text of the Volcano Fire Faeries," said Kyruggi. The Council fell silent.

    After the vote, Kyruggi left the meeting and went directly to talk to Sammy, the brown Chomby, and his half brother Scotty, the disco Chomby. Kyruggi raised her paw to the door of the Chomby’s house. Knock knock knock. Sammy and Scotty were playing a game of 'Go, go, go' but wasted no time in springing to their feet and racing to the door. The brothers were always competing in everything they did, so naturally both of them wanted to be the first to the door. This time it was a tie and both brothers pushed opened the door with one hoof each. When they saw who was at the door, both of their little Chomby jaws hit the floor. They knew that the village elder would never come to a commoner’s house unless it was extremely important.

    Kyruggi did not bother with introductions, and explained to them why she was there and the importance of finding one true leader for Tyrannia, "We need someone who knows the people and the problems throughout the land. If the people trust the leader, they will follow this leader in all of his decisions to better the land."

     Sammy, with a look of puzzlement on his face, said, "Well, we know things around here have been as rotten as a day old omelette lately, but why are you telling us this, Kyruggi? What can Scotty and I do to help?"

    Kyruggi giggled and put her paw over her mouth, "The council met early this morning and decided one of you two would be a great choice to be our leader."

    The more excitable and impulsive Scotty exclaimed straight away, "I knew this day would come! I knew I was destined to be a leader!"

    "Why us?" the more responsible and thoughtful Sammy questioned, "You mentioned that only one of us is to lead. How are you going to pick between us?"

    Kyruggi smiled at them both and went on to explain, "Both of you are well known and well respected throughout the whole of Tyrannia. What’s more, you deal with the issues facing the average Tyrannian every single day yourselves.” Kyruggi fell silent for a moment before she continued. Both Sammy and Scotty were too awed with the words of the Elder to say anything themselves. Kyruggi looked at the brothers in turn while she spoke, “It was written in the sacred and ancient text compiled by the ancient and reverent Volcano Fire Faeries that if there are two potential leaders, they both must fight one another. The winner will become the leader."

    Scotty and Sammy’s little Chomby jaws dropped once more as they looked at each other, then back to Kyruggi, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Scotty yelled, "There is no way I can fight my brother. We have always competed against each other, but we have never physically fought."

    "Oh come on, brother," interrupted Sammy. "What are you afraid of? Scared your younger, smaller brother might beat you in a fair fight?"

    "Wait a minute!" shouted Scotty. "There is no way you could beat me."

    "Is that a challenge?" asked Sammy, jumping sideways into his brother and poking him with one short leg.

    "Yes it is," Scotty replied, "This will be the best fight Tyrannia has ever seen!"

    "Right! Well that’s settled then," said Kyruggi as she stepped in-between both of them to stop them from fighting there and then, "Be at the Tyrannian arena at high noon tomorrow. No fighting before, or the whole thing is off."

    After a long night of tossing and turning by both brothers, Sammy and Scotty awoke to the sun blazing though their window. Sammy looked over at Scotty and asked him, "Are you sure you really want to go though with this?"

    "Brother, I don’t want to fight you," Scotty replied, "But for so long now, I have dreamed becoming a leader, and I will do what I must to fulfill that dream.”

    So the two Chomby brothers completed their morning chores with silent glares and the occasional growl, without the usual fun and games that accompanied their chores in the past. Finishing early, with ten minutes to noon, they headed to the Tyrannian arena a bit earlier. When they arrived, they saw that the arena was filled with screaming and cheering Tyrammet villagers who were watching the pre-show entertainment.

    Once ‘Chomby and the Fungus Balls’ had left the arena, Kyruggi stood up and spoke into the microphone before her, "We gather here today for a momentous event which will be soon recorded in the history books of Tyrannia. Today we will witness a fight between brothers Sammy and Scotty. Sammy will take the right corner, and Scotty will be in the left corner. The winner of this great battle will be crowned leader of Tyrannia . So without further ado… Let’s get ready to rumble!!"

    Not looking at anyone or anything but each other, Sammy and Scotty backed up against opposite ends of the arena walls, all the while glaring evilly at one another.

    Sammy flung his paw back and forth as if he was about to charge. Scotty raised himself in the air on his two back feet and gave out a low, loud growl. Then, just as Scotty came back to all fours, both creatures took off at full charge toward one another. The crowd fell silent, some covered their eyes with their paws. Sammy and Scotty closed their eyes as they hit each other with such a force that the whole arena shook.

    "Ahhhh, ohhhh," exclaimed the crowd.

    Scotty and Sammy both lay motionless on the ground. Sammy was the first to move, and quickly got his four legs under him. He wasted no time, and jumped high in the air to jump on his brother and finish him off. But just as Sammy was about to land on Scotty, Scotty rolled out of the way. Sammy crashed to the ground, rolled on his side, and fell down with his neck and tail all tangled. Scotty stood over him. Now, he knew, was the time to take advantage of his weakened brother. Scotty raised his feet into the sky and came down with the biggest Chomby stomp anyone had ever seen. Sammy lay on the floor of the arena completely still. Scotty decided his brother had enough punishment so he backed away from Sammy.

    The crowd fell silent, hoping that the brown Chomby was not hurt too badly.

    After about five minutes, Sammy rose slowly to his feet. The crowd drew in a breath together as they watched the weak movements of the brown Chomby. Sammy coughed, his head low to the ground as he returned to his corner.

    Coming to a standstill, he turned around and he raised his left leg, whispering in Scotty’s general direction, "I quit."

    The crowd began to chant, "Scotty, Scotty, Scotty!" Though they were glad Sammy was okay as well.

    Scotty walked over to his brother and gave him a neck hug.

    Kyruggi had made her way down into the arena after she had seen Sammy fall to the ground. She walked out into the arena and stood beside Scotty and excitedly exclaimed to the crowd, "Today, we witness a new dawn in the history of Tyrannia. Today, we crown our first leader of this great land."

    While the crowd was cheering and yelling, she told Scotty to kneel down and placed a crown made of stone on top of Scotty’s head. "Wear this with pride and make your people proud."

    Kyruggi then asked Scotty what would be his first decision as leader. Scotty gently put his neck over his brothers and said, "I would like Sammy to be my right hand man.”

    The Tyrannian natives all stood up on their seats and cheered, omelettes were thrown around, and everyone was overjoyed that the brothers were going to work together.

    Since that day, Tyrannia has been a peaceful and cheerful place to live. Kyruggi was so glad she had made the right decision, she documented the story of ‘the Chomby fight’ and became a best selling author, famous all over Neopia.

The End

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