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The Mystic Mushrooms of Neopia

by jockeygirl64


For those of you who know about the mushroom, those who are interested anyways, you would know that they are very mysterious. Popping up in the most unexpected places in your yard, and who said that your yard was the limit, the microscopic spores that fly off of the mushroom can go anywhere! They could be found even in your own shower, which is nice and wet, and a perfect place for all mushrooms. But if the small spores are breathed in, mushrooms could be found growing in your lungs! These deadly, but otherwise gorgeous plants are one of the most mysterious known to man and neopet alike.

Let’s start with some of the more simple mushrooms. The organic mushroom is a basic mushroom that we could probably just find anywhere in our backyard, but since this is an organic mushroom grown in a moist room that is probably just for mushroom growing, it’s probably superior to the one found in your backyard. Now, I think that we should move on to the more “complicated” mushrooms.

Faerie mushrooms are some of the most mysterious and beautiful, not to mention healthiest mushrooms in Neopia! The only one that you would want to stay away from would be the Dark Faerie Mushroom. This green and purple mushroom lets off poisonous green fumes, so don’t get your face too close. You probably don’t want to even touch this mushroom without strong gloves because they are most likely acidic. Picking this mushroom, you must have the best intentions. Feeding it to your enemy is not a funny joke; certain deformations could happen if you were to do that! Just keep it in an airtight, glass box on your shelf and everything should be fine. You don’t want the spores to spread, so make sure it’s airtight.

The most bizarre of them all is the Water Faerie Mushroom, it’s completely made of water that just keeps flowing……. when one of them was in my possession, I used it mostly to wash my hands, but I soon learned that the water would get mucky so I had to stop that. The Air Faerie Mushroom is also made of water, but in its gaseous form. The water vapor feels as light as air, but it doesn’t get your hands wet. Why is that? Well, the truth is, nobody knows! If you’re looking for a spicy treat, why not try the Fire Faerie Mushroom? It’s hot to the touch and to the taste buds, but if you’re not somebody who enjoys spicy treats, it makes good for an addition to your collection!

The Light Faerie Mushroom; one of the most convenient table lamps also tastes like heaven. When mixed with cream, its juices are wonderful toppings for your mashed potatoes! Speaking of food, what about that Soup Faerie Mushroom? What happens when you eat it? We all know that the Soup Faerie is kind, but I’m not sure that we all trust mushrooms. Last, but not least of the faerie mushrooms, is the Earth Faerie Mushroom. The wood stalk and the bright green cap with a small green flower growing on it is what we all see when we picture Earth Faerie Mushrooms. Beauty is like chocolate to the eye, we always need more, and this mushroom is expensive German chocolate! I like to spend my time just looking at it, just like I spend my time eating chocolate, but chocolate doesn’t have much to do with this mushroom no matter how good it tastes.

Now, you’ve learned some about each and every one of the faerie mushrooms, and I’m sure you’ll put that information to use, but when you search for “mushroom” on Neopets, all you get is the faerie mushrooms, but that doesn’t mean that the only mushrooms are faerie mushrooms. I took the liberty to search and find other Neopets mushrooms that there are, and my search was successful! I managed to find all kinds of cool and bizarre mushrooms that can be found in all parts of Neopia!

These mushrooms can’t be searched for on Neopets, but they do exist. Some of them bring up your hit points, make you faster, stronger, smarter, or just bring you up a level. They can be helpful in times of need, but I don’t think I’ll ever become that desperate, I think that they are useful enough just sitting in my gallery! Three of these mushrooms are bad, in other words, purple and green. They are the Toxic Shroom, the Purple Spotted Shroom, and the Dark Shroom. The conditions of these mushrooms are probably the same or not as bad as the Dark Faerie Mushroom. If you would like to keep these for display, you probably need to put them in an airtight glass container where spores can’t spread. The mushrooms that can help your pet’s stats are good for eating, and safe for keeping in an open environment, but not all people would want to eat these. There are also random mushrooms such as the Floaty Shroom, Propeller Shroom, and the Flaky Shroom. These probably won’t be harmful for eating, but it wouldn’t do any good for your pet except for making them full up, which can be done for much cheaper with an omelette.

Now we can go into detail with my favorite of the Mystic mushrooms: the Pink Toadstool. This mushroom can be found growing in Faerie Land. Most of them have been picked and sold or are on the market. Finding them now would be very rare for amateur mushroom hunters, but the experienced could find them semi-quickly. These mushrooms are usually found in small faerie rings. Faerie rings are circles of mushrooms. These have thought to have been formed when one mushroom shoots out spores from all sides. The spores all grow into a circle of mushrooms that keeps getting bigger as more spores are shoot out. Pink Toadstools are found in small faerie rings because the spores can’t survive unless the weather is perfect.

I hope that I have expanded your mind with my mushroom knowledge! Maybe now you’ll go and search for these mushrooms, and if you do, I salute you!

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