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The Tower Journey: Part Nine

by neonick19881988


Day Care, Now With Added Evil

Spluttering, Toggerneo pulled himself from the Rainbow Pool and glared at the Money Tree.

     "You sneezed on purpose, didn't you?"

     The Tree grinned.

     "I thought you'd prefer a new colour to that awful Rainbow. Too bright, blech. Although your new look isn't much better."

     Toggerneo looked down at his glistening fur, which was now gold.

     "Oooh, sparkly."

     "Too bright."

     Toggerneo glared up at the Tree.

     "Well, it IS!" the talking tree exclaimed.

     "Thanks. Listen, did you see where Little Timmy went?"

     "Of course I did. I'm not an idiot Faerie."

     There was a whooshing noise, and then a small Faerie Cake splattered over the Money Tree's trunk. He yelled in shock while the Gelert rolled his eyes.

     "Stupid Faeries," he said before staring at the tiny Gelert beneath him. "I saw him go in the direction of the Day Care Centre. I believe that is where his mother works. I'm no Brain Tree, but I do know a heck of a lot about Neopia Central."

     "Thanks. Can you tell me which way to go?"


     "Ah well."

     After a lot of trailing around the vast city Toggerneo finally found the small Day Care tucked in behind the Neolodge. A large window out front let him see dozens of Baby pets crawling around a playpen while an adult Tuskaninny stood in the centre, drinking a cup of coffee. This Tuskaninny looked very similar to Little Timmy, and out of one of her pockets poked the Hannah Action Figure.

     Toggerneo opened the door and walked inside, making all the babies look up. It was creepy, the way they watched him cross the room in complete silence, but the Tuskaninny seemed to find it a good thing.

     "Wow!" she said. "They're so quiet! How did you do it?"

     "I, uhh… it's just a skill I have. Practice from when my baby brother."

     "Well, you're hired."

     "Hired?" Toggerneo was confused.

     "You were here for the care job, right?"

     "Uhh… yeah, right."

     "Good! The first thing I want you to do is make me some coffee." She smiled. "OK?"

     Toggerneo nodded, and she pointed to a small wooden door. He stepped towards it, but as he started to walk through the babies burst into tears simultaneously. The Tuskaninny grabbed Toggerneo and dragged him back into the centre of the room.

     "I guess you can't go. Stay here, uhh, just stand still." She grinned her thanks and hurried into the kitchen, leaving him to be stared at by the hundreds of baby eyes.

     "Hello." He smiled and waved at the nearest baby, who just continued to stare at him. "I'm Toggerneo, I guess I'm working here now." More stares, no noise. "Wow, tough crowd. So, did you hear the one about the Skeith and the Dragonack?"

     "They're babies," whispered the Tuskaninny, who had somehow snuck back into the room without him noticing. "Hey, can you take this toy off my hands? My son had it, but I don't want him playing with such dangerous toys. I heard through a friend who heard from a half-sister that a police-Gelert said this has a defect. As soon as I saw my son playing with it I had to remove it." And with a smile she handed over the Action Figure, which Toggerneo hastily stuffed it into his bag.

     "OK, thanks! Wow, that was really convenient."

     "Thanks? It's junk, throw it away."

     "Whatever you say."

     "Now, I've got to go and buy some stuff from the Market. Paint supplies, coffee beans, ear plugs… although I have to say they've been silent since you came in. I think you've got a full time job here. See you soon!" She smiled as she walked out the door, leaving Toggerneo in charge of dozens of babies. Not the best idea in the world, in his opinion.

     "Well, uhh, this has been lovely, but I got what I came for…" He grinned at the babies and took one step towards the door. When they all burst into tears he leapt back into the middle and sighed.

     "I have to go sometime, you know. Hey…"

     He had noticed one toy lying discarded at the edge of the playpen in front of him, a squeeze toy. A Kiko Squeeze Toy. And it glittered.

     "An Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy. That's on my list!" He smiled at the babies and walked across to the pen, making sure they could all see he was still there. He reached over and grabbed the toy-

     But another hand had a hold on the toy. The baby this hand belonged to was glaring at the Golden Gelert angrily. Something was familiar about the baby, but Toggerneo couldn't remember from where.

     "Now, now, I need this," he said, tugging the toy towards him. The baby tugged back, and Toggerneo felt himself be pulled into the pen. The baby giggled, making the golden pet scowl before pulling with all his might.

     The baby came up with the toy, and Toggerneo saw the ray gun in his other hand.

     "Ah. Boochi."

     The pet giggled and brought the machine around so that it was pointing a Toggerneo. To keep it steady Boochi had to let go of the toy, and the Gelert quickly stuffed it into his bag while Boochi fell to the floor.

     "Now, Boochi, that wouldn't be nice, would it?" the gold Pet asked, seeing the gun aimed at him again. The baby smiled and pulled the trigger.

     Toggerneo only just managed to leap out of the way, sailing backwards into a weak wooden door. He crashed through and hit his head on the kitchen sink, tumbling to the floor while the babies started to cry.

     The Gelert climbed to his feet and looked around desperately for an escape route as Boochi crawled through the door. The window was too small, and the only door was blocked by the mad baby, who leapt with a strange agility onto the counter. From there he could aim better, and Toggerneo sighed.

     "You aren't a nice evil baby, are you?"

     Boochi shook his head as he advanced slowly, and Toggerneo spun on his heel and started routing through the cupboard behind. Nappies, coffee mugs, art supplies- he grabbed the first thing that came to hand and spun to face the baby.


     The small paintbrush he had pulled from the Arts and Crafts box took the blast, morphing into a Baby Paint Brush quickly. Toggerneo gulped and let it fall to the ground. He had no more protection, and Boochi was pulling the trigger-

     As a last-ditch attempt the Gelert swung his paw out and whacked Boochi, and was surprised to see the evil creature tumble into the sink, down the drain-hole. There was a gurgling noise and then three loud pops, before the sink exploded, the U-bend spiralling out of the door while Boochi shot out of the tiny window. Water started to pour into the kitchen, so Toggerneo snatched the Baby Paint Brush off the floor, stuffed it into his bag and sprinted from the room.

     As soon as he entered the Day Care the babies stopped crying and stared at the Golden pet with interest, while he stared at the U-bend that had embedded itself in the door. Seeing as it had dealt great justice on Boochi, Toggerneo thought quickly, it must be a U-Bend of Great Justice. It made sense. Very convenient sense.

     He pulled it from the door and stuffed it into his bag as water started to flow out of the kitchen, and then leapt through the shattered frame onto the street.

     "What the-"

     When the Tuskaninny arrived back at her Day Care she was confronted by a flooded building, the many babies splashing about, laughing and playing. The kitchen was devastated, the door gone…

     "That's not happened before."

     Toggerneo smiled as he walked up to the small cloud, lying on the ground. He was just outside the city, and this was his transport to Faerieland.

     One paw stepped on, and then the other, and it shot into the air. Toggerneo lurched slightly and then went back to his thoughts. He had travelled the entire planet, met many interesting people, been painted several times, and overall it had worked out. He had found all the items, and expected at least a party when he got back. Maybe two. Presents, cake, music, cake… maybe cake… cake…

     He was still licking his lips when he pushed the door open and strolled into the Hidden Tower.

     "I'm back!"

     Toggerneo smiled as he walked through the heavy Hidden Tower door, and was greeted by a round of cheers.





     "Is the best I get after all my adventures a bunch of three-letter words?" he asked, still grinning.



     Fyora suddenly appeared from the Stock Room, grinning broadly but with anger in her eyes.

     "You did it! And all you did was destroy a lot of property, steal, lie…"


     "I'll pay for all the repairs, but it's gonna come out of your wages!"

     "So I'll be paying, then-"

     "And why are you gold? You know I hate that colour!"

     "I quite like it-"

     The Faerie flicked her hand and Toggerneo suddenly felt his fur shiver. He was red again.

     "Great, just great."

     "Get back to work!" She tutted, and walked past him to the door. Once she had switched the sign over to say "Open" again, she turned and looked at the depressed Gelert.

     "And Toggerneo?"


     "Thanks." She smiled, and walked past the frowning pet.

     "I get eaten by jelly, attacked by maniacs, fall from the sky, get covered in snot, work on Dung Fields… and all I get is thanks?" He was smiling too, though, as he walked towards the first customers that had come through the door.

     "Oh, wait," called Fyora. Toggerneo turned and frowned.


     "We recently changed our stock, retired a few things, created a few more. Can you go out and pick up a few things for me?"

     "No way!" Toggerneo exclaimed.

     "Can't blame me for trying."

The End

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I would like to thank you for reading this series, and to tell you that I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Although Toggerneo kept pestering me to change each 'scream' to 'roared heroically,' which was kinda annoying, I had a lot of fun.

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