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Maths Nightmare: A New Approach to Counting Babaa

Many of the avid avatar collectors of Neopia long to add the elusive Maths Nightmare icon to their collection.

by flapjackpax
Official Slushies of the Altador Cup

What flavour supports your favorite team?

by cadetbush
The Top 10 Things to Do While Playing Key Quest

It is probably the worst kept secret in Neopia: Key Quest is a great daily!

by josefine378
Neopia's Most Fierce Female Neopets

Over the course of its more than thirteen years, Neopia has seen its fair share of tough ladies.

by venused
Money Making, Saving, and Other Such Things

There are many ways that you can earn Neopoints, but I can't say they'll work immediately.

by moosetacular
A Happy Coincidence!

I believe there are some benefits to it that need to be mentioned.

by youidol
How to Handle Chocolate Factory-Related Frustration

For starters, take a break to contemplate how lovely the Chocolate avatar is...

by bha288
The Road To Becoming An Altador Cup Star

A guide from basics to all star, here goes nothing!

by _espy_
Altador Cup: Choosing the Team On Historical Basis

This article aims to help the players to choose their team according to their AC history.

by sergente__hartmann
Scores Galore! A Guide to Gaming Profit

A guide to what might be Neopia's most profitable flash games.

by generalguy64x
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"The Dark Faerie's Spell" by grundolover66
No one would have known about her visit to this castle, and no harm would come to her if she turned around and went home instead. But if she fled now, she would never know the answer to the question that occupied her mind day and night. What was Jhudora planning?

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Shoyru Blessings
Blesserk, or Berk as was his name before this all took place, was a normal yellow little Shoyru...

by jamzies


The Dirtiest Curse
It was a relaxing evening for Rosielee. The rain had been falling down at a steady pace, dancing merrily on the roof...

by tj_wagner


The Merchant's Mayhem: Part Six
One had to be extremely wealthy in order to stay at the Governor's mansion, even for a day. And that was exactly what Elrique, also known as Winston to unsuspecting clients, possessed; unspeakable wealth.

by crazy_4_sushi


Child of the Drenched: Return to the Depths - Part Three
Mara and Jacques swam towards the Lair of the Drenched. They didn't need to go inside, as the Drenched sisters swam out to meet them...

by kristykimmy


Z, The Dark Tonu Knight
Starring Black_Knight_Zero_00 the Tonu! Z belongs to horntailz.

by gorubeza


Apple Bobbing Isn't for Everyone
Sure is fun, huh?

by honeybee_462

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