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How to Care for a Petpet

There comes a time in every pet's life when he or she longs for a Petpet of their very own...

by liesl_1997_11
Petpetsitter: An Advanced Strategy Guide

It was after I'd done some experimentation on my own that I discovered a gameplay strategy, which I will now share with you in this guide.

by swordlilly
Have You Hugged a Spoppy Today?

In the market for a new Petpet? Well then, perhaps it's time to consider the Spoppy.

by inverted_destiny
Neopia's Worst Summer Destinations

Making the right choice regarding your summer destination is vital in order to get an adequate rest for the body, sufficient peace of mind and satisfactory soul searching.

by darkobsession
Architecture of Neopia: Virtupets Space Station

As I boarded the space shuttle taking me away from my little home Neopia, and watching it disappear into the blackness of the starry space that floods it into insignificance... I could not help but feel small.

by arkwright
Where Should You Invest?

One of the best ways to make neopoints on Neopets is by investing it.

by rider_galbatorix
Top 10 Strange but Somehow Adorable Petpets

The weird but oddly adorable Petpets that might get overlooked at first glance.

by niightwind
Rejected Yooyuball Yooyu Colours

Some say there's an 11th player who's the most important. This player is the Yooyu itself...

by pikachu315111
Iothia's Interview With Krell Vitor

Mr. Vitor has been very gracious as to allow me some of his time; the team is currently taking a quick rest in between some fierce last-minute training for the Cup.

by justice_scales
Aquatic Petpets: Pets or Pests?

What you may not know could hurt you!

by baby_lake
Let the AC IX Games Begin!

A general Altador Cup trivia!

Also by panda_confused

by mithos__

Celebrating JubJub Day the JubJub Way

It's JubJub Day, which means it's time for... JUBJUB JUBILEE!!

by emtz
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"Decisions" by jarm9
"Mama! Hey! Mama! Looky what Shrowds brought back from Grave Danger for me!" the starry Xweetok shouted, swinging a manacle mace dangerously above her head. "Isn't it great?" "Samii!" KT shouted. "Stop that! You almost hit me! And that looks spiky and dangerous!"

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"Samii!" KT shouted. "Stop that! You almost hit me! And that looks spiky and dangerous!"

by jarm9


Surviving the Snowager
"Why, oh why, are you even considering this?" he thought aloud to himself as he made his way through the shimmering icy chambers.

by mauduin


The Cross-Painted Curse: Part Three
That second week being a cross-painted pet was the worst.

by swimmingstar01


Child of the Drenched: Return to the Depths - Part Six
When the Eyrie Taxi touched down on Zephyr Island, Mara and Jacques got a pleasant surprise. The Black Pawkeet was sitting out in the bay...

by kristykimmy


Woes of Expensive Taste 2
"Meow Meow~"

by fooshfuush


The Moment Altador Cup Begins

by junis19

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