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Wraithland’s Wraith Quests

A new and unique world has just been revealed, accessible only be randomly appearing portals: Wraithland! By now I’m sure we all have visited this strange land where the Wraiths live in a kind of paradoxical chaotic harmony with its Neopets civilians; seeing all the lands, daily attractions, shops, games, and hints of an upcoming event.

by pikachu315111
How to Customize your Wraith!

While they all look amazing, it can sometimes be more than a little difficult to customize their smokey dark features into an outfit that you like. Well, struggle no more! This handy guide is here to give you some tips on how to create that perfect outfit for your beloved Wraith 'pet.

by chavo_guerrero
The Essential Items to Survive the Wraith Apocalypse

So you've probably heard that Neopia is being invaded! Those pesky Wraiths have finally broken through the barrier and us Neopets are being done away with. It's alright for now, of course, while their sights are set firmly on those Faeries (which is fine with me; I was never fond of them anyway). But soon … soon the empty eyes of the Wraiths shall turn on us innocent Neopets

Also by phoenix_through_fire

by azusa_k

Wraithland is Misunderstood: Entering Aiopen

You won't believe what we saw in Wraithland...

Also by homsar_eggplant.

by parody_ham

Interview with a Faerie's Ruin Survivor

“They say that history is defined by the winners,” the wraith, whom we shall call ‘Mist’ for the purpose of anonymity, said to me as he nursed a cup of borovan. His façade was flickering between deep midnight and a rich purple. “The veterans of the Wraith Conflict know this very well.”

Also by coolgirl123c

by iciclefaerie05

No Wraith Petpets? No Problem!

Your pet has just emerged from the Rainbow Pool, covered in purplish-black wisps and swirls. You finally bought that Wraith Paint Brush and you stand back to admire your new Wraith Neopet. But then you realize something. There are no Wraith petpets. Not even one!

by newenglandquizzer
Conspiracies of Crossing Over

Crossing between Neopia and it's darker counter part, Aiopen, has long been considered as an undertaking fraught with risks and danger. Some even claim that Wraithland, the version of Faerieland reportedly filled with wraiths in Aiopen, is simply fear-mongering as a result of the Faerie's Ruin incident some years ago.

by kelly_d60
Welcome to Darkvale

A benevolent woodland hamlet where the skies are dark, the moon is beautiful, and glowing motes pass overhead while we all study when we should be sleeping. Welcome to Darkvale.

by mollyscribbles
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"The Parchment Treaty" by platdragon
The Faerie Ruins plot had happened a while back. Platdragon (Sarah) and her pets were awakened at 5:30 A.M. NST on the morning of March 28th by someone pounding on the front door of their neohome at 82667 Island Crescent on Mystery Island. Bujutsu, a Stealthy Buzz, got to the front door first. GhostRider2015 (GR), a snow grundo, was right behind Bujutsu, as was Furaoe, a Dimensional Shoyru. Sryii, a Wraith Meerca, and Peftjaubast (Peft), a Pirate Draik, held back a bit in the living room. The person at the door was a Royal Messenger (a Pink Ixi dressed in a pink uniform) from Queen Fyora. He had a sealed message for Sarah and several of her pets. It was on pink royal parchment with a pink wax seal and was tied with a pink silk ribbon. Bujutsu removed the ribbon and carefully broke the seal. It was an invitation for Sarah and 3 of her pets to go immediately to Queen Fyora's castle in Faerieland. Sarah and 3 of her pets hurriedly dressed. She made sure that GR and Peft had plenty of food in the pantry some neopoints so they could do some activities while the neopets others were gone. They went outside with the messenger. Furaoe used his special abilities to travel dimensionally to just inside the Faerieland's castle courtyard. The surprised royal guards recognized the royal messenger and allowed the party to enter the castle. Queen Fyora was waiting in her personal chambers for them with several rolled parchments in her hand. Queen Fyora greeted them, "Hello, I have desperate need of a stealthy messenger Neopet, a Neopet with dimensional abilities, and a Wraith Neopet. Sarah, can you and your pets deliver these parchments to the Wraith King Aroyf in Aipoen?" Sarah looked at each of her Neopets and then said, "Yes, your majesty. We can do this for you. Just point us in the direction to go."

Other Stories


Of Portals and Faeryllium
“Wraithland,” Stealth said, questioningly. The brown Grundo was fixated on the twitching of the strange Wocky’s left eye. “And you’re sure this guidebook will get me there?” “Certainly. Though the more money is left in this jar, the more likely it will be that the portal appears on that day,” the Wocky said with a cackle while rubbing his palms together.

by opossumman


Leap of Wraith
"The two of you may share a special bond," said Ziva, gently squeezing Nyx's shoulder. "But Umber Wisp is still a Wraith, Nyx. No one has ever understood them completely."

by liouchan


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Seven
Burly creatures were digging in the snow, their long, yellow claws flinging powder into the air. Their feet were massive enough to crush any enemy. Their teeth were so long, she almost mistook them as tusks. Camouflaged by their overgrown tufts of white fur, from their ankles to their forehead, where twisted horns reached for the sky, their red pupils burned into her mind.

by ummagine3284


Lupe Pack Detectives-The Kidnapped JubJub: Part Three
The following morning, around six-o-clock, we took an express boat to Terror Mountain because we felt that the weather there was going to be too unpredictable for us to take an Eyrie cab or a flying ship. Not only that, but if we took either one, there would be no room for us to change from our detective uniform into our winter clothing before we arrived at Happy Valley.

by lupe_hunter_7


Paintbrush Side Effects
Keep your hands and belongings secured at all times.

by qgqg


Dinner with the Scarlets: Wraithland
Mysterious and randomly appearing portals to Wraithland are mysterious and randomly appearing.

by june_scarlet

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