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The Disadvantages of a Halloween Kiko

Stop! NOOO!

by fluffball_76
You Don't Want to Know...

Then why is everyone dressed up?

by _mist_fae_
Rotten Trick-or-Treaters

Rotten Trick-or-Treaters.

by immortalmina

You left her there?!

by meowth4
Warning: Insanity Ahead #2

Show some EFFORT!

by mrs_fluff
And the Meepits Outgrabe

Halloween Special - Part 3

by kittylin
The Happy, the Sad, and the CrAzY:Halloween Edition

Halloween costume?

by dark_erika

Um... Boo?

by ghostkomorichu
Toto and Turtum Halloween Special

"A Full Belly"

by huggsy_666
The Meerca Siblings

Nice costume!

by comedian872001
Positively Incorrigible

Aww man...

by jeremyray45
Sloth's Weekend Job

He needs to keep his day job.

by petitewyvern
Starry Starry Night

A clear night... your NeoPet Friends... and wishes coming true...

by zomerse_madelief
Icy Cold Bananas

We have a doorbell?

by prc_saga
Brain Tree Blues

Neopets can't die, right?

by alatyr12
Complicated Simplicity

#3. Halloween

by neo_star_queen
My Hero

Mmm... carrots...

by tearsonroses
Just Great

My costume is better than yours!

by jeaniesofatso
Ironies of Neopia

My costume is on!

by blubblub317
Don't Blame Me Halloween

A new Halloween Uni design!

by choclated

How *does* he hold that cape on? (... double-sided tape?)

by _shakky_
Lab Ray Nightmares

What if the Lab Ray went haywire???

by russle_2003_uk
Adskidaf, Inc.

Uh oh, he used the wrong comb...

by _chazm_
Definitely Maybe

Trick or Treat!!

by sailorsky_15
Soap Bubbles

He can make soap bubbles...

by moscowmule
Worse Than You

Grrrr... to those random events.

by sirussblack
Something Scarier


by keb03833
About 4 Babies

Rocks are evil, alright?

by baby_faerie104
Jelly Problems

Not all fun and games...

by goldchocobo21
Halloween Kiko Adventures

This is fun!!

by k_aren_z
Why Plushie Pets Don't Eat Cookies

No thanks.

by kaseycorley305
Bucky the Babaa's Halloween Special

You heard me!

by simsman24000
Trophy Troubles Halloween Special

We could have made it scary, but children read this.

Also by cherv1

by precious_katuch14

The Mini Adventures of Rocky the Rock

It has a mouth?

by alien_1155

I rule the world!

by mysterious_lady8888
Random Life

He won't change that much...

by nolwe
Insanely Nuts

But Bob doesn't have any pets...

by horserider149
Slightly Insane

The real reason Meepits have big eyes...

by penguizon
Pint Sized

Uh.. Happy Halloween?

by lachtaube
Boo! It's the Ghost JubJub!

Is there such a thing?

Also by cookytree

by gloss_frozen


"Let's play..."

by shiny_pl
Jenna's Collar

I not scary :'(

by ghhbbhh99
The Pant Devil's Advocate

Those poor children...

by gryffinrose

Whatever DID happen to my asparagus stash?

by jupeboxgal
It'll Never Happen..

And you thought Kadoaties were greedy!

by jazz_invincible
Pumpkin Patch Panic

Jack-o-Lanterns Made Here

by comedian872001
@ Home

No Pets Allowed

by lil_bloo_roo
Stuck in the Neopet House

Just what we need...

by spotthechelsey
Halloween Rock Pool Rascals

That isn't a costume?

by leptonychotes
What Should I Be?

Scary, huh?

by totallypokemon151
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More Than A Witch

Edna lives in a tower which she calls her own in the Haunted Woods, right next to the Castle of Eliv Thade. Why would anyone live in the Haunted Woods? Well, first of all Edna is not a pet owner. Second of all, she is not a faerie. Who is she? She's a witch, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's a mean witch...

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The Ultimate Halloween
"Every year it's been the same Halloween: cheesy costumes, corny decorations, cheap candy. But this year it's gonna be different. This year I am going to have the ultimate Halloween experience, and what better place than the Haunted Woods?"

by saneeya1000


Halloween With the Ixi of Doom
"Shelly! Please, you've got to take Zarrelian trick-or-treating instead of me!"

by battlesunn


Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious - The Tax Beast
I thought it would be appropriate for this week’s article to feature an interview with a certain creature that first appeared during this time of year, one that nearly all Neopians have seen in pictures and stories but no one really knows that much about...

by slamina83


50 Cheap Halloween Costumes for your Neopet
33.) A sludgy. Just cover them in mud and don’t let them take a bath for a few weeks and they have a completely icky looking and smelling sludgy costume.

by frozen_fire_dragon


The Neopian Watcher: Part One
"Nothing. I just thought I saw something outside. That's all."

by beau_lis


The Case of the Lying Letter: Part Two
I was just about to remind the Neopet that the wild variety of my species ate the wild variety of her species for lunch when I recognized that the fire Wocky opposite her wasn't staring at me in disgust, but hope.

by playmobil_is_my_life

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