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Sweet and Lovable?

Heh, yeah right!

Also by ghostkomorichu

by foamysfinalresort


Oh look. Jhudora appears and hands you a gift.

by ssjelitegirl
Sibling Rivalry

Do not feed the Kadoaties!

by evilpuppyangel
The Pant Devil's Advocate

... he's a WHAT!?!?!

by gryffinrose
The Adventures of Muthroom and Sauceman

You got painted purple!

by frayedknot
Stuck With You!

They have gotten their report cards and Kacheek has been bad! What will he do?

by cartoongoon
Lupe Eat Lupe World

Seems like attaching a petpetpet is kinda cold, if you think about it...

by outpour
Aisha Groove

Never lend an Aisha money... You may never see it again.

by discokitten
Jhudora & Illusen: WHATEVER!

Awww, happy Jhudora Day!

by spock_luvr

Doesn't the torture ever end? Guess not.

by chibikatza

Not a game for Elephantes...

by shade876
Meepit Squadron MX 731 - Mission #1

Shimmer and Timmy are on their first mission. Will they succeed?

by tijntjuh_
Jack & Silver

Jack the Gelert and Silver the Zafara take on Neopia with their awesome misadventures - totally.

by aikowolfbear
And the Secret Ingredient Is...

Perhaps the chef would be a better cook if he read the recipes once in a while...

by liquiddragonn
Up, Up, and Away

See yah later...

by hamtaro6969
Veggies, Anyone?


by medli20

No way! My idea is better!

by velveteen
Fruit Snack

Where's my head?!

by murkrow15
Complete Confusion - Mootix Mayhem

Oh no, it couldn't be a gigantic explosion!!

by puppypuff_
And the Meepits Outgrabe

*has a secret weapon*

by kittylin
The Evolution of a Draik

Careful research suggests...

by 900duckling
The Adventures of Brainy and E

First in a series about my favorite Dynamic Duo!

by vhimber2004
Where's the PPL? o_O

"I <3 my kad."

by thorndie

Sometimes you forget about the more important things in life...

by homage2fromage
False Anger

Rivalry is so immature.

by cooperates
Rejected Reality

You have to watch out for those cookies...

by refira
a LITTLE problem

It's the thought that counts.

by schan2001
The Problem with being a Maraquan

At least someone's getting exercise...

by krychek2001
He Promised Her Orange

... O_O

by manda314
Playing Hookie

*smiles innocently*

Also by hello5346

by richnangela005


Item: Rusty Old Can.

by 5tnt
Just Plain Strange

Some things are just too easy to misunderstand.

by sparkleunister
Neo Randomness!

All right! I'll count to 60...

by kittyluvergrrl
A Long Way from Charming

Witches can't do everything, you know...

by firybaby
Petpet Mischief

So I was in the Battledome yesterday...

Also by emperor_ron

by shorte2002

Chibi Pals

Whatever you do, don't call Jhudora ugly!!

by puffibunni
Random Things

Night Light!

by sky665

Arrrr matey.

by cannonsmbt
A is for Angelpuss

Make sure the color you want to be painted is released, or else...

by alligator_mazoku

Why you shouldn't paint your meowclops Halloween...

by meowr
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What to Do: Jhudora Day

Many of us are asking ourselves now, what should we do on the greatest holiday in Neopian history? Well I can answer that question for you! Below, I have compiled a list of twenty four (February fourth = 2/4 = 24) things you can do on the third annual, super duper, super dark, Jhudora Day!!

Other Stories


The Way It Was
It was in those days that Illusen and Jhudora came into being; on the same day, the same hour, the very same moment...

by hmlanden


Pictures in the Clouds
Jhudora admired the sky from her seat on her cloud. "This is one day that I want those lazy pets to go cloud-watching," she said, the corners of her mouth turning up into a giddy smile...

by nut862


Trophy Adventuring
CAUTION: Collecting medals and/or trophies can be hazardous to your health! Also note that there is no real cure for the addiction!

by kidagakash_nedakh


Jhudora: Naughty or Nice?
That’s right, I’m at Jhudora’s home in Faerieland, and I’m here to investigate the mystery that’s on everyone’s mind: is Jhudora really evil?

by dan4884


A Hero's Journey: Part Five
The youngest son gave the biggest hug back. "I'll miss you too, Father," he whispered with choked sobs...

by precious_katuch14


Hubrid's Attempted Hero Heist: Part Ten
"The power of the Sunblade is what Nox fears more than anything else," Gilly reminded him...

Also by schefflera

by ikkin_with_attitude

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