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It's hard to be...

by tristess


by sunny_pet


by dark_exodia88
Random Stuff

Cousis the Kau loves to collect flowers... But she had never seen that one before!

by p0king
Kat's Daze


by hanna_dc
The Adventures of Leona and Kaa: Lunch anyone?

But it's very nutritious.

by _ob1_kenobi_
Flarisal's Comic Life: The Ear and Tail Problem

This comic has a lot of "knots" in it...

by akress
Leave it to Sproginess

Who are you making that cake for?

by worldbystorm
Spyder Factory

Well, they DO look alike...

by wereninj
Random Silliness

Something's fishy...

Art by cute_little_cat

by dragonanz

The Professor's Log

Another informative experiment by ProfessorDizzy...

by allyson0226
Baby Lennies

Why do Baby Lennies have lines in their heads?

by animalluvor94
Lost... Or Not

Lost one day, grounded the next.

by im_a_dudette

Next time, listen to your neopet before painting them...

by bluefornmoon
To Be Unnormal Or Not to Be Normal

Ahh, the lab ray. The perfect way to confuse your pets!

by danish_demon
Off Track

Who's really at fault here?

by klipsan

Some folks have all the luck!

by imperial_drannian
Simple Sketches

It must be a really exclusive shop.

by purpleplayingpenguin
High Voltage - Strange Meepits!

Hmmm...how strange. Very strange.

by uslibra
The Gallion Ranch

Maybe you should be more patient...

Script by hakuryu_86

by pacmanite

Hissi Fit

I guess that answers our question.

by jv_4057
Modern Marvels

Just a little healing springs fun...

by flarethdragon
Grundo: a PIN Problem

There are never enough comics featuring Grundos, cookies, and P.I.N. systems.

by aquarocket
Neo Mania! Doctors

And WHERE, I wonder, did all these people come from? 0_o

by unis_lover200
A Room With an Aisha

Think of a room, think think of a room with an Aisha.

by robbydude5
Hug Me!

Never ignore a Huggy.

by wsprite
Trigger Happy

Some things should be left unsaid.

by scarletspindle

Riddle me this...

by bluepen
Underwater "Fishing"

Some might call that an unfair advantage.

Also by xpropugnator

by gliderames


What should we do?

by kinohi
Ways to Destroy a Pesky Owner

Can I interest you in buying?

by zipperaward
The Adventures of Zezzer!

Happy Birthday, Zezzer? Sometimes it's the thought that counts.

Written by king_kino

by peri0neo

Just Consider

The trials of paint brushes...

by sandozi
2537 Sakhmet Slums

Don't remind me...

by l3luepheonix
The Esophagor, Quest-giver & Interior Designer

Who would've guessed that the big, scary Esophagor has such a cute hobby?

by krychek2001
Harry the Wadjet

Cake is yummy.

by queen_starshine
The Koustov Chronicles

Sometimes prior research should happen before a big investment. :(

by whitelupe7227_232
The Pixel Platter

Signs are there for a reason...

by zebraxas
The Slorg Named Button

Life in space is strange.

by rl337
UnNormal - Rooms Made of Clouds

How cozy.

by cozygen
Only A Name

Beware of song flowers... they are non-refundable.

by sweetcheeks920
That's Crazy!

How metal and vegetables don't mix...

by heythats_rad
Kadoatery Kaos #1: Picky eaters finish last

Nothing but the best...

by twiddl3d33
Nancy and Mancy


by xxcoco_powderxx
A Petpet Life

The Meepits have taken over the Neopian Times.

by _narnia_wolf_
101 Ways To Defeat Meuka

Oh yeah?!

by bulbabean
Sophie's Stew Turned Bad

Can this be the first sign of cannibalism?!?!

by mythical_creature_
Peophin Problem

Donut, oh goodie.....

by angelfish1985621
A Look Back

Fyora and the Earth Faerie take a trip back in time and find some surprises.

Also by elpheba

by macleod22789

Shoyru Squadron: Agents of Faerie

The Draco Debacle Part 11

by the_darkjedi
Annoying- Happy Birthday Fyora!!!!

Happy birthday, Fyora!!!!

by 900duckling
Fyora's Day Trouble

Today is a special day.

by electricuted
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"To Fly With Faerie Wings" by laurelinden
The striped Xweetok smiled, leaning toward her birthday candles, and scrunched her eyes shut in earnest concentration. It didn't take her long to think the thought pounding with every beat of her heart, rushing wildly...

Other Stories


The Invisibility Game
With the dropper clutched between my tense fingers, I lowered it over the bubbling mixture and prepared myself for the worst. I had to time it just right...

by undeadfortune


The Great Conspiracy
"Vyssa is the problem, that's what! Her great empress-ness is at it again!"

Also by humblely

by precious_katuch14


Fyora Does the Editorial!
This Week: Faerie Queen Fyora graces us with her presence as a treat for Fyora Day. As we all know, Her Highness is one of the busiest (if not, the busiest) people in Neopia and her agreeing to write an editorial is a very, very big thing, indeed.

by ladyariel32


The Many Accomplishments of Fyora
However, more sensible inhabitants of Neopia say that Fyora has earned her way to fame from her hard work and dedication.

by lassie_nikki


Nothing is As it Seems: Part Four
As has been commented on before, Tuskaninnies have a softer impact than Lennies when crashing into something or landing...

by estantia


A Weak Heart: Part Three
She shook her head gently. "A dark faerie's power is too great. You'd be under her power or disintegrated in less than five seconds."

by literalluau

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