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Geraptiku and the Cursed Wave, Part 13

Sophie can't resist the power of Zappz's cuteness! :3

by buizelmaniac


Also by nerdytiger

by misshamsterlover

Maraquan Mishaps - Voyage to Virtupets Space Station

The cuisine here is even better than at Kelp.

Also by sk8brdrme

by lily_evans11

Young Magic

Never leave your baby Chia unattended!

by loituma
Star Trouble

Look, a shooting star!

by maniac_road
Paint Job Pains

I need apples, pears, and an orange.

by cm_law
Confused by the Ray

Blouge is really bad with changes. Or maybe I use the ray too much..?

by 7up_soda

Lord Kass, you should really make stairs.

by yankee1925

A Mini Game has been activated!

by mstr_dark
CayCaed! #4

In which Caylir FINALLY steps up.

by kattrish
Pea Party

How embarrassing!

by 0rbiit
One Altachuck Too Many

So what do you do with all of those gifts from Altador?

by blackgold3
Meerca Chase

How to play Meerca Chase

by besweethere
Kacheek Tea Party

Guard your chocolate chip cookies...

by jessicaobrits
Kau Crew

Ever wonder where your Kau Kau Farms milk comes from?

by saphireblue3
Avatar Hunt: Jhudora's Quest

"Are you sure you want to help her??? She IS a Dark Faerie!"

by givemeapicklemann
Can we Maraquan Shoyrus Really Fly?

...Sadly, no...

by kookiekimme
Battle Potatoes: The Shadow Usul

Talk about a drama queen...

by ivie_outrage

How lovely...

by moose_whisperer
Feathers and Scales

Shopping is a dangerous pastime...

by seraphicbrie2004
Kite Strings

Being fashionable is different than being tough.

by 1cecubeh
...and he changes color to...!!

spoiled much?

by axel_roxastoo
The Purple Dress: Part II

And it continues! How spooky.

by leetmango
The Symol Hole

Inspired after trying forever to get the avatar from the symol hole... with no luck. =)

by juicedlime
Adventuring With Reliter - Part 1

Only the REAL adventurers have pink backpacks!!

by elyse229522952295

I'm not certain where I got the brick from either.

by jupedujour
Black and White: The Pant Devil

Hey, he has to eat!

by fuzzymonkey31
Blackholes, Force Fields and Fire, oh my!

Yeah. Chariot Chase feels about this hard huh? Thank Neopian Gods the Black Holes didn't make it!

by tgrcheergrl
Oddities: The New Job

Things change.

by neo527539
Adorable, I Say

Who could resist that face?

by pestilencexcore
Biting Back - :: ~ Part One ~ ::

It's so hard being a cookie.

by friedcheekin
Caution: May Bite


by beastybas
Ignorance is Bliss

You've found a discarded magical blue grundo plushie!!!

by hubbardlouise5
Sanity Sold Separately

Book Shops can be dangerous.

by songbird808
Colour-Blind #5

No petpetpets were hurt in the making of this.... Oh wait--- Nevermind.

by subzeroace
Starry Stuff; Halloween Issue Part 3

Awww... She doesn't look that guilty.

by marilltachiquin
Imagine THAT!

Too many little secrets...

by pocopooh
Halloween Troubles, Part 2

Well, actually...

Also by lykyeahright

by a13xl

A Spooky Halloween, part 3

Fairground rides!

by ghostkomorichu
Halloween Crossover #2


Also by water_park1993

by ruby_petal

Where's the Slorg?


by mochi1130
Tricking with Schise #1

"But I like faeries! Ehh... whatever..."

by sasayaki_chan
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"The Symol Investigators" by rocknrollpup95
Now let's go out to the Hole. It's right next to that tree over there. Near Turmaculus. So, what exactly does the SIT do? Every day we send twenty to thirty petpets from the team down the Hole to see what they can find. We've got a pretty good hunch that there's hundreds of symols down there doing who-knows-what. We're trying to find out what...

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Sometimes Superglue Can't Fix Everything
"Tanka, what have you broken this time?" With raised eyebrows my brother Species looks at me from over the edge of his book.

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A very long time ago, there was a young royal girl Uni...

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Markove's Interview With Eliv Thade
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by selenial


The Kyrii's Mane Thought
What actually goes in a Kyrii's head?

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A Roo-yal Expedition: Part Three
Jaraiya opened one eye to see the Royal Aisha from the night before standing in front of him. She was bearing a plate piled high with pancakes...

by maltese51191


Ember and the Chocolate Ball: Part Six
"Aha!" Lexi celebrated as she spotted the Kiko. "I told you! You're in for it now!"

by hc_huggle

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