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We don't get played enough for this.

Also by spelt

by l_like_animals

KS: Faerie Appreciation

Having butterfinger is a good thing, really!

by semmy_genius

Just in case.

by jupebox
I Want Water

Nom nom nom.

by andy94174
Neopian Anomaly

Reason #23 as to why you should paint your Pteri a different color.

by lizica166
Eyrie Theory: Glamour

You created them, but do you really know your neopet's taste?

by _mayonaise
The Derpnuggets

Formally known as Star Gazers

by neojedi11
PetPet Tales: Fall of Florg!

The Mutant Chia finally meets his match!

by periodicage
Cobrall Coffee #3

Is the table set?

by akuroy_of_the_moon
Welcome to the Library

This is why there isn't a Neopian library...

by ridingstar03
Mud Coffee

At least it tastes good?

Idea by dr_tomoe

by goron0000

Ssscratchcard Sssurprise?

Sssay it ain't ssso!

Also by neoskulltula

by ghostwitch007

Blah Blah -Obelisk War Part Five-

This is war...

by highwind20
Using the Awakened to Your Advantage

Going to bed with no fuss

Idea by bluelightening

by muzikbox

Oh, Plumpy!

Plumpy finds some positive points in the war!

by x_mystichorse_x
The Last Resort

Desutinee reports upon the final stands of the Tyrannian War!

by naturestar88
Jackrabbit? Really?


by ckatjackrabbit
Great Expectations

I guess they don't call it EXTREME for nothing.

by potterphileemily
Black & White

...But it's raining outside...

by kinalima
The Meepit - Part 1

There's nothing suspicious about coffee shops.

by x__broken_dreams
How Nifty!

Bacon plz.

by kirimiso
The Goofers

The problem with homophones...

by lintsuf

Featering norringtonlover and Sassy!

by dorket03
Bath Time

... nevermind.

by izziqueen
Neopian Items: Sinister Skeith

She never went near a Skeith ever again.

by crymetothemoon
How to: Whack-a-Kass

New High Score!

by taybabatool123
Aww, I hate you, Reality

Everyone is going to be jealous.

by black_words

It's hard being evil.

by neo527539

Something has happened!

by usuki_kid
Just Crazy

Silly Benoro. Neopia is full of Shenanigans.

by empoleon07
Not Quite Accurate

What's up?

by cryptll
Things Thieves Do When Kanrik Is Away

Without orders they get bored.

by glittergirl7000
Lame Pun: Let The War Begin

Nuts, Bolts, and Gutter Ball

by blackaavar
Fruit Basket #1

It's Cellblock; you're supposed to BLOCK.

by havocandchaos
Genius Knows Best: Surprise Gifting

Unfortunately, owners don't appear to be trainable.

by infantdaydream
Random Oddness

The real reason Hannah is on Kreludor.

by mistyqee

Yup, petpets eat your food! (No Icklesaurs were abused in the making of this comic.)

by hoyunjoyce
Negg Over Ice

Did she mean to put that there?

Also by deformation

by actinia


If Tyrannians can't count, how can they run the shops?

by accuracyka
The Zany Jelly: Limited Lutaris

You gotta go fast.

by adrian13_56
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