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Budding Trouble - Part 4

She's blonde, not blind.

by jupebox
Something has happened: Golden Pteri

You'd better bring a umbrella when it's raining coins...

by andy94174
The Power of a Real Faerie

It's so tiny!

Idea by ruben160

by cevierakasky

So Says the Slorg!!

Tria lives everyone's worst school nightmare.

by supercheezee
I Love Weewoos!

Those pitiful little Neopians...

Idea by spirochetes

by linnipooh

Random Oddness: Tyrannia

Some neopets just want to watch the world burn.

by mistyqee
Sloth's Neopia Domination Plan #2

The Sloth Approved Hair Gel

Also by mumumuchan

by wistren

Neopian Items: Ghostly Torch

Are ghosts flammable?

by crymetothemoon
More Hardships of... Habitarium P3s 21

An innovative P3 is a good P3.

by alagfalaswen
Musepaper: Gothic

It was a productive three weeks.

by eaudenil
Daily Troubles

Change is always hard to deal with.

by dog78303381
Oddities of Neopia: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Yeah, it happens.

by alice_sadness
How Did That Fit?

And the curiousity continues...

by deathnote
Title In Question

Terror Mountain: Not for beginners

by catcloud9
3 Royals plus 1

Smart way!

by white_tiger0226
Faerie Quest...ion

Which faerie looks like whom?

Writing by bruceneo_3

by serebii251

Toaster Strudel -- Neocola

It still counts...

by signingupso

Part one of a new series featuring Veucia, the mutant acara!

by keialara
How Nifty

Top prize, you say?

by kirimiso
Adolescents - Money Issues

How many neopoints?

by kineclap
My Little Bipedal Friend

Hi, I'm a Uni!

by dynamite_factory
Wut- My Planet Needs Me

Alien Ashias have this nasty habit of flying off.

by skyshaymin124

Meanwhile, inside of the obelisk...

by admonisher
Amikarashui #22

Faerie (mis)Fortune

by bluecloud300
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"To Know the Rain" by pycrion
Vynder only knew the dark and fire. His sight was filled with fire and magma, the smell of brimstone. His own skin was of rock and lava, his eyes a light with fire. Fire danced around his neck, a live collar of flames. They drifted off his skin smoothly, his paws would leave trails of embers. His house was made out of stone, of old lava dried but still warm...

Other Stories


Usuki Singing Stars #13: A Poem Between Sisters
"So, what do you think?" Patricia wondered. She, Sparkles and Scary were busy writing up poems for their English class. The assignment was to write a heartfelt poem about a close family member or relative of their choice.

by downrightdude


Ripples Of The Past
She repeated the dance several times, each cycle even more soulful than the last. With a final flourish, she twirled into the sky.

by lux_aeterna1234


All About Socky
It's the mysterious sock monster that keeps the Thieves Guild company in their caves, but not much seems to be known about it.

by moonandflowers


The Moltaran Strike on Terror Mountain
On Monday night, while most good Neopians were fast asleep in their beds, he ordered an immediate, well-planned strike on Astereas, the Snow Queen of Terror Mountain...

by sammcason


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Esteem - Part Four
"I ain't a genius with a sword," he said slowly. "I gotta practice constantly, or I lose my edge. But there's no practice yard here and I don't reckon anybody'd appreciate me breaking vases by swinging a sword around inside. If I'm gonna be a proper knight I gotta learn mounted combat sooner or later, so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind goin' out to practice a bit."

by shinkoryu14


The Draik in Black: Pictures of Darkness - Part One
"Marco! Ashton! The photos are back!"

by dr_tomoe

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